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Friday, May 25, 2018

Another Racist Rant Caught On Camera (Ugly Americans)

Time for a reminder of where we are headed socially from segments of the population which seem to have adopted Trump is as a daily way of life.

The New York Daily News

Queens DA Richard Brown charged Edward Ruggerio, 58, with menacing as a hate crime for his verbal attack on a fellow passenger whom he threatened physical assault. Ruggerio will also face a count of second-degree aggravated harassment — crimes punishable by up to a year in jail and $1,000 fine.

Ah yes, another case of overt racism in the Great State of New York.  Here is a case I am sure you recall from last week.

New York lawyer and his now worldwide famous racist rant. After three days of running from cameras and reporters issued a written and public apology ( posted below).  Of course, he stated he wasn't a racist. Yes of course......

Image may contain: 1 person, text
Image result for schlossberg MAGA cap

He has been caught on video attacking people felt look "foreign."

The part of the clip which shows him attacking someone with "You look like a fucking foreigner..." was against a white guy named Willie Moss from Boston, MA. While Moss could have adopted an American sounding name, the danger in "looks" as a catalyst to attack speaks for the danger of Trumpism. Of course, you already know the women in the New York coffee shop were from Puerto Rico. 

Well, I suppose for this guy all is well now. Maybe the next episode of Schlossberg's culture police act (with associated abuse) will find him dressed for the part while leaving his MAGA cap at home. 

Image result for kkk

As we stated in a previous post, let's move to the West Coast of the United States for a quick video of what we assume is another Trump deplorable.

Do you recall this? I believe this racist was a resident of California.

Why do we post such exhibitions?  While the question is rhetorical, I will state the importance of such posts reflects on changing times in the nation.  

What brought on the change and much more public exhibitions of overt racism.

While we are trodding across the nation for exhibitions of Trumpism, we will not overlook the State of Florida.  Fox News reported on an incident at a McDonalds.
"..My Country!

The phrase reminds of a time in 2016 when while sitting at dinner with another couple a conservative I was exposed to a childlike exhibition of "We won, we won, we won" with both adult arms waving above his head. The male guest was an apparent Trump supporter and once the couple determined our votes were cast for Clinton, trouble ensued. After I suggested we don't discuss politics over dinner, she stated she had one more thing to say, "I love my country."  She laid the Sean Hannity false bravado bull on me like a dedicated Fox News head. The implication?  Because I did not vote for Trump, I do not love my country. 

No a racist rant by any means, of course not. But, the level of in-your-face incidents inherent in and associated with Trumpism is both ugly and will come back to haunt most of the perpetrators.  Hence, the troubles reaped upon Attorney Schlossberg after his public exhibition,  


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Conservatism Is, Like It Or Not, Fueling White Nationalism

Image result for rise in white supremacy groups

You may or may not fact, you probably do not know and probably do not care that Charles Barkley (known GOP supporter and former Pro basketball player) sat with White supremacist Richard Spencer for a discussion of Spencer's mission in advancing white supremacy.  Regardless of your awareness or concerns about the interaction and the interviews role in exploring growing American bigotry and racism, we perservere. We have posted a four-minute version of the interaction.

Barkley/Spencer 4:45 minutes

Now for a quick run through an ugly path of how overt racism looks.

This one is eight full minutes of utterance racism with an over the top layer of White privilege..and yes the man is a "Deplorable."

The Chicago Starbucks Racist.

Charleston, South Carolina
Image result for dylann roof

Dylann Roof: Charleston Church Shooter Gets Nine Life Sentences in ...

New York City
Image result for new york city racist murder

The Southern Poverty Law Center
2016 piece

And, since Trump ascended across the political landscape, would you expect an increase in white nationalism?  A piece in The Nation calls it as it exists.

Another shade of US racism, bigotry......


Image result for rise in white supremacy groups

We are not saying all conservatives are racist; we are comfortable with all racists are conservates.

When we elect people who fail to work towards a tolerant and healthy society we leave ourselves open for lessons of the past.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Ugly GOP (Video)

The best way to assess character is to secure insight into the company a person keeps. 

An illustration of the point comes clear when an informed person compares the Democratic National Convention to the cesspool fear circus of the Republican National convention. 

We offer an image of our last point.

If you felt the GOP convention was a wholesome and worthwhile set of events, you must know by now you stand alone and opposite the vast majority of media experts and political pundits (even many conservative pundits).

We encourage you to witness the level to which your GOP vote will place a stamp on our nation, we encourage you to spend three minutes watching your run-of-the-mill Trump supporter. The video is ugly through and through. It depicts the very reason Donald Trump won the GOP nomination and transparentit exemplifies the roots of why each and every whtie supremacists and anti-Islamic bigot clings to the GOP.

If you can watch what follows and can not associate the behavior to what life was for milllions who quietly wathced and acquiesced as Adolf Hitler tookover Germany in the mid to late 1920s.

The New York Times deserves credit for the video and three of its reporters should receive a high-order of recognition for the work they accomplished.
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Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump's Crowds

New York Times reporters have covered Donald J. Trump's rallies for more than a year. His supporters at these events often express their views in angry and provocative ways. Here are some examples.

It seems the plug is coming unglued on the Trump campaigning and possible coming unglued on his retail empire.  One should consider if the Macy's announcement and the New York Times video published was coincidental to the same day.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pope Francis's Secret Meeting With The Nation's Most Visible Bigot

As revelations come forth about Pope Francis's secret meeting with the Tennessee 'bigot', Kim Davis, even the non-affiliated religious (from a distance Pardu (me), wondered about why? The Papal leader and religious since becoming Pope has shown deep signs of progressive values. While he would rather not be called a progressive, his actions leave little doubt the first non-European Pope was cut from a different mold than his immediate predecessors.  

