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Saturday, June 2, 2018

The 45th President Of The United States Of America (VIDEO)

Votes Matter. Three Minutes Of What Happens When Americans Fail Themselves

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Obama Should Have Said More? James Hall," Poppycock!"

A response from James Hall with regard to people who say President Obama did not "go far enough"  the Martin Luther King 50th Anniversary Event this past week.

I'm sick of people and the their so called expectations Of President Obama. Saying "he didn't go far enough"! Lets get something straight!! He is the President of the United States and his job is to look out for all people in this country, no matter what their skin color is without favoritism. This was a commemorative event to celebrate Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. and his legacy, not a political grand stand moment for the president to give his plan for the plight of black people. I believe his message was on point and fit the occasion. If the President wants to go further into black social issues, then it needs to be done in a forum where he is the focus. 

The President is not a civil rights leader or a so-called black leader. He is far from that, and people need to stop treating him as such! When are people going to realize the people perpetrating this the most are right wing propaganda artists trying to get you silly people to think otherwise, to feel he is failing the black community. He cannot fix the problems of the black and Latino communities from the Oval Office. 

The President does not write laws, nor has a vote to pass them. Some of you need to learn the political process. What he has done with the assistance of his fellow democrats is introduce legislation that has helped us immensely going into the future and working on legislation to stave off the GOP's attack on every social issue we have accomplished over the past 80 years. 

Fixing our problems is on us! We have to stand up and make change as a whole and collectively. We have to be involved and Vote! Every single one of us should be voting. If not, you are a failure and disgrace to those who fought and died to give you that right, because it's guaranteed. 

If you continue to stay on the side lines, voting may very well be taken away from you also. 

Let me close in saying this... 

If you were looking for fiery speeches and looking for people who are working on the solutions, you should have been in DC on the 24th for the March, not sitting in your armchair criticizing the President on the 28th. If your only solution is talking points behind a computer screen telling people what they should be doing, and you're not in the game with boots on the ground, then you are the problem, not the solution.

There are events going on all around this country to correct the horrible things affecting you in your communities where they are literally changing the landscape, because people aren't paying attention. Get up, get involved and be the change you want to see or you will be destined to live by the standards of those who seek to place you under their boot and have no problem doing so if you let them.

James Hall...Guest Writer

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ANONYMOUS, Thom Hartmann, Karl Rove's ORCA


Earlier in the week I published a piece about ANONYMOUS' claim of hacking Karl Rove's ORCA.  The piece included a situation summary of the "HACKTIVIST" group's claim that was written by an associate: Benjamin T. Moore.  As I was developing a follow-up piece, I was alerted of an even more descriptive piece from Mr. Moore.   I am posting Mr. Moore's piece, with permission,  from The Whirling

Any information related to the ANONYMUOS claims will involve a bit of reading.  Your reading is the output of much work by the writer in putting together a cogent treatise about ORCA, hacking into the system, and how, if true, the actions may have impacted our lives.  Therefore, the following is not a short read. As is always the case with The Progressive Influence, read a bit and comeback for additional reading.  This piece is one such piece!
Benjamin  T. Moore

How Anonymous Saved America and the World

thank you anonymous header How Anonymous Saved America and the Worldby Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

How Anonymous Saved America and the World

Those of us who’ve been paying attention to our electoral process have noticed some very disturbing trends and subsequent anomalies. I am probably giving some indication of my age, but I grew up in the era of real voting booths, curtains, tabs and levers.

voting lever 01 300x190 How Anonymous Saved America and the World
One of the most important levers you will ever pull.

I remember as a child holding my mother’s hand in a voting booth and watching her flip the little tabs and then pull the lever which opened the curtains and registered her vote. My personal belief is that all parents should take their children to vote with them. It is good training and exposes them at an early age to the most important of our civic responsibilities.

I am not a technophobe. I fully appreciate progress and the role technology plays. Our population is growing, more and more people are voting and we still expect to know the outcomes of our elections on election night. The notion that we could count these votes by hand and still have timely results has become an unreachable proposition.

