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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Quick Hit: Trump's Wall (1958 Video UPDATE)

Image result for trump building a wall cartoon No photo description available.

Campaign Trump

Today with an insertion of the word "check."

Trump: 'I never meant' Mexico would 'write a check' for the wall

On Wednesday The Daily Show broadcast  2004 commencement speech at which Donald Trump was the guest speaker. The speech ran much longer than the 16 seconds we have chosen to make a point concerning Trump, a border wall, and phoniness some would call hypocrisy. As to the length of the posted segment: We don't do Trump oratory.

Watch and listen.

Now a bit of information that some readers would prefer to find in two to three paragraphs. We prefer the value of a visual with a cogent message.
Image result for us border crossings apprehensions 2000 - 2017

Image may contain: text

Since we eventually received confirmation Mexico was not going to pay for Trump's campaign promise, you and I are being forced to pay for a structure which is totally unnecessary.

If you want to see how mystical a world we share check out something from an old 1958 TV show called Trackdown.  The 2-minute segment is part of a twitter post which identified sufficiently. 
Herewith is a Talking Points Memo link to the full article which includes a 22-minute segment via Snopes.  

Was that the actor Robert Culp?


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Quick Hit: Fox News Fight

Meanwhile, the Fox News "fear of the Souther Immigrants' Is in full alarm. Watch two top-level Trump demagogues offer their viewers unadulterated fear of the brown foreigners garbage. Hannity and Dobbs as purveyors of fear.

 Also at FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network) Trump's chief adviser, Hannity, entertained his bigoted viewers with what seemed an anticipated on-air battle with Geraldo Rivera.

What a mess.  

Well, maybe Hannity is seeking to upstage CNN and its on-air battles business model.

How about placing this matter in perspective regarding children audio tape crying for their a Trump detention camp.

One child joins her mother after months of separation.

Take another 55 seconds and view how one MSNBC host read a report of Trump and Session policy on family separation, linked here

What a difference in social perspective and tolerance of people who are leaving their homeland for personal security.


Saturday, December 22, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: The Wall, GoFundMe, Veracity

Image may contain: 1 person, text Image may contain: 1 person, text

Have you followed this story?

A military Vet with a history of perpetrating shady fundraising ha leveraged Trumpmania to raise over $10 million dollars from American conservatives who are also obvious deep Trump sycophants. People are actually contributing hard-earned dollars to a GoFundMe page to pay for Trump's"wall" (AKA of late as slat wall).

Brian Kolfage has collected $13 million dollars from a segment of the population who is open for various forms of criticism.  Since the null fund received a surge after a segment of Laura Ingraham's (often racist demagoguery laced) show.  The Fox News host facilitated funds from 215,000 people.  If you wish to view an update or if you wish to give into validation of your gullible state of being, based on probable belief Mexico was going to pay for Trump's Wall, we offer a link

If you have an interest in seeing and hearing the Trump machine at work via a Fox News demagogue and shady character herewith is a five minutes segment.

All of that said, Fox News viewers and Trump believers swallowed their feed fodder and anteed-up. While the fund grew two things are left for consideration: Trumps shameful and unbelievable on-camera appearance this week. Trump berated Democrat Party congressional leadership about his wall, while Mike Pence dozed like a Bat hanging upside down in a cave.

Questions. Why is there a need for a GoFundMe page (account) when Trump has indicated he is willing and proud to shut down the federal government to get his wall? Three minutes in US history.

" (I am) proud to shut down the government" and (I will) "take the mantle."
Once more. 

The triple amputee Air Force Iraq War also issues a comment in an email which heightens credibility issues for Trump.
“It’s time to stop playing games with voters,” Kolfage said in an email. “If we are told we’re getting something, make it happen.”
A problem.

If that 16-second snippet didn't work for you, here is a longer and more direct version also from CNN.

The Washing Post recently published a piece regarding the Iraq War Vet.
NBC just hours ago published a piece regarding Kolfage and the core of the pieces isn't complimentary of Kolfage.

Ultimately, Trump's campaign lies and the false reality of a southern border wall as a panacea against illegal immigration is yet another sign of the dissolving state of American conservatism.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wall Stew According To Trump (VIDEO)

Trump 2016

In Vermont he went here for a few minutes, You Tube has a 1:06 minute version.  What a Circus ringmaster!

