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Friday, September 21, 2012

VOTE! National Registration Day 9/25


Voting is a Constitutional and an American Right! 

It is one of the most cherished freedoms and rights in any society.  Only human beings have the mental ability and behavioral opportunity to cast an individual preference for people who will serve as political leaders.  As many as a billion people across the globe may have not official or formal opportunity to cast a legitimate vote.  Millions may have opportunity to vote, but they vote in elections that are not tamper free and, or, often fixed.   You have an opportunity; and it is truly your responsibility to your country and your community to exercise that right and opportunity.

Do you think voting isn't all that serious? Do you think, "my vote don't count"? If you are one who feels you would rather entertain your brain with momentary activities vs. educate to the point of an educated vote, you should speak with the spirits of people such as:
  • literacy laws,
  • poll taxes and
  • outright threats against exercising one's right to vote.
If those thoughts do not help, think about people who are literally passing Voter ID Laws and restricting voting processes to eliminate you from the ranks of people who might vote Democratic in the upcoming elections.   Do you think they purse such unconstitutional and unAmerican acts because they do not like the Democratic Party Donkey?   They do so for pursuit of policy that allows the Right to regress our nation back to a time when equal rights were not discussed publicly and women were 'bare foot-kitchen dwelling-baby machines'.  All said, that alone should anger yo to the point of taking a few basic  steps to get registered and show-up for voting this November.

The privilege of the vote starts with registration.  The following is a critical announcement for people who are not registered to vote. For that matter is is critical date even if you are registered to vote; help someone else get registered!

If you are not certain of your voter registration, you should check here. Simply enter a few very basic pieces of information after indicating your state of residence.

NOTE: Provisional Ballots...worth exploring if all else fails!


If you should have any problems voting, you can still vote. You must ask for a provisional ballot at the polling place. Federal law states they must have them there in case a person has a problem voting. You still cast a vote but that vote goes to the board of registrars, and you must submit proof to them you are and was eligible to vote at that time they turned you away because you didnt have the proper credentials on election day. Once you submit proof your vote will then be counted. Even after election day the count isnt official until all provisional votes are thats very important if you should get turned away for any reason. DO NOT walk away until they provide you with a provisional ballot...its a Law, Federal this applies to anyone and everyone no matter where you live