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Monday, September 10, 2018

Trump VS Obama Economy? (Video)

January 2018...the US economy.

Trump has a penchant for running around the nation banter "his" economy. When he isn't offering false prophecy regarding the US economy, his talking head minions are on all cable news networks doing same. 

This morning MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle hosted segment which straightforward deals with Trump's false weaponizing the current US economy. Before the 13 minutes video, we acknowledge the US economy is (basically) doing well. Sustainability is an issue, but we certainly credit the tax cuts (for the wealthy) and Trump deregulation for good spirits in corporate America. We have log posted the current economy is a continuation of the Obama recovery; without the recovery, it wouldn't be possible to have unemployment at 3.9 percent.

Recall, the Bush Sub-prime collapse was preceded by Bush deregulation and Bushes two tax cuts.

If you have 5:00 minutes give the following video a viewing. After the first five minutes, Ruhle embarks on almost eight minutes talk among her guests. 

If you are inclined to believe Trump, so be it. But, the wise American will seek to verify or fact-check just about all which emanates from Trump's mouth.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Obama and Progressive Reaction To Hecklers Vs. Cruz and Conservative Reaction To Hecklers

Re-Blog from PolitiFacts Dot Com and a comment from The Pardu
The Truth-O-Meter Says:

President Barack Obama has the "power to stop deportation for all undocumented immigrants in this country."

Obama's heckler on Monday, November 25th, 2013 in comments during the president's speech

Obama's immigration heckler wrong on presidential powers, experts say

Even a presidential heckler can find his way to PolitiFact’s Truth-O-Meter.
At a speech Monday in San Francisco, a young man yelled at President Barack Obama and urged the president to overhaul the nation’s immigration system.
"Mr. Obama, my family has been separated for 19 months now!" the man said, according to a New York Times report. (You can watch a video of the incident here.)
Obama continued trying to speak, but the man continued yelling, saying at one point: "You have a power to stop deportation for all undocumented immigrants in this country." The heckler was later identified as Ju Hong, 24, of South Korea.
The president replied, "Actually, I don’t. And that’s why we’re here."
In this standoff, the president is largely correct.
We covered much of this ground in a fact-check of Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who claimed that Obama could "basically" legalize all immigrants here illegally "by the sign of a pen." We’ll review the evidence here.
In the heckler’s case, he appears to be talking about Obama issuing an executive order to stop deportations. But experts said action like that would likely violate the separation of powers.
Congress determines the laws governing how a person can legally reside in the country, so Obama cannot give out green cards, paths to citizenship or permanent residency en masse, experts told us. And Obama does not have the authority to override laws simply by proclamation.
"Executive orders have tended to be quite focused, not open-ended over time," said Kevin Johnson, University of California Davis School of Law dean. "Such an order would likely be subject to quite possibly successful legal challenge, with the claim being that legalization would be contrary to an act of Congress, namely the Immigration and Nationality Act."
Now, Obama has taken some executive action.
In June 2012, amid stalled DREAM Act efforts, Obama announced a new administrative policy called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals that allowed undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children to apply for a renewable, temporary status that suspends deportation and allows them to work in the country. So far, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has approved at least 455,000 people for this form of deferred action.
Obama, however, has said he does not plan to go further. And experts say making the case would be difficult.
If he wanted to order a stay of deportations across the board, he would have to provide a strong justification, such as a lack of resources to do the job, said Robert Delahunty, a University of St. Thomas School of Law professor who co-authored an argument against the constitutionality of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
"But he could do that only briefly, and only in what I’d consider pretty extreme circumstances," Delahunty said.
On the other hand, the country’s immigration laws grant Obama and the Department of Homeland Security lots of wiggle room in granting temporary work permits and refusing to widely deport people, said Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute. A widespread stay, though, would be "a crazy scenario," he said.
Even some of Obama’s loudest critics on immigration policy don’t think he would go that far.
"It could be done. Obama’s gotten away with as much, but I don’t think he’d do it," said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that is for stricter immigration control. "That would be a bridge too far even for the pusillanimous appeasers among Republicans in Congress."
Experts told us they think it’s more conceivable that Obama would chip away at the undocumented immigrant population little by little by building on the deferred action policy for children who came to the country as minors. An expansion would have to come with caveats, such as cut-off dates and clean criminal histories.
"It would be the mother of all political battles," said Carl Hampe, a private immigration lawyer who was counsel for the Senate subcommittee on immigration from 1983 to 1991 and worked for the Department of Justice under President George H.W. Bush. "As a purely theoretical legal question, is there a plausible argument that the president has that legal authority? Some would argue yes."
Our ruling
While giving a speech in San Francisco, President Barack Obama was heckled and told he has the "power to stop deportation for all undocumented immigrants in this country."
Our experts say any executive action that sweeping would violate the separation of powers between Congress and the executive branch. Obama has taken some executive action to temporarily keep more undocumented immigrants in the United States, and likely could do more, but not to the permanent point that the heckler argues. We rate his claim Mostly False.
Now we ask for another few minutes.

