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Friday, April 19, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Purveyor Of The Lie

The Life Of The Presstitute

Do you recall this White House presser from 2017? Of course, you don't but you certainly know Trump's White House Secretary is the trumpeter for all things Trump. that means Huckabee Sanders has a job essential skills ability at lying.

"I heard from countless member of the FBI who are grateful," Sarah Sanders on Comey's firing, which contradicts McCabe's Senate testimony


After the release of the Muller Reports, Trump's presser was challenged by the host of Good Morning America.

"Why can't you acknowledge that what you said then was not true?"
After Mueller report release, presses Sarah Sanders on her statement about FBI employees after firing of James Comey. Watch the full interview:

While we shouldn't expect any White House Press secretary to visit the podium and point fingers at their boss (the President) with charges of lying of misstating reality tot he public, we surely should expect our players to the Presser yield some degree of honesty. That isn't the world in which Sanders lives and works, and she performs her duties quite within parameters set by her lying boss and his cabal.

The verbiage on Page 72 of the report was clearly inserted by the Mueller team and even more clearly aimed at purveying the reality of Sanders and the White House.

AS this is a quick hit, let's end on the following as proof positive of the intricacies of Sander's job description.  When you have to defend what follows, one has to be a willing liar.

Really America, really.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Another Swamp Critten, Gone ("Drain the Swamp")

White House Official Porter Out: Physical abuser.

"I hire the best people" ~ Donald J. Trump

As you consider what follows, know one thing for certain; someone in the White House staff knew of Porter's physical abuse against women.  Simply put, the thought that no one knew based in ineptitude (a common trait in Trump's world) is as farcical as Trump's desire to honor our nation with a multi-million dollar DC military parade.

Related image
Bu, bu, bu, but the faces don't match the reality of the draining. The drained flushes seem to have more MAGA caps on their heads.

The Swamp also Includes current non-administration "presstitutes" who garners a right-wing talking head paycheck from CNN. Linked Vanity Fair.


Monday, April 24, 2017

American Hatred And Its Conservative Household

Image result for hate crimes quotes
Via the Republican who would legalize heroin, the man who deny access to some Americans to foster Private Owner rights, the man who once published one of the most heinous political/social publications in US History.
Anti-Defamation League
Image result for ADL harassment

Anti-Semitic incidents reported by type during January–March, 2016-2017

Jan-Mar, 2016Jan-Mar, 2017100200300400500600167114380155

Apparently, the neo-leader of the GOP, Donald Trump, has recently read a statement regarding Anti-Semitism. Well, he has a son-in-law who is Jewish and a daughter married to the son-in-law who converted to Judaism. But, why the likes of Bannon in the inner sanctuaries of the White House? Why the support from a candidate for the French Presidency who has s history of support for neo-nazi movements?

It should be noted Trump is due to speak at the ADL tomorrow.

RePost via ProPublica 

We’re Investigating Hate Across the U.S. 

There’s No Shortage of Work.

