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Friday, October 26, 2012

Romney Refused To Help Chrysler, Now He Lies About Chrysler

Michelle Bachmann is well known for perusing the Internet, grabbing material written by Right-wing bloggers, and going public as if she received the information from the New Times  or better yet, the WSJ.  Two major examples of her stumbling idiocy are, a. Obama trip to India and spending $200 million per day  b. US support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  The latter lie from Bachmann led to an egging of Hilary Clinton's motorcade through the streets of Cairo. The attack could have been far more serious.  Both pieces of information emanated from the brains of  'nothing better to do' creative writers and liars on the right.

Michelle Bachmann is a one of a kind quack. She ran for the GOP nomination and was the very first to be dispatched to the "NOT INTERESTED IN YOU" drop from the race. On second thought,  maybe that honor went to Jon Huntsman. If Hunstman did not clear out fast enough  he would surely have found Bachmann all over him on the way off the 2012 GOP primary trail.

Eventually one on the 'nine stooges' won the nomination.  During the primary campaign, Santorum, Perry, and Gingrich warned the nation Romney was a (my word) pathological liar.   We really had no idea those candidates were identifying the tip of an iceberg. We had no idea of the level and scope of Romney's inclinations to "bare false witness" and extent or deaths of his deep dark lies.  Romney's psyche and character were then exercised as he developed a larger campaign team and moved towards selecting a Vice Presidential running-mate.   Little did we know the extent of the Romney Tsunami headed upon the nation.  We have learned, and some have grown to expect, the first thing from Romney's mouth will be a lie. The life of the pathological liar.  It is really sad that the millions who indicate a preference for the candidate have not recognized same. 

Candidate Romney has completely exceeded any level of decency and honesty in campaigning.  During a key speech today, Romney climbed up on a stage in the Great State of Ohio. Shortly after taking the stage Romney told a blatant lie about the closure of a automobile manufacturing plant owned my Fiat: Chrysler's Jeep plant. He told the audience the plant was closing and jobs would be shipped to China.  The comment was based on an article I have posted below. The story is a lie. First, let's view a segment of Politics Nation with Al Sharpton. The segment is not a short segment and it should not be a short segment. The comments were as serious as serious gets; a short news segment would not do it justice. Romney has over-stepped any level of respectability with his statement.  

As you view and listen to the segment, think of Toldeo Jeep employees and families who heard the remarks for the first time.   

Politics Nation

Jeep, an Obama favorite, looks to shift production to China

October 25, 2012 | 1:19 pm  815Comments
Jeep Wrangler behind the president as seen in his new second term agenda binder.

