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Monday, November 19, 2018

A Whitening Of A Nation

If diseases are not stopped; they spread

The ugly difference between the GOP and growing diversity in the United States.

What follows isn't pretty but as time passes through the era of Trump we must realize we cannot avoid criticism of "the ugly."  Let's start with a cover of the New Yorker Magazine November 19, 2018

Image may contain: 1 person, drawing
The artwork cover via Barry Blitt's  captioned: "Welcome to Congress from a piece written by

Here is a much more clear example of the image above. The piece is from Patheos dot com and linked here.

Bottom line: Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Kemp, a white Republican, told an African American woman that he was “part of the master race.”

(Image via Twitter)

you didn't read the Patheos piece linked above, re-consider. The HIll also published a piece on the ill-advised yet revealing comments. To be fair the offensive Commissioner was relating two people (one white and one black) to "master race" association based on the reality they both have gaps in their teeth. The real issue is the deep-rooted mental slippage from people who are of the political Right. The Hill's piece regarding Kemp is linked here.  A joke is not a joke when it should never cross the boundaries of one's lips. If kept in the brain and never uttered the innate racist could very well exist in a non-discovered state.

This joke thing; let's take another look and listen. 

How about Mississippi State Senators "joke" about a public hanging.  It is important to remember the State of Mississippi is the undisputed co-leader among states of public lynchings of black people between 1877 and 1950. If per capita killings by hanging et fits your discernment Florida remains the per-capita leader
The Daily Kos has published Hyde-Smith may have taken campaign money from a white supremacist group.
Are we taking this criticism a bit too far? I think not. watch and hear another great GOP [tcoam as he openly declared white civilization is the base core of humankind. In Mid-July 2016 during the Republican National Committee Conference debate. MSNBC made the mistake of allowing Iowa's Steve King on its air with the woefully inexperienced show host Chris Hayes.

Two minutes in the history of the US and the GOP which stands as a moniker right-leaning social and political ideology. King's party has yet to condemn and disavow his remarks and his constituency continue to elect King with all white supremacy in full bloom.

When I look at the opening New Yorker image (above), the reality of the image is also grounded in media which supports and feeds the perception of what was once portrayed in the quip: "White is right" or "White is Right" In either case the Party on the Right is a playing field for growing US racism, bigotry, and intolerance. Without supportive media, the party on the Right would be far less successful in promulgating increasing US racism, and the overt cases of hate-based violence.

A recent piece from Media Matters illustrates how one specific Fox News host seems to have devolved into a cesspool of racism and white supremacy. Tucker Carlson via Patheos.

Our purpose in developing the pieces wasn't to leverage past US history as a means to an end via ugly data depictions. Our purpose, if you actually need clarification, is more in the realm of delineating growing acceptance of US racism and bigotry via a political party and millions who support that party.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Entertains Via A Lie (Micheal Avenatti)

You may know that we do not care to post fox News video on the page. We do so when it absolutely critical and nine times out of ten that instances relate to outright lies from Fox producers, editors, and on-air hosts. 

Well, it is time to post another video featuring the ever so lying Tucker Carlson. While we do to recommend the full viewing of the embed we strongly recommend viewing the first 2:30 seconds.

The Blue State Daily addressed Carlson's feed to his viewers.

The Blue State Daily

“We invited the creepy porn lawyer onto this show. We called his office – or what he said was his office. It may have been a booth at a Wendy’s in Passaic, maybe a White Castle – you never know. In any case, he turned us down flat. Too bad.”
Shortly after Carlson had proven what an immature little whiner he is, Avenatti responded on Twitter, noting that he did indeed decline Carlson’s invitation because he wanted to appear on Sean Hannity’s show instead. And he also had some choice comments for Carlson:

.@TuckerCarlson - Stop lying to your viewers. You did not invite me on your show Fri night. It never happened. You invited me on Wed and I responded within 3 minutes (see below). I then never heard back. Again – pls have Sean’s EP reach out to me. And try honesty next time. 

End The Blue State Daily excerpt.

If you experienced difficulty in reading the part of Avenatti's post due to image size (with redactions) we offer a view which is a bit larger. 

Fox News isn't a news network. It is a network for its inception in 1996 which entertains Right-leaning citizens.  Sadly many Americans tune-in to the network thus exposing themselves to utter lies on a daily basis. Of most concern; the nation's 45th President considers the entertainment network his preferred currents events purveyor.

While not part of the headline nor the essence of this piece, we feel it worthwhile to add another segment from Carlson. The following segment offered the of News entertainer opportunity to secure excitement form his viewers and a few social media posts.  We offer the not-so-famous, ever-present, and ugly Carlson go-off.

Remember the basic tenet of all business: "Give the customer (viewer) what they want". If a business has a model which includes entertainment of a large audience, the business entertains by any means necessary.  

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