An African-American homeless man slain with a sword on the streets of New York. A mosque attacked in Fort Collins, Colorado, its windows smashed by a man who finished off his assault by hurling a Bible inside the Muslim house of worship. A portion of Junction City, Wisconsin, evacuated after a man angry with his Hmong neighbor opened fire. A man arrested in Port St. Lucie, Florida, for trying to set fire to a convenience store he suspected was owned by a Muslim, after which he said he’d just been trying to “do his part for America.”
That happened in the month of March in America. In fact, just a flavor of it.
There was also the Jewish cemetery vandalized in Rochester, New York. The man beaten with a pipe in a restaurant in Salem, Oregon, by an attacker who said, “Arab, you need to leave.” The African-American family in Delano, Minnesota, who moved out of their home just months after moving in after it was ransacked and spray painted with epithets.
Earlier this year, ProPublica and a coalition of newsrooms set out to chronicle and report on hate crimes in the United States. The project, “Documenting Hate,” was meant to provide some reliable information about an issue that has caused considerable alarm but been plagued by a lack of comprehensive data and sustained reporting.
With the help of civil rights groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and technology companies such as Google, First Draft Media and Meedan, we’ve been building a database of hate incidents — ranging from swastika vandalism to verbal insults to physical assaults. ProPublica and our media partners are working on authenticating these reports and spreading the word about how victims can share their stories.
It has been a grim accounting for some 170 reporters and editors from more than 40 newsrooms involved in “Documenting Hate.”
The reporting has shown how hate has infiltrated many parts of public life, reaching cities big and small around the country: from a “mosaic of hate” in Boston as reported by The Boston Globe, to a white supremacy haven in Oregon reported by BuzzFeed, to a string of murders and hate incidents in Kansas City reported by The Huffington Post. Throughout the U.S., ethnic minorities have been targeted, as well as Jews and Muslims, ProPublica and Fusion reported.
We’ve received a significant number of reports to the database from minorities told to “get out of the country.” Those targeted include immigrants, as Univision reported, as well as Latinos who were born in the U.S., as The New York Times opinion section wrote. Huffington Post compiled a list of nearly 100 ways this line of attack has been used against people of color.
Minorities have faced verbal abuse on public transportation, with numerous reports coming from New York City. The New York Times opinion section reported on two women of color who were harassed on the New York subway, and Univision wrote about a spate of verbal assaults against minorities on the public transportation system. The New York City Commission on Human Rights saw a 480 percent increase in reports of discriminatory harassment on New York’s subways between 2015 and 2016, the Times found.
Schools and universities are confronting hate, too. We’ve received a number of reports about xenophobic incidents involving Latino children in schools, which Univision covered. White supremacy groups are using college campuses to spread their message, as ProPublica and The New York Times opinion section reported. And as Univision wrote, in some cases students are fighting back.
Victims have also reported being targeted in the workplace. A Massachusetts woman opened up to Univision about receiving a racist letter on her newspaper route, and a Venezuelan business owner saw his Seattle restaurant vandalized so many times that he gave up hanging a flag outside. And a St. Louis librarian told The Huffington Post about receiving an anti-Semitic voicemail at her job. We’ve also seen reports of hate online, like the case of a Jewish man in New Mexico facing an onslaught of hateful threats, reported by The New York Times opinion section.

Hate Crime Law Results in Few Convictions and Lots of Disappointment

In Texas, the tiny number of successful prosecutions leave both victims and lawmakers questioning state’s commitment to punishing hate. Read the story.
Even the dead haven't been spared: The Times ran an essay by a ProPublica reporter whose St. Louis family was affected by gravestone vandalism — one of multiple incidents of its kind in the last few months.
As part of the “Documenting Hate” project, Google News has been compiling news articles about confirmed or potential hate crimes from across the country. One can select a week or a month, and be awash in reports of hate crimes — of arrests and arraignments, opened investigations and final sentences.
We happened to select March, but there’s little to suggest any month would be that different.
The desecration of the mosque in Fort Collins, it turned out, wasn’t the only recorded one last month. In Tucson, Arizona, a man broke into a mosque and tore up a Koran. The family in Minnesota was not the only one to see their residence defiled. A man in Troutman, Oregon, a member of the Baha’i faith, came back from a trip to find his apartment covered in slurs accusing him of being a terrorist.
Two women were arrested and charged with hate crimes for their racial-expletive-filled attack on an African-American bus driver. A Sikh man in Kent, Washington, was shot, his assailant shouting at him to “go back to your country.” A middle school in New Jersey saw its walls covered in threats of lynchings. A man in Chicago was taken into custody on hate crimes charges. He has a tattoo on each arm — “Jesus is Love” on one and a swastika on the other.
The last entry in the Google compilation for the month of March carried an extra note of sorrow. A man in Wisconsin who had survived a brutal gay-bashing assault six years ago was stabbed to death. Police were investigating the murder as a possible hate crime.
The FBI tracks crimes which are considered hate crimes. The following pie charts offer insight into a growing phenomenon which doesn't appear to bother millions upon millions in America.


Hate Crime report chart

Graphic showing breakdown, by category, of why the 7,121 victims of the 5,818 single-bias (gender identity, disability, gender, race/ethnicity/ancestry, religious, and sexual orientation) incidents were targeted in 2015.

While the vast majority of Trump supporters, and a disturbing number of white Americans, do not wish to accept they are enabling growing racism, anti-Semitism and overt misogyny, the reality is as ever-present as they neo party leaders combover.

We have recently experienced a case of hate killing in California of an African-American man, having killed three white people and quickly admitted it was his mission. We have within weeks found cases of random killing of people who may have appeared of the Islamic faith or may have appeared "Arabic."  Yet, I doubt there is a case in recent times which compares to the following murder. 

And how does Trump's White House speak about a racist killer who journeyed to the nation's largest and most populated metropolitan area with the singular mission of killing a black man? They sent lying Spicer out to avoid labeling of a hate crime. albeit in response to a question from the White House Press Corps. We need to only recall the number of times and the depth of scope Trump expanded over the past nine years railing against President Obama's lack of interest in labeling Jihadist terrorist as "radical Islamic".  