Compare and contrast President Obama and his progressive audience response to a dissenter (with a heartfelt message) and the response from a conservative audience. we ask that you watch the full 1:06 and the full 1:49 minutes.

Exhibit I.

Exhibit II.

The ever-present "USA, USA, USA," from the conservative audience clearly denotes intolerance of the right of others to speak. Of course, no one lives a heckler, but progressive audiences seem to exhibit behavior that is much more receptive of dissenter, even when they clear do not welcome the interruption (and heckling). We suggest the contrast is stark and poignant.  And, yes we see clear evidence of dangerous intolerance from people who buy-into the rhetoric of a person like Ted Cruz.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The All Too Tragic Ted Cruz and His "USA, USA, USA" Sycophants

The Raw Story and the majority of media are reporting on a Ted Cruz town hall meeting that included heckling regarding health care reform.

As posted in a Morning Java post earlier today: "Obama as Target....", GOP members of the House are experiencing  considerable Right Principles like comeuppance during town hall meeting.  In 2009, Freedom Works on behalf of the GOP/RNC developed a structured process for attempts to kill free and one town hall communication  at Democratic   gatherings. The major focus was the fight against the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The disrupted session were spectacles of just how low the American public will go when prodded to do so via moneyed plutocrats. And, there is the danger in Right-wing manipulation of the general public.  

An example of the danger seems very innocuous,  but if you think more about it you might see the power of brainwashing from the Right. The seeming ever-present (under the surface) Right-wing chant of "USA, USA, USA." The chant is telling in many ways, but in its basic form as adopted by the Right, it carries a message of defiance to all who express contrary views.  The chant is used to drown out dissent and it is like placing a stake in the ground to separate chanters as "real Americans," with recipients of the chants as "the other." 

We introduce the Cruz town hall with two hecklers who appear to support the ACA.

The Raw Story

Cruz heckled during ‘Defund Obamacare’ event: ‘You have health care, so can we!’

By David Edwards
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 9:02 EDT
Hecklers confronted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during a Tuesday Heritage Action event in support of defunding President Barack Obama’s health care reform law. 
After Cruz told members of the Dallas audience that he would be willing to shut down the government to in order to stop Obamacare, at least two people stood up and began yelling at him. 
“You have health care, so can we!” they shouted. 
“Gentlemen, thank you for sharing your views,” Cruz replied. “You know, part of the First Amendment is about respecting the views of others.” 
As officers removed the protesters, the crowd responded by drowning them out with chants of “USA! USA! USA!”
Watch via YouTube...

Cruz was respectful in his response to the hecklers. However, while expressing people have a right to their views, I have to wonder why he takes such deep exception of the views of others.  Cruz shows complete disregard for the views of people do not fit his far right-wing paradigm and he does so with overt manifestations of disrespect and obvious contempt for opposing views.

As far the visuals and town hall dynamics. Did you notice the "I am Nero" like demeanor of Cruz as his rabid sycophants beat-up on the hecklers with, "USA, USA, USA." 

It is truly sad to see the American conservative turn a most prideful chant into a political "whip" for lashing and flogging those who express opposing views.  I will expereicne a great deal of consternation and reticence towards the chant as we as nation moves towards the Olympic Games (both Winter and Summer Games).  

Do you see how 'sloganeering and jargon' can, when placed in the wrong, hands turn beauty into contempt and ugliness?  I posit that is mind-control and the outcome of successful propagandizing. 

"Defund Obamacare."

" Impeach Obama."


Alas, the trappings of a wounded and dying party, but a party that still has the power to inflict great harm on the nation.

You would think from Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush/Cheney people would have grown to know the misguided leadership of the GOP. Unless, you are one of the nation's top 20 percenters or yo are a non-minority who relishes privilege not afford to all.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Twitter Bounced Anonymous (For a Moment Or Two)


Last December, Twitter kicked Anonymous but moved away shortly thereafter. The story dates back over one month, but it is interesting to watch the inner workings of social media and entities that may be viewed as troublesome.

