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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Twitter Tree: Scott Walker's Wisconsin; Chuck Todd, Erik Erickson And The GOP South

A Twitter Tree of conservative and the stark reality of the GOP.  If you take comport in any that you are about to read, you really should consider a "couch session." No, not the Fox News "Leg/Thigh Couch; the that will cost you over $100.00 per hour per session.

Always remember....

"And then they came for me." 

The GOP geography belt and all inherent ideology, mores (mor reys) and values.
Take a look at what Wisconsin has done to itself. That recall two years back might have been a good idea Wisconsin.
Next Branch!

Chuck Todd makes a fool of himself while feigning competence on Meet the Press. One would think a meeting with the President would garner a modicum of respect (even though the conservative Todd is an obvious Obama hater). Respect from any conservative is far-fetched, especially for the nation's African-American president. Yet, Obama certainly granted MTP's new conservative host a major first interview.

As with any conservative, appreciation came in the form of an obviously staged accusation. Todd accused Obama of avoiding the word "Syria" After Obama said the word four times.

Whatever happened to NBC's credibility and acumen in news related decision-making? NBC will grow to the point of recognition of a bad decision with Todd on MTP.

Now for the real "TIN HAT" branches

Erickson: The White House wants to "social engineer our military"

Erick Erickson: "The minimum wage is mostly people who failed at life and high school kids"
America's workers: You have until the age of 30 to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and earn more than the minimum wage, lest you want conservative...

Department Of Homeland Security: "We are aware of absolutely nothing credible to substantiate this claim."

National security experts: ISIL not a credible threat to US homeland.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Affordable Care Act Twitter Tree and a Peep At Social Security and Medicare

June 2014 The Graph Updated
 Grab Bag.....Native Americans
 Grab Bag: Sign of the times: @MNsure having trouble finding uninsured people!

Maryland after a rough start!
California: What was that about still being unpopular?
 Arkansas: 2015 premium rates may DROP by 3.5%!
Cleaning Out the In Box: Arkansas' uninsured rate drops 45%
@SharylAttkisson posted an absurd graph. I've corrected it for her.
Least-Shocking News of the Day: Uninsured admissions down 50% in Medicaid expan states
A little 2013 icing on the ACA SignUps via AARP. Check out the fact sheet and recall, your GOP wants to take a knife to both employee contributory programs. Millionaires want to push and me over a cliff.

 Social Security

The Importance of Social Security and Medicare

Individual State Profiles


Saturday Twitter Tree: Fox News, Auto Industry, Ferguson Missouri, Open Carry

Fox News feeds its 'tin hat' viewers more gibberish on Obama vacations. Both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush took vacation that span four to five weeks consecutive each year while in office. In fact, when briefed on the potential for Al Qaeda terror in August 2001; Bush was on vacation at his fake ranch." Three weeks later our world changed forever. A little attention might have warded of the international demise of the United States of America. 

Better to be judge by 12 than carried by 6.....

Would you call this White Privilege?  Before you answer think if the man was black.

Embedded image permalink

Did I hear demagogues on Fox News ranting about Obama not wearing a tie when making a statement related to ISIS?  Well...... I offer three lil Piggies!
Russell Brand on Fox News and its overt racist lean.
Really now!
A reminder of times long past! 
Now let's remind of vacations, since every time the Obamas even think of time-off for the busiest and most demanding job across the globe, the Right goes silly-dilly.
While the Right disparages one of the nation's most prolific president's since FDR, the auto industry continues to flourish. Recall, the Right would have allowed our auto industry to fold-up and become chattel for foreign corporatists.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

TPI Twitter Tree..Watching Conservatives From A Safe Distance

Don Lemon goes in studio to draw viewers. Lemon allows the "silly' conservative Kevin Jackson an opportunity to say practical nothing, and then issued a story of use of the "N" word. I can surmise Mr. Jackson was offering some sort of defense for authorities. I seriously hope Lemon's story doesn't surprise you.
Do you think Wilson, regardless of reason, you might have over done it?

[Image via screengrab]

Equal Pay anyone?
Conferred Privilege (AKA White Privilege)
Dizzy assed fool CNN International host!
The Camera does not lie!  
Now, imagine the cop with a gun and the level of rage reaped upon his victim. Can you then see how Mike Brown was executed? 
Some of you especially the conservatives who hold their noses while visiting the TPI, will find this "tree branch" an example of "Talking and Takers." It does not matter factual school agreed children in the millions receive one of their most important meals during the school day.
Oh yes, the ever-present "N" Word!
Why do non-conservative black people agree to a booking with Sean Hannity?


Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Mid-August Twitter Tree

The Twitter Tree Sorgasord

 Obama performing badly?  Up from the economic abyss!
 Why do companies sponsor such a disgusting putrid person?
I so seriously tire of Hillary Clinton.  While Gore fell to voter suppression and Florida vote shenanigans, Hillary and her husband must remember Gore distanced himself in 2000.  We cannot afford to have the Clintons handing the 2016 General Election to the GOP
Well now wait a minute, Fox!  I see a FLOTUS who rivals the "Legs" on the Fox News couch. The word "Legs" is vernacular for Fox News's penchant for skin on the set.

In the images above, Michelle Obama has the physical makeup to facilitate wearing sleeveless outfits. You will notice a distinct waistline and a physical makeup unencumbered by extra pounds.  We will leave Fox News's Couch silliness at that point.

And, the GOP has issues with the ACA? Seriously?  Are you allowing your representative to wok to eliminate the ACA?

 This is how the GOP wins elections.  Just think, voter suppression contributed to Bush's win over Gore in 2000.  Enough said?
And the GOP chases away the black vote under guise of voting irregularities. When will America wake-up to the pathetic scope and breadth of the GOP?
North Carolina's model conservative and GOP official,  And, he ranted about depriving black people the vote.
Despite our various degree of social comfort of lack there of, some in our nation must walk a bit ore gingerly.

Monday, August 11, 2014

A TPI Twitter Tree!

Dusky Wonders
Yes, it is time for another Twitter Tree. We have collected the following Tweets over the past few days.  Our hope was to add more levels to the tree, but the Rand Paul branch popped-up on Twitter within the hour.

It is time to harvest the fruit of the tree. Remember, my verbiage related to the Twitter Tree is of no significance. I am not here and do not publish to either showcase my skills or lack there of in develop screeds and treatise. If you want the get charmed by writing eloquence, visit here after you favorite and most literary site. My focus and inertia relates to information. One's skills while keyboarding take a far backseat to informing people who will cast votes this fall and in 2016.

Before the tree, allow me to thank those who seem to want more thought induced  writing.  Thank you!

The GOP wants voting demographics similar to its ethnic and racial make-up.   They do not want free and open voting for all.
The man has credibility and veracity problems that ooze like mustard from the hamburger he dropped as he ran from those DREAMers.
Do white people even know that the number of whites who receive food aid far surpasses other ethnic groups?  Do the recipients know the GOP cares little to nothing about helping with their life sustaining aid.
I am still not seeing where the ACA kills jobs.
And, these people vote GOP with every election.
Equal pay anyone?  The GOP doesn't give  a damned about your $.77 pay to my $1.00 for the same job and same work.
The GOP has one economic strategy: "Cut Taxes and provide tax breaks to corporate America."


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A TPI Twitter Tree

A few days back I published a screed with of information bundled into an "Obama Twitter Tree."  The response was so overwhelmingly positive, I have harvested  a few Tweets over the past 30 hours...and Yes...developed another Twitter Tree.

Before we climb our tree, I cannot resist re-linking and embedding a very short segment from a recent HBO Bill Maher show segment. The segment includes Maher's attempt to discuss specifics that support the Right's current obstruction model:  lawsuits and impeachment.  His panel included three guests; two guest are frequent conservative TV personalities.  One of the two, Matt Kibbe is apparently employed by FreedomWorks and is a noted tea party leader.  I use the word "leader" loosely as despite after shocks the tea party is fading into obscurity. The Koch brothers tea party fades after serving as a path to infestation of the US House of Representatives and the least productive Congress in US History. 
Huff PO Amanda Terkel July 2013
Give the segment  a watch! It is the perfect prelude to climbing the Twitter Tree.

What the fuck does that mean?

The Twitter Tree..

US Budget and Paul Ryan's shifty "Opportunity Grant"

Corporate Welfare and The Art of Tax Dodging

Tax Cuts (A GOP foundational anchor) and Job Growth 

A Graphics For Our Times...... 

Social Media Hash Tag Watch....Are People seeking and sharing more Information about Gaza or Israel?