And, there are other forms of hate. Hate which you will never see in our community.


Saturday, March 18, 2017

How Does Trump Get His News? (Seriously?)

Trump's Press Secretary and the total meltdown press conference this past Thursday afternoon.  

While responding to questions about Trump's "Obama wiretapped him in Trump Tower" lie,
Spice read through an eight-minute prepared comment. The comments were laced with raw indications of how Donald Trump gets his news.

Spicer said:
Andy McCarthy, writing in National Review suggested quote, “From three reports from The Guardian, Heat Street and the New York Times, it appears the FBI has concerns about a private server in Trump Tower that was connected to one or two Russian banks.”

Spicer said

Heat Street describes these concerns as centering on quote “possible financial — and banking offenses.” I — this is his quote — “I italicized the word offenses because it denotes crimes. Ordinarily when crimes are suspected, there is a criminal investigation, not a national security investigation.”

Take a look at this page which Spicer quotes as a contributing source for Trump's Obama wiretap lie: Link. The site or page is a veritable Internet National Enquirer.

Spicer saves what he and the white House feels was the heavy blow. They saved the best for last.  He spoke of Fox News's Judge Andrew Napolitano in the context of Trump calling the "judge" as "talented mind".  When far right social media and Russia Today (RT. Com) become viable sources for a US president, it is clear the president is without question unfit for service int he Oval Office. 

Spice said.

Last on Fox News, on March 14th, Judge Andrew Napolitano made the following statement, quote, “Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn't use the NSA, he didn't use the CIA, he didn't use the FBI and he didn't use the Department of Justice. He used GCHQ. What is that? It's the initials for the British intelligence finding agency. So, simply by having two people saying to them president needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump's conversations, involving president-elect Trump, he's able to get it and there's no American fingerprints on this. Putting the published accounts and common-sense together, this leads to a lot.”

Last night MSNBC's Chris Hayes broadcasts segment with a detailed exposition addressing credible possibilities on how Trump came to what is now an international crisis among supposed allies.  ALL IN, March 17, 2017: linked

Media Matters ran a piece this morning which offers yet another set of prospects on how Trump literally dumped himself into a credibility-destroying predicament.  

On March 13, Napolitano told hosts of Fox News’ Fox & Friends that Obama circumvented the American intelligence community to ask “the British spying agency” for “transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump” without “American fingerprints.” Napolitano’s claims were cited by White House press secretary Sean Spicer while defending Trump’s baseless claims that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential election.

On March 14, Media Matters uncovered the link between Napolitano's claims and an interview Johnson gave to RT. The New York Times confirmed Media Matters' reporting that Napolitano used Johnson as “one of the sources” for his “claim about British intelligence.” The Times also noted Johnson’s direct involvement in spreading false rumors that video existed of Michelle Obama using a racial slur against white people. From the March 17 article:
Read more, here
If you did not visit the Media Matters link in the second paragraph above, here's a link to the RT segment with guest Larry C Johnston.  And, we embed the segment also:

Russia Today broadcast no segments nor covers any subject matter without express approval from the Kremlin (thus Putin's communications operatives).

Spicer said:
We go on. Sara Carter from the Circa reporting, “Intelligence professionals tell Circa News they were concerned that some of the Russian intelligence was spread through group briefings to a much larger than usual audience back in January. This would have happened during the final days of the Obama Administration, when it expanded Executive Order 12333, which allows and plays with a quote 'need to know' and further unfettered access to broad data stowed (stored) by the NSA.

“The new rules allow the NSA to share — quote — 'raw signals intelligence information, including the names of those involved in phone conversations and emails. The expansion of the order makes it difficult to narrow on the leaks and, frankly, it allows too many people access to the raw data, which only used to be available to a select few,' said a U.S. official who spoke on the condition of anonymity and was not granted to be speak on the authority.”

On March 9th, Circa (a web page or site) of which I have never heard, published this piece.

These are Trump's new sources?  

Before introducing the Fox News Hannity reference above, Spicer went on an extended read regarding the New York Times and the potential scope of investigations surrounding the Trump campaign. 

All said Spicer's eight-minute read wasn't well received by credible journalist sitting in the front row of the press room.

Ultimately, we have now spent close to three weeks on a Trump lie Inspector Clouseau digression away from issues critical to the sovereignty of our nation.  In particular, the firing of the NYC City Federal prosecutor who was released after a promise of retention from the Trump camp last fall. Also, the stumbling and mumbling embarrassment of Jeff Sessions and his role of AG along with his lying before a Senate Committee. 


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