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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trumpism

GOP Leader Donald Trump has taken to referring to Senator Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas. The genesis of Trump's most recent case of verbal abuse and GOP insensitivity emanates from the 2012 Senatorial race in which then Massachusetts's Senator Scott Brown referred to Warren as a "false Native American."

Brown Raises Native American Questions About Warren

Warren's response was as measures, civility and adult as one could imagine. Her comments bout parts of her heritage apparently emanated from her parent's references to native American ancestry. The following 30-second ad addresses Warren heritage. As I viewed the ad, I thought of the innumerable number of whites who have commented to me about "Indian blood" in their family tree.  

Late last week as Senator Warren spoke about the character and inner core values of Trump, the bloviating carnival barker spoke in response, and wouldn't you know he went straight to Warrens; heritage. As is always the case with Trump, he chose to address her claims of Native American heritage (as far back as 2011) with typical conservative bigotry, insensitivity and via its use a form of racism. Trump referred to Warren as via use of the early colonial experiences of an original people woman who literally saved the life of colonial John Smith. 

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell and his production team developed a seven-plus minute "The Last Word" that you simply must watch (and listen).

 A must watch

O'Donnell's segment, while cogent and complete exemplary of the disgust of Trump, will go unheeded by people who are inclined to vote for Donald Trump. The segment is a reminder of Trump's comprehensive coverage of bigotry or racism against any segment of the population other than the white male.  

From another perspective, CNN ran a segment last week in which a mind doctor (for lack of better phraseology) suggests Trump is an extreme narcissist.
CNN: Dr. Gail Saltz and CNN's Smerconish 
“ Let me first say, I cannot diagnose Donald Trump. I don’t know Donald Trump. But I would say that someone who spends time creating a very grandiose view of themselves, you know… ‘I’m best in this.’ ‘I’m sexually the best.’ ‘All the women want me’ … and will break the rules, lie, do something unethical for the purpose of that, it certainly makes you think about intense narcissism.  
“Being grandious, self-confident, and believing in your skills — it acutely correlates with greatness. However, when it also moves into being incredibly self-centered, in other words, no empathy, ‘everything has to refer to me, I always have to be at the center and about me...’ — that does not correlate with greatness.”
Unsolicited psychic view of Trump

Once all of the fore stated covered and folded into your grey matter, is there any doubt Trump would employee a Senior correspondent who serves with half her mind and mo0uth censored from open discussion of her boss? Watch as CNN continues to programming Healy Baumgartner on shows with the only outcome of veritable embarrassment for the woman.

Trump says Clinton wants to end the 2nd amendment, despite 
PolitiFact rating the claim false. @donlemon has more.

Healy Baumgardner speaks to CNN (screen grab)

If the "correspondent" isn't allowed to address issues related to her boss, why allow her to sit on camera?  

One last Trumpism that can only be filed as entertainment while question avoidance.  Watch as the GOP barker avoids a direct question related to President Obama's comments bout how world leaders view trump. The serial bloviator actually spoke about windmills killing eagles.   The claim of windmills killing hundreds of Eagles is patently exaggerated.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trumpism, Cable Media, And The Pathetic State Of MSNBC

All electronic media is leveraging the circus political campaign of Donald Trump.  

From over the top (every breath and every inane remark) coverage through what appears as a procedural dedication to referring to he carnival barker as "Mr. Trump," while failing to use similar salutatory references to other 2016 potential candidates to excessive minutes of repeated coverage of the Manhattan bloviator.  Hillary Clinton is generally referred to as "Hillary."  Bernie Sanders (maybe via preference) is more often referred to as "Bernie." Ben Carson garners use of his career title of "Dr."  But, Jeb Bush is referred to as "Jeb" more often than common use of his full name. 

Did I keyboard excessive minutes and repeat coverage?

The (conservative ) Washington Examiner: January 2015 - July 2015 

If you have an aversion to charts and graphs, the Examiner offers table (list) viewing also.

I believe Trump formally declared his candidacy in June of 2016.  Yet, the graphic above indicates the degree to which the reality TV barker garnered media attention well before June of this year.

Form Jul6 16, 2015 through September 14, of this year MSNBC also joined the Trump viewer ratings opportunity.

The Wall Street Journal: one calendar viewing quarter.

The former predominate progressive MSNBC, beat all cable media to the 'draw' with its version of Trump groveling while ratings seeking. "Citizen Trump." 

What?  Trump has even won a GOP primary and the ever-changing and increasingly conservative MSNBC ran a special? 

Matthews nabbed an interview with Trump after the third GOP Debate.  I have posted the majority fo the interview in which The MSNBC host eventually challenged Trump on "birtherism."  However, my primary reason for posting the segment is Matthew's over-the-top inclination for star worship.  Notice at the 1:29-minute mark, Matthews broke from the interview to through sycophant praise to Trump's wife.  

How is it possible to avoid the perception fo star-worship and 'ratings plays' when a supposed multi-millionaire news media host schmoozed a candidate's wife?

The network is dying and Andrew Lack, NBC CEO, is the specific problem. Of Course, he following orders from Comcast and Universal while offering progamming that has devled into ratings hungry air-time with little other releancve. The GOP debate coverage was worse than pathetic and thyer was no psot deabte coverage of the recent DNC debate. 