Major Anonymous account suspended by Twitter

Published: 19 December, 2012, 20:48
AFP Photo / Louisa Gouliamaki

AFP Photo / Louisa Gouliamaki

YourAnonNews, a Twitter account used by members of Anonymous to relay messages pertinent to the hacktivist movement, has been suspended.

Twitter users aligned with Anonymous and other online collectives announced the suspension just shy of 12 noon EST on Wednesday, December 19. Minutes later, another account affiliated with the group reported that YourAnonNews was suspended for allegedly sharing links to personal information.

“You may not publish or post other people's private and confidential information,” the @Anon_Central Twitter account says they were told by the social network.

After over an hour, the YourAnonNews account was restored. The group returned to Twitter by posting a message they allegedly received from the Twitter Trust and Safety department confirming that sharing personal information was responsible for the suspension.

YourAnonNews has received added attention in recent days following a campaign-gone-viral that has targeted the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), an infamous religious group that has planned to picket the memorials of the victims of last week’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Only hours after the massacre, members of the church said they’d be demonstrating outside of Sandy Hook Elementary School to protest the funerals of over two dozen people slain by 20-year-old shooter Adam Lanza. In response, Anonymous members asked others from within the international hacktivism collective to help silence the WBC’s attempt to disrupt the memorial.

“We will not allow you to corrupt the minds of America with your seeds of hatred. We will not allow you to inspire aggression to the social factions which you deem inferior. We will render you obsolete. We will destroy you. We are coming,” members of Anonymous said in a statement released over the weekend.

As the operation against WBC escalated, members of Anonymous posted home addresses, cell phone contacts and Social Security numbers for leading figures within the church. As recently as Thursday morning, YourAnonNews and other Twitter accounts affiliated with the movement tweeted information regarding the suspected whereabouts of Westboro members who had already arrived in Newtown.


  1. Argentina: Friends of the Earth claim for arsons of 100 cars, a police vehicle and a VW dealership | 
  2. This account will go back to being dormant unless: 1. gets rate limited. 2.  gets suspended. - From the  team
  3. On Wed 19 our parent account, , was suspened. An hour later it was reinstated after a support ticket was filed.
  4. We have not got any confirmation on why, any rumors are just that.
  5.  and its contributors wait to hear from . Our ticket number is #6930160.

More recently.....

Since this hoopla involves the false religious institution called the Westboro Baptist Church, we thought you might like to see the church's response to a surreptitious Facebook page.

I wonder if the 'fires of Hell' actually believe the 1001st person to like the page will lead to a new combustible subject.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Romney Heckled; Heckler Abused with "USA, USA, USA" Chant

Watch Mitt Romney gloat as his minions verbally attacked a heckler  who expresses concern about the climate.  Pay particular attention to the abusive "strong-arm" henchman who yanks down the banner.  Also note the aggravated crowd starts an all too familiar chant that is becoming increasing bothersome to me.

The words of the chant are of no concern. The chant is being used almost exclusively by conservative crowds, which are always predominantly white in composition.  The chant "USA, USA, USA" sometimes breaks-out when things goes outside the "Solyent Green" atmosphere of conservative worship. So, for the sycophants and idiots at these events, any disagreement is "anti-USA"?    

Also pay close attention to Romney as he smiles with satisfaction as his sycophant minions shot out the heckler.  Have you ever seen video of a dictator behind a podium gloating while his minion filled audience abuses those deemed as outside of the mold?  

It is so obvious conservative America has been wrong on issues related to our climate for decades. They are wrong, but the paradigm developed in the minds of their minions is formidable. Despite two major storms that battered and flooded ares of the nation that have never seen serious flooding, they hold onto the paradigm.  Alas, they are "conservatives" and any change induces instant aversions to reality. We have seen once in a lifetime heat last summer, and a winter prior, that was free of serious cold weather. Hurricanes are larger and more devastating than times since records have been kept.  Even with winds from Sandy recorded in Paris France, we have people that do not accept our changing geo-climate world.
The Romney crowd performs a form of rhetoric abuse against the one malcontent in their throngs. They serenade the heckler with conservative "CODE".  If we wait long enough the Right will develop "code' for all that is not within their paradigm.

And the 'sad' candidate just smiles.....