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Thursday, April 16, 2015

GOP Billionaire Watch...A Couple Are Seeking To Take Down The VA


The major focus of this piece is a recent report of the Koch brothers, yet again, funneling money to dismantle any semblance of decency in US governance. The latest attack on a humane nation is delineated in recent reports the Kochs are funneling money to fund efforts to take down the Veterans Administration. Before we move to the Kochs via Rachel Maddow, consider spending a few minutes on an interesting report from Chris Hayes, MSNBC All In. Hayes offers a segment about billionaires behind political candidates. As I viewed the segment, I was reminded of Hillary Clinton's comments this morning about removing dark money from US politics.

Are you thinking: "Isn't it true, Liberals and progressives have their cabal of billionaire and billionaire donors?" Yes of course, but it is a reality that ends at a far different place politically and that place is a very different place for any group outside the affinity zone of mega wealthy oligarchs from the Right. The Wichita Oligarchs are prime example.

Watch and listen Rachel Maddow offers yet another frightening prospect of US Kochism. As you watch the segment, ask yourself why the Kochs have their hands money inserted into all things that are anti-progressive and why would uber wealthy industrialist wish to dismantle the Veterans " Administration.

As a non disabled US veteran, I know the sting of discovering George W. Bush in 2003 quietly took away the VA medical coverage promised to me veterans at the time of my enlistment. While fortunate enough to serve in a capacity that took me out of direct harms way during the Vietnam War, my anticipation of future VA medical coverage or my safety zone of medical coverage during an unfortunate prospect of long periods of unemployment were dashed. It was a true shot in the back; it was devastating to have the shot delivered by a VA administrative supervisor who told me: "I cannot help you, George W. Bush changed the eligibility requirements in 2003 to a restrictive benefit for disabled or very low income veterans." 

Despite the fact I was unemployed and ill, I was denied a medical coverage. As stated, I never received any notification of the change; and to receive the figurative pat on the butt as I left the VA with the words I heard was again truly devastating. 

Conservatives do not give a damn about US veterans and Koch efforts to quietly dismantle the vast agency is despicable. I don't think one Koch as served in the US military nor have any of their offspring, but we can rest assured the vast Koch commercial products and oil empire derives much financial contributions to their Profit and Loss Statements.

The Kochs have DNA that reaches well into the earliest days of the John Birch Society via their father Fred Koch. Regressive values and ideology of their father and his cohorts did not successfully derive during the heydays of the Society, the Koch offspring are accomplishing with cash from the toils of our work and sacrifice.