While Fox News is the GOP communications division and CNN books far more conservative guests (politicians) and employs a cadre of Right-wing zealots (example, Harry Houck) comparable to none, MSNBC is also guilty fo salting its views with over cooked Trump Stew.

Obvious leveraging of Trump for ratings is an indication of the diminution of US electronic media.  I offer it is an inarguable point. If my posit has any basis, why would MSNBC bother to attempt to *icing* their abundance of coverage with a segment of Matthews spewing pure bullcrap.

Before we end the piece, take a look and listen to one of Trump's more pathetic spokes people. The Texas Tea Party anarchist wears a bullet necklace on national television. Is it possible to show as a more disgusting exhibition of Trumpism?

Is it possible to show such disrespect in a society of daily gun deaths?   StumbleUpon

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Nation Awash In Trumpism

Let start with a very quick look and listen to what I consider the archetypal Trump supporter. No, the woman you are about to hear (for only 50 seconds) isn't Michelle Bachmann, but she obviously suffers from Chronic hatred of our president. As I viewed her portion of the CNN panel, My mind offered comforting thoughts about how my social and political views are diametrically opposite her clear hatred.

Demeanor aside, the key reason or our focus on the bundle of hatred in blue is her assertion of a lying president and her obvious devotion to a Trump.  She is the perfect sycophant as she not only implies she buys Trump hook, line, and sinker, she states with non-verbals how Trumps speaks for a large portion of conservative voters. 
The angst filled CNN panelist is either overcome with celebrity worship, paid for her on camera angst, or she has social issues that include constant rightwing media and a tendency o never visit fact-checkers. Actually, I strongly suspect  the panelist is inflicted with all conditions.

Politifact (Tampa Bay Times Fact - Checker)

Find Trumps specific rating reviews, here.

The irate panelist pointed to her head and says, he speaks for us.  It doesn't take much to realize Trumps bigoted and racism is not only popular among his viewers, some admit he speaks their core beliefs.  

A friend of the TPI and founder of AddcitingInfo posted a comment on Facebook that sheds a telling light on the irate panelists (group speak) comments.

Matthew Desmond
So far Donald J. Trump has attacked ALL Mexicans (not just immigrants), black people (by encouraging his supporters to attack a ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬supporter, and then defending it), women (through Megyn Kelly), veterans and POWs (by attacking John McCain for his service), disabled people (by mocking a disabled reporter and then doubling down on it), and every single member of the world's second largest religion (Islam).

End Desmond comment.


"I am doing good for the Muslims."  What is it about those words remind so much of the image to the left above? Trump sat with CNN's Trump facilitator, Don Lemon, during a segment in which he gave a response other utter words that truly bring back horrific memories of the evils demagogues eventually perpetrated against the European and Russian Jews.

Reaction to Trumps remarks beyond his seething sycophants hasn't been positive.  Foreign leaders have commented about  his bigoted remarks. From Britain's Prime Minister to the recent cancellation of his planned trip to Israel, reactions have been consistent and disdainful. 

International reaction pales compared to reactions from the preponderance of US media.  Of particular note is Fox New's Chief Bloviator, Bill O'Reilly,  hosting segments with Trump and noted anti-Obama haters to entertain his audience. Bill O'Reilly recently reached his huge cable news (conservative audience) by booking Trump for a segment with no serious nor constructive purpose. If Trump isn't inclined to listen to anyone on his staff who might (at great risk) suggest he tone down his rhetoric, why would he listen to O'Reilly's cautions? Therefore, the following O'Reilly segment is mere fodder for his viewers.

O'Reilly Vs Trump

Did O'Reilly seriously try to quell fervent demagoguery from Stuart Varney and Lou Dobbs? While the segment was good for Fox viewers, it was as fruitless as pouring expecting US conservatives to embrace diversity. Obama haters simply are not people who lend themselves to rational thought and subsequent behavior. Let's fail to acknowledgment seven years of hate-laced yelling, desk-beating,  and on-air emotional breakdowns helped to pave a path for Trumpism.
"You've gotta be smart!"Posted by Mediaite on Wednesday, December 9, 2015
We will end with a couple of anecdotal items.  Trump recently quoted outlandish survey data while speaking with a host on CNN.  Closer Scrtunity via Media Matters shows the survey was from a ridiculous poll from Frank Gaffney. 

Harrison Ford has commented about Trumps comments about Trumps use of a movie characters as a prop for his carnival barking facade of the tough guy. We are seeing more and more right wing use of fictional movie characters and creative scripts as desired models for a president. 
Donald Trump mocked by actor Harrison Ford Actor Harrison Ford mocks Republican front-runner Donald J. Trump for saying Ford "stood up for America" in his role as the US President in the 1997 movie Air Force One:Posted by Channel 4 News on Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Do you recall Joe Scarborough's assessment that President Obama would be better to pattern his leadership after characters in the showtime series: Homeland?
Joe Scarborough Peter Quinn (Homeland) on why the West does not have the will to win the war against Terror. Scarborough goes full "Quinn."

I suppose US conservatism really does live in a fantasy world. The problem is, their regressive ideology and their devotion of creative script writers is danger to the greater society (you and me.) StumbleUpon