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Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: A Smorgasbord Of "Your" President

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We have been down this path before. The cyclical nature of US politics and administration in Washington DC almost ended in an international catastrophe as George W. Bush left office in 2007/08/09. Democrat economic policy and a move towards a more humane nation brought the nation back from the abyss within one year of President Obama taking office.

But for some, a desire for a more regressive nation is simply too tempting to allow our world to develop in a positive manner.  If we add a dose of celebrity worship and a fascination with spending our evening hours giggling through various TV shows, we end in a political hell with a person leading our nation who seems to have a major affinity for totalitarian regimes and international despots. 

It is time for a media run through Trump (the nation killer).
Speaking of grown-ups. We do not have such in the Oval Office.  Watch the reality show performance.

Now give 14 seconds for another look at your president.

Presstitute sits in silence behind her bosses "tapes" lie.

Surrogacy with an accent and grounded in a black hole of misleading into which can only be described as shillism.


While totally biased Nancy Pelosi offers an increasingly obvious assessment of Trump.

While it appears off topic, we cannot resist a report regarding Fox News.

And, no matter how bad it gets trumps sycophants persevere.