Photo - Jeep Wrangler behind the president as seen in his new second term agenda binder.In another potential blow for the president's Ohio reelection campaign, Jeep, the rugged brand President Obama once said symbolized American freedom, is considering giving up on the United States and shifting production to China.
Such a move would crash the economy in towns like Toledo, Ohio, where Jeeps are made and supplied, and rob the community of the economic security they thought Obama's auto bailout assured them.
Obama is such a fan of Jeep that he included a picture of himself speaking at the Toledo plant  in his newly released second term agenda binder. In his address to the plant in 2011 , Obama said, "I just took a short tour of the plant and watched some of you putting the finishing touches on the Wrangler. Now, as somebody reminded, I need to call it the 'iconic' Wrangler. And that's appropriate because when you think about what Wrangler has always symbolized. It symbolized freedom, adventure, hitting the open road, never looking back."
You will notice 815 comments listed under the article title.  I thought it might be worthwhile to list a few of the comments without name attribution  My point here is to show just how gullible and easily led is Right leaning America. 
Comment I
Romney needs to start his campaign speeches in Ohio with this marvelous news.  "Obama is outsourcing Jeep production to China."  That will open a few eyes.
Comment II
Aren't You guy's at Jeep Glad You Voted For Obama !!!!! 
Comment III
Obama's support for UNIONS is sending the JEEP to China!! UNIONS were great years ago when information was not available .  Now they are just bullies taking advantage of the American people and sending our costs to the moon.
Comment IV (This comment is typical of wing-nut web pages.  Notice documented cases of voter registration fraud in Colorado, Florida, and Ohio,  an arrest out east of a Registration worker burning registration forms...and all this person can type, is his desire to hang around and watch to make sure nothing illegal goes down. How sickeningly pathetic!)
I believe Obama will have lawyers at polling places so when his fake people are there trying to prove who they are the Obama lawyers will tell the Election workers if the person is legal or not and the election worker will allow the voter who may or may not be legally eligible. I am speaking about people getting a utility bill of a perosn they know isnt voting and going to vote under someone elses name. Never know. anything is possible. I almost want to vote and then hang around to make sure there is no nonsense going on. I believe Romney is so far ahead of Obama and I fear(not believe)that the NWO may be pushing for Obama to win so he can keep running this ecnomy into the ground.  There is just too many strange things Like Obama not using Yard Signs this year. Obama make Phone calls to people instead of yard signs. The fact that Obamas turn out has been very low in comparison to 08 like an event which 100,000 showed in 08 only had 16,000 show this year. Too many things seem strange and I am worried. I hope Conservatives make sure to see what is going on in their towns and make sure everything is fair.  
Listen people, If Obama wins again something needs to be done(and who knows what that could even be). This man is way off base for what we stand for as a Country. I dont know how he has messmerized so many. But he isnt what America stands for.
The callous and wrong remarks are so serious, I am going to post a segment from the Ed Show. Ed 's segment includes a statement from Fiat/Chrysler and Ed also references a Bloomberg News article. The Bloomberg News article includes the success story of Chrysler's growth and expansion worldwide.  Factually, the company is planning to add jobs in the Detroit Michigan Area.  There is no plan to shut-down the Toledo Ohio plant. 

Another MSNBC segment The Ed Show

Lest we forget, the issues goes much deeper.  Romney said he read a story in the early morning. It is a shame Sununu and whomever else feeds the candidate, do not feed him in a much more presidential manner.  The campaign has failed at ever turn when it comes to equipping Romney with key information that might help to give a false aura of being 'presidential'.  The seriousness of the campaign short-coming is exaggerated when one realizes these are the same people who will be feeding Romney information in the White House.  

George W. Bush is the perfect example of cabinet, staff, aides, and VP gone mad.   We as a nation are still suffering from the elections of 2000 and 2004. 


Thursday, August 4, 2011

The House of OZ XII - Attack Entitlement Programs

The sad reality is upon us (AGAIN)

After many weeks of unprofessional partisan silliness regarding the nation's debt limit, our markets are reeling. The last major faltering of our markets was one month before the 2008 General Election.

The 512 point drop of the DJIA and the 160 point drop of the NASDAQ is a clear warning from Wall Street, and international/national investors that they have little faith in the nation's financial future. I like you have heard all evening about how this is the result of foreign markets and concern for the US markets. We have heard about less than stellar manufacturing results.  I have to question the authoritative and expert commentary.  As I am one who respects the opinions of economic and market professionals, I need one of those folks to help me out with a serious case of dissonance.

I cannot get around the clear fact that the market has been severely unstable since the signing of the manufactured crisis related to the nation's debt ceiling and federal budgets.  Since, I am convinced that entire episode was manufactured as craftily as a spider's web, the snaring of our President and the rest of the nation all unequivocal victims to the venom of the RIGHT that is leading to the market's decline.  It is simply far too much of a coincidence to lay the market decline on foreign markets and a faltering manufacturing sector.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell not only has stated that he is majorly focused on ensuring Obama is a one term president, he has recently acknowledge that the GOP took the nation hostage for purpose of political posturing.  Another GOP Leader (in the House) who I am convinced is operating with a 'defective elevator' that is stopping well shy of important parts of his brain, Eric Cantor, goes on the WSJ network and sits for an interview (below).  Cantor sat for the interview on the Ruppert Murdoch owned media outlet and sit with a pundit who recently wrote that the nation's president is a 'loser' and is 'sly'.  Mind you she wrote such less than three years after George W. Bush left office. Oh, how short is the memory of those who claim the RIGHT?  