The secret ;meeting with a document bigot (regardless of religious beliefs) and a nascent flagship "gift" from US conservative evangelicals was so outside the Pope's aura, the reports seemed unfathomable. Well, an explanation may exist; albeit not an explanation from the Vatican. The Vatican will only confirmed the one-on-one meeting with Davis and her husband; a spokesperson would not comment further.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell broadcast segment with plausible, but unconfirmed reasons the Pope met with Davis.  We will report on the visit as information becomes available. For now, we will post the segment from MSNBC's The Last Word.

One comment. If the report has a basis in fact, I will admit to no surprise an conservative ideologue was at the root of the meeting.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Perceptions Of A Post Racial Nation Vs Reality. Texas Cop Abuse (Video)

Disparate perception and the life of the enabler.

Earlier in the week I was tooling around Facebook and ran across a profound image:

Apparently, it's completely legal to carry an AR-15 in the Atlanta airport.

However, Jim Cooley's fully-loaded assault rifle did scare the sh*t out of practically everyone else at the Atlanta International Airport.

I responded to the post in the Mediaite comments section.

Write a comment...

  • The Pardu  Where are all the common Mediaite conservatives? We can't hear you.
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  • The Pardu  Betcha an African-American could not get away with this. White privileges is ugly and the nation will one implode from laws and law enforcement that facilitates such.
    Like · Reply · June 4 at 4:20pm

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    • NAME DELETED  Hint: Huey P. Newton Gun Club, outside the state capitol in Austin, TX a couple of months ago.

      No threats, no shots fired, no murders.

      And no arrests.

      This isn't 1963 anymore, k?
    The poster who responded seemed to reach for an equivalence quip.  Not only did the poster reach for a bridge too far and grab an equivalence that simply pales in comparison to increasing cop abuse against African-Americans, the poster went to the Great State of Texas for the false equivalence. Before delineating how I eventually responded, let's explore the poster's comment for a moment or two.

    First, why do you think the poster reached so far to respond to the reality of privilege (conferred via birth or learned privilege), when the reality of death like Tamir Rice and John Crawford hasn't yet evaporated from our memories.  Rice was killed by an "action hungry" Ohio cop while he played with a toy pistol on a playground.  

    Crawford was killed by an Indiana cop as he held a toy rifle in a neighborhood Wal Mart Store. The young man had just left the Games Department and met his killer cop as he held an replica air gun.  His final words while standing an speaking with his girlfriend on a  cell phone was to the cop, "It not real...."  He was shot to death. As sidebar a woman customer with a heart condition died at the scene from heart failure possibly due to  freight related to the cop's gun shots. The poster did want many conservatives do, they reach to shallow water and inane retorts or counterpoints.  Any level of thought or knowledge of current events would have taken a patient and deep thinker to the many cases of abuse manifest on a weekly basis.  Note the poster deployed a time period in his response.  

    While the poster responded  in a manner not often deployed by a conservative, nonetheless the poster again failed to develop a stinging quip.  More often the real conservative responds to message they cannot assimilate and accept as reality with off-color obscenities. Another consideration of the poster takes me outside the prospect of conservatism. The poster could very well be one of America's middle roaders who lean Right and will not accept overwhelming evidence of disparate treatment based in race. 

    Conservative or not the comment above includes a reference to a time, 1963, when the nation experienced a mid-cycle in the Civil Rights Movement (mid 1950s - 1960s). My comment  must have been offered the poster opportunity to placate their paradigm while reaching back to America before any Civil Rights Legislation and dismantling of Jim Crow. Yes course, but only a few in America can actually not recognize and acknowledge concerted efforts among US conservatives and conservative elected representatives effectively work to push the nation back to a time when Jim Crow was an accepted norm. 

    "This isn't 1963 anymore, k?", The poster keyboarded. 

    As is frequent the case. reality smacks down those who actually believe we live in a post-racial society. The follow recent case of unbalanced and heavy handed treatment of a group of African-American teenagers exemplifies the fact, many in US actually do live the lives of 1963 America. The incident occurred in the very state the poster referenced for the quip posted above: Texas. Moreover, the incident reminds of the killing of Tamir Rice and John Crawford, in one way. Each incident, including the recent Texas case started with a white person calling police on people they perceived as acting in a manner they felt was  unacceptable. The teens were reveling at a swim party.

    Rice and Crawford handled non-lethal weapon replicas; the teens n the following episode simply accepted an invitation to join white teens at a swim party.

    McKinney Texas was the scene of the racial name calling and cop abuse against black teens.  McKinney is a medium sized community 30 miles North of Dallas Texas towards the Arkansas border. African-Americans make up 10 percent of the population of 140,000.
    As you read and view the following, recognize the only crime committed by these teens (black and white) was the (personally perceived) hanging out in an intra-racial gathering. It took one racist white family or family member to escalate the friend laden party to an ugly reminder of the US "1963."   In;st their a well known axiom about "one bad apple?"

    Let's visit with a circa 2015 example of exactly that the poster pushed back as a former America.

    Embedded image permalink
    Even after everything we've seen recently, this video is still shocking #mckinney
    Posted by Think Progress on Sunday, June 7, 2015
    So this started because a white girl said to a black girl you need to go back and be on section 8??
    Posted by (DELETED) on Sunday, June 7, 2015

     The footage was posted on YouTube on Saturday and the police force suspended the officer after viewing it. Police officials said the officer's conduct had 'raised concerns'

    'This kind of force is uncalled for especially on children and innocent bystanders,' wrote Brandon Brooks who posted the footage online