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Monday, November 12, 2018

America! We Have A GOP Problem

Image result for confederate flagsWe don't believe the majority of the GOP is racist. Yet, we know US racist do not flock to the Democrat Party for political and social affiliation. The GOP has a core of racial bias and racism against people of color and a far more pervasive filed of acceptance of all things GOP among its denizens And that means no backlash from the parties leaders nor its core constituents and supporters.

Each week we receive reminders of the extent to which your Trump supporting neighbors and family members are part of the nation's growing cadre of white nationals (a nice moniker for white supremacist).

On election day, a conscientious citizen took a photo of this racist in the state of Mississippi.

Image result for racist mississippi voter

Image result for racist mississippi voter Notice the Confederate flag. Notice the Noose. And Notice the connection to a state in which the most lynching of black people occurred during the many years of US Jim Crow.   

The exhibitionist racist lost his job at a local hospital once his brazen white supremacy was posted to social media. Imagine being an African-American or Latino (and probably also Asian) with the voter on staff with a primary job function of close contact with people seeking medical care.  Ugly, eh?

As we move away from the midterm election and various state elections. take look at two candidates for office in Mississippi.

Cindy Hyde-Smith, a white Republican VS African-American candidate and former federal official, Mike Espy, Democrat. One of the two candidates recently publicly joked about being on the front row of a public lynching. Would you care to guess which candidate went there?

Look close before you make pr pick.  OK, if you picked Epsy as the joking candidate, you should avoid appearing on a TV game show which includes picking: door number two, or dooooooooor number three.  

Actually, we seriously hope the door game wasn't a challenge.  Of course, the GOP state senator went there. She joined a Mississippi state cattle rancher she ha only met that day.  

Huffington Post
Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, a white Republican, joked about going to a “public hanging” during a campaign event this weekend, a comment her Democratic challenger, who is black, called “reprehensible” and divisive ahead of a runoff election later this month.
“If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row,” Hyde-Smith said on Sunday morning in Tupelo, Miss. during an event with a cattle rancher. It’s unclear what context the comments were made under, although she appeared to be praising the rancher, Colin Hutchinson.
Before you simply dismiss the candidates choice of language as a joke, understand for millions in American the joke may have reached back into the lives and history of African-Americans who lost loved ones and family to racist lynchings.

And then there is this from the State of Flordia. De Santis (Trump stooge candidate for Governor) and the Mayor of the State's capital Gillum.

DeSantis openly courts and courted support from Trump. Trump has proven he is inclined to US nationalism (hint). Why wouldn't DeSantis's "monkey: comment appear as something of a Freudian slip at its lowest denominator? On a broader scale, DeSantis appealed to his supporters and potential voters with a clear dog whistle.

White supremacists support and embedded in the GOP is no surprise as the part has courted and nourished white bias since the days of the now famous "Southern Strategy".  What is a bit of a surprise is not one member of the GOP has come out and openly spoke against clear claiming the GOP by people such as David Duke, former KKK Leader.

The Chicago Tribune and other press/media have written extensively about David Duke and his public affinity for Donald Trump and Trump's GOP.

David Duke praises Trump for tweet about 'large scale killing' of white ...  

(There is no large-scale killing of white farmers in South Africa)

America, we have a political party problem and it may manifest in your neighborhood, your family and probably has infested your friends. If you have read through and viewed this piece with no appreciation for a political party gone repressively rogue, you are also infected.