Does the very highly compensated Peggy Noonan forget about a President who conducted wars, while cutting taxes, hid war budgets, enacted a Medicare program without funding, and on and on and on?  As I am a working stiff, as is Noonan despite gross differences in our compensation, I understand the need to speak such that one pleases one's employer.   I hope to think that at my paltry level of compensation, I can maintain some level of professional dignity in what comes from my brain whether it is written, spoken or 'Signed'.  

The video is 22 minutes long and it includes nothing more than Paul Ryan has in his Path to Prosperity.  I do find it interesting that the non-recognized interviewer mentioned that Noonan is there to help with the interview.  Did you notice that Noonan actually ask a viable question? The entire 22 minutes looks strikingly like a Seen Hannity 'faclitation interview'.  As a matter of P/R technique Hannity is a master at the 'suggestive responses' from his guest as he sits back affirmatively nodding as the guest goes about his/her diatribe.  In other forms, "I know what you are going to say, so allow me to give a suggestive opportunity for your diatribe".

So, let's watch Cantor lay more groundwork for hacking away at programs that benefit the less fortunate or those who have devoted their lives to building America.  (Personally, I would skip through the video. Twenty two minutes of Cantor with the snobby Noonan sitting near is quite too much to take).

(Wizard of OZ on vids You Tube have been prohibited from embedding)

Medicare and Social Security are entitlement programs that are serious drains on the nation's financial well-being.  Alas, this is especially the case if one is of the belief that FDR and LBJ, violated the 'RIGHT-WING American Way'.  If I were to add a bit more to the 'mix' by factoring-in the RIGHT-WING commitment to Big Business, and GOP strategies to protect the financial well-being of the ultra wealthy, entitlement programs take on an even more 'skin- curddling' aura. [GOTTA CUT SOMEWHERE]

How can GOP politicians consistently avoid even questioning the legitimacy of maintaining Bush's proven poor decisions regarding tax cuts?  How can the RIGHT continue to preach the preaching of Ronald Reagan (trickle-down economics) when the wealthy do not allow the wealthy to 'trickle'? Of more suspicions is the fact that not one in the GOP will even allow the words "REMOVE THE (SOCIAL SECURITY) CAP' travel through their mental processes to their lips.

Simply removing the Social Security Cap will assist in funding Social Security many years beyond its current solvency forecast.  While Medicare may pose a tougher challenge,  I simply do not believe that it is the better part of the American Way to simply work to cut and burn Medicare when there has to be other federal  programs which should meet the axe.

Would you like to know my thoughts on the ultimate tragedy? The RIGHT has been extremely successful in turning millions into a sycophancy of followers who will eventually suffer from the ways of their leaders.  

And,  do not forget that they take us down with them.

The Road to OZ is not a road paved with Yellow (Gold) bricks. 
The Land of OZ
The Land of OZ  (The OZ skyline, and a place of conservative happiness and glee...Ah such a beautiful place. Few minorities, no GLBTs, just enough poor people for servants, Predator Drones have replaced chirping birds, thoughts of climate change are illegal, collective bargaining is non-existent, private schools proliferate, public schools are no longer funded, women do not dare think of an Equal Rights Amendment, the corporate CEO is worshiped on Sundays, the President of the United States is subordinate to the nation's CEOs, Pat Buchanan is the Minister of Information and Cultural Preservation, entitlement programs have been banned w/the elderly as the wards of the core family,   national media is a monolithic FOX NEWS and a place where cognitive abilities are only exercised in gaining and preserving personal wealth...AHH such a wonderful place)