Trump's Wall titillation continued well into days just before his inauguration.  It seems shortly there after his ringmaster barking took on a different tone. He look to the US Congress to fund a campaign promise.  The budget Trump recently signed was noticeable absent funding for his wall.

Today the nation's most, dishonest, meandering and erratic president has proposed another source for his (and your ) wall funding: The US Defense Department. AOL is reporting via The Business Insider on Trump'  latest desperate attempts to waste billions on a wall which will be rendered ineffective within months. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Trumpet And His Business Killing Wall (The Daily Show Video)

Comedy Central, The Daily Show, and an unabashed Trumpet who deserves and impact on his business from Trump's wall.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Quick Hit: Build That Wall?

Image result for mexican crossing the border cartoons

If there is a person out there who actually feels they do not mind our tax dollars being spent on a Trump carnival bark..check this out. Please do not admit you didn't already know about real immigration issues.


Friday, January 27, 2017

"Trump's Wall" A President's Misguided Dog Whistle War With Mexico

Image result for mexico's wall on its southern border

Within one week of infesting the White House, Trump has commenced his campaign to fulfill his campaign promises to build a wall on the US southern border.  How would you expect a bloviating pathological lair to commence the post-inauguration wall campaign? Of course, he threw out a major lie to reach the psyches of minion supporters and fear-driven members of Congress. Fear driven members of Congress?  Yes, to oppose is to lose when Trump and his moneyed supporters spend on candidates who will oppose non-supportive members of congress come the mid-terms in 2018. Also, Trump offers the GOP House and Senate majorities opportunity to further suppress the vote of minorities, the elderly and women. His baseless claim of immigrant ("illegal in his vernacular) contributed to his losing the popular vote to Clinton by 2.84 million votes is typical of the manipulative demagogue. 

He offers a real basket of goodies for repressive and regressive GOP politicians. He also offered propaganda laden fodder to the very supporters who voted Trump to the US Presidency.

Apparently, Trump's early morning tweeting about the wall and the strategic effort to manipulate the President of Mexico led to a Mexico's President addressing his nation, and the world. 

NPR also ran a piece on Trump's phantom problem.

Houston, we do not have a problem!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Who Will Pay For Trump's Wall

Do you remember this?

Despite the reality of everyone on the POclait left knowing trump was lying about "getting Mexico to pay for the wall," Millions upon millions went to bed at night with full faith in their Messiah. They believed Trump would force Mexico to build a wall on the US Southern Border. A wall to keep brown people from migrating to the US. when in actuality the numbers of immigrants seeking to cross the US southern border is down.

The Washington Office on Latin America Five Facts about Immigration from Central America (2015)
Image result for US southern border immigration numbers

In February 2016, Mother Jones published a piece with graphics indicating illegal immigration from the country of Mexico was substantially down from the previous five years.

Image result for US southern border immigration numbers  I think it is safe to assume the Mother Jones data carried similarly over into 2015 and 2016.  

If immigration is down according to data from very reliable sources, how could so many blindly follow Trump's racist rants against Mexico as real?Ok, now that we have reestablished Trump's campaign lie as the cornerstone of his campaign lying, we can move to you and me.  

Guess who will pay for trump and his deplorable's southern border wall?  If the GOP majority Congress has any say, you and I will pay for Trump's racism/campaign bull crap.

The LA Times and all credible point and broadcast media are reporting on Paul Ryan's scrounging around congressional budgets to secure funding for Trump's wall. 
Congress begins to search for funds to help Trump build border wall
Noah Bierman , Brian Bennett and Noah BiermanContact Reporters 
Republicans in Congress are beginning to grapple with how to help President-elect Donald Trump fulfill one of his biggest campaign promises: to build a wall along the Mexican border to slow illegal immigration.
Trump is expected to ask Congress to provide the initial funding for the massive project, estimated to cost between $12 billion and $38 billion.
Read more linked here.
All said non-voters, third party voters, Putin and voter suppression in three key states will lead to your and me paying for Trump's irrational campaign tool. We will pay for the wall.