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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Santorum: "CPR" (The Definition Of A Nut Case)

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We posted a piece about an hour ago about comments from Trump's Treasury Secretary and his over-the-top lack of understanding regarding matters related to federal governance. Of particular interest was his espousing the prospect of Trump applying a line-item veto as a matter of presidential power. Well, the line item veto was adjudicated as unconstitutional in 1996.

Also over CNN this past Sunday the zany and ultra-conservative Rick Santorum again made a total fool of himself. The man should not have an employment contract with CNN. In fact, his family should muffle the former US Senator and place him in a chair in front of a television with one channel available for his viewing pleasure: Fox News.

Do you recall this episode back in 2012?


As is frequently the case with GOP politicians and spokespeople, they suffer from constipation of the brain accompanied by diarrhea of the mouth. After they verbally release their inner core sentiments, they appear on television the very next day speaking of "Oh I was inarticulate".

Santorum on Sunday. 

Isn't it sad when a high school student with a yet not fully developed brains cognitively smashes the GOP talking head?

CNN what price viewership?

How about a minute with Trevor Noah and The Daily Show?