Enter Computers

Using computers to record and count the votes makes receiving timely results easy. If properly deployed, you could know the final count from any precinct the moment the last person in line votes. Computers are machines, they’re non-partisan and they’re extremely efficient crunching numbers.. or are they?

ed felton computer scientist uncovering flaw in voting machine 300x205 How Anonymous Saved America and the World
Computer Scientist Ed Felton uncovering a computer flaw in a New Jersey voting computer.

The facts are, computers have vulnerabilities too. For one, they will do whatever they’re programmed to do. If the person programming them is partisan, computers can be programmed to return partisan results. Computers can also be hacked. They can be given a virus which rewrites their code. I can look at another human being and tell if something is wrong with them. They may appear feverish, sluggish, their speech may be slurred, their eyes may be red. There are thousands of subtle signs we pick up allowing us to know that one of our fellow human beings is just not right. Computers? Not so much.

A computer can be programmed to switch votes to any candidate a programmer, hacker or virus writer chooses and the persons casting their votes would be none the wiser. In many jurisdictions which have now gone to all electronic voting, they have also passed laws mandating the destruction of the paper trail. Those places that use paper ballots where you darken in a circle beside your choice, feed them into an optical scanner, many of those jurisdictions have passed laws mandating the immediate destruction of the paper ballots. The question is why?

Hacking Democracy

joseph stalin quote on voting How Anonymous Saved America and the World
This has always been the hard reality of democracy.

In the words of Joseph Stalin, “those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” The way things work today is, you cast your vote either using a “touch screen” computer system or a paper ballot you’ve filled out and fed through an optical scanner. At the end of voting those electronic votes are sent over the Internet to a central computer where the votes from all the precincts are tabulated and the election results are published.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Election 2012 Phenomena: GOP Voter Suppression And GOP Voter Fraud.

Cross posted from The Nation Dot Com...See The Nation link for details)

The American Right has adopted an all-out strategy of denying the vote to segments of the population.  They work to suppress the US vote, while their 'earthworm; minions literally practice voter fraud.  One GOP official in Nevada was literally caught and arrested for attempting to vote twice.  Do you for one second think she was a 'lone wolf'? 

Ready to Vote? Rampant Suppression Threatens Already Tight Race

We’re just four days away from Election Day, and voter suppression schemes continue to strike—as does the push back against them. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy may mark an additional, and unforeseen barrier to the vote. Meanwhile, everyday people will contribute to the way we understand this election than ever before.
As seen above, Video the Vote is empowering communities to document what happens Tuesday, from long lines to voter machine failures. Their new promo video encourages voters to sign up, monitor hot spots, and hashtag shared social media content with #VideoTheVote.
The Advancement Project has also released a short series of films, produced by Stanley Nelson, that focus on people whose right to vote was threatened this year. The inspirational films encourage people to get out and vote.
But the lead up to this election is still marred by attempts to keep certain people from casting ballots. Here are some of this week’s most important voting rights updates, including many from our community journalists in key states:
Read More...(Article sections headlines with details....)
  • Hurricane Sandy Affects Early Voting in Virginia
  • Are These Voting Machines Colorado’s ‘Hanging Chads’?
  • Georgia County Denies Backlog, Questions Immigrant Voters
  • Pennsylvania Accused of Continuing to Foment Voter ID Confusion
True th Vote Manual Features Transphobic Image
True the Vote guide
  • Nevada Poll Workers Hassle Voters
  • New Mexico Secretary of State Prohibits League of Women Voters’ Guide
  • The Power of the Native Vote in New Mexico
  • Riverside County Accused of Reversing Democratic Registrations
  • Southern California Edison Plans Outages on Election Day
  • ‘Dream Voters’ Make Pledges to Undocumented Youth
  • Community Journalist Encourages Voters not to Dissuade by Ballot Bullies
After that excursion into American conservatism and GOP malfeasance, take a quick read here.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Vote America!

Please remember this


......and your friends and family who vote 
Republican vote right along with these people. These people, if they can still be called such  do not vote with progressives.