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Monday, October 14, 2019

Trump's Swamp

The following video played at a recent event at Trump's Miami property. While Trump and his cabal are disavowing and condemning the ad, it should be noted trash as follows seems to well-up around Trump like oversized fat guy suits.

Once again...

How about this version?


Fake video is a matter of political dirty tricks..and sees awful Russian in origin. A view of the four-story building known as the  troll farm  in St. Petersburg, Russia on Feb. 17, 2018. (For the Russian trolls who visit this site on a daily basis, but there is another piece of campaign work which is garnering attention). It isn't a true prospect that GOP dirty tricksters nor Trump's oozing supporters would use the church as a backdrop for the video. No, the video has Putin's trolling operatives written all over it.

MSNBC (NBC) and CNN are turning down Trump's recent TV ad campaign. It is interesting the ad has come under recent scrutiny by the two networks, as the ad ran on both networks for a few days over the past two weeks. Take a look at a campaign that can only compare to a Joseph Goebbels Hitlerian ad of the 1920s and 30s. If you want to see utter nonsense regarding a man who has laid the US to worldwide contempt and increasing shame, watch the ad.

Of you have any degree of intellect and follow currents events, you know the Trump ad is thirty seconds of pure malarkey.  The word "swamp" is mentioned.  SWAMP?

Image result for trump indictments meme  Image result for trump indictments meme
The numbers in the image below are date compared to the two images above, but the point remains.  A swamp is a swamp.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Trump's Swamp

I am forced to post this image as large as possible due to the need for very small font. The small font speaks volumes about the creator's ability to report all of Trump's swampers on one page. 

Frankly, the list includes a group of Russians also indicted for actions against the US.  But those actions were on behalf of the Trump campaign.

No photo description available.

Perspective can be indicting excuse the pun.  

Is it actually possible for anyone to be outside the realm of those with whom she/he affiliates?

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Friday, March 30, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: The Golf, The Swamp, The Wall (Video)

If I were in the White House..... (Golf)

The Lie

The Reality

The Realit Carnival Barker

The Dissolving Administration
An example of how crass and insensitive Trump lives his life and how he harbors utter disregard for people. Chris Hayes interviewed the latest victim of Trump's leadership incompetence and his total disrespect for people who make the mistake of working in his "swamp".  The firing of the VA Head.

The Daily BIG Lie

Yesterday Trump precede his Mar-A-Lago Easter Weekend vacation with a campaign-like trip to Ohio. While addressing a group of so-called Union members (and supporters) Trump ran through a veritable grapevine of rhetoric, rants and silliness which have become as common to his life as President of the United States. From rambling rants about ISIS through railing about his call to his friend Roseanne Barr's TV show (the Real Barr as an ass)  and the ratings hit associated with his visit. Of particular interest, Trump grabbed a replacement project of a southern border fence left from the Obama years and claiming the work as the start of his "beautiful" wall. The original fence reaches back to the Clinton Administration and CNN reports a chain link fence on the location dates back tot he 1920s.

Great briefing this afternoon on the start of our Southern Border WALL!

Even for the pathological liar, Trump stretches the imagination. Even more strange: the unfathomable reality of Trump's supporter's acceptance and belief of every word of his carnival barking lies.

Today's visit to the Swamp

ABC and Scott Pruitt's administration privilege (AKA Swamp)


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Trump's Swamp: Part Three - Tom Price, Lock Her UP, And S.O.B.s

The Swamp 
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Black Meat To His Base

During last nights Trump rally in the GREAT State of Alabama, the bloviating reality TV figure fed red meat (or should I say black meat) to his deep southern audience. I should add his audience seemed 99.99 percent white. Well, why not feed his base with a black man metaphor regarding protest against police abuse of black men? Hey, it sells!

All things said and considered, his remarks embodied the essence of submerging his audience and factions of the GOP neck deep in "the swamp."  
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Russian And Trump Wins in 2016

America's reality show entertainer president also visited the "Russian Issue." 

The Russia hoax continues, now it's ads on Facebook. What about the totally biased and dishonest Media coverage in favor of Crooked Hillary? 3:44 AM - 22 Sep 2017
You had to know at 3:45 AM the day of the southern rally, Trump was formulating his attacks on Clinton while working to deflect and defray from the Russian election.

Here's how Trump inserted his early morning sleepless Twitter remarks into his audience feed.

Lock Her Up

We won't expend copious verbiage or page space ob the Russian election influence issue as it is clearly obvious behind all of the smoke there is Russian Internet operative support for Trump. Additionally, one would have to be a complete nincompoop to ignore Trumps post-Comey firing comments (to Russian officials) in the Oval Office.  If anyone ignores the reality of Trump's son's meeting with a number of Russians in a meeting advertised as potentially offering smut against Clinton (and his email reaction) well the person is literally a Trump suppository with diminished open-mindedness while also afflicted with their role as a conduit for Trumpism.

Wouldn't you know how Trump's crowd responded?  

During a time when the majority of Trump's cabal is under suspicion or investigation for possible collusion with Russian election fixers (including through a remote Putin), with certain members of his extended cabal named as having worked as facilitators for foreign interests and during a time of a campaign manager with deep ties to Russian oligarchs, the "lock her up" chants appear as an audience entertainment vehicle for the feeble minded.

The rally speech was an hour long entertainment spectacle which over the long run will further solidify his legacy as that of a delusional reality show entertainer who continues to work to grasp a degree of legitimacy while entertaining his base. 

Before ending this piece, let's take a peep at the most obvious example of Trump fueling "the swamp" instead of draining it as he promised with false rhetoric during the 2016 campaign. 

HHS Sec. Tom Price uses private jets for US trips from CNBC.

The swamp is not only not draining, Trump and cabal are feeding the swamp.