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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Why Do We Have Trump? Who Voted For Trump? Look At The Mess!

New poll reveals who voted, who didn't, and why in the 2016 Presidential Election:

Let's take a quick look at how your GOP House Of Representative literally celebrated the prospect of excluding 23 million Americans of any medical coverage over the next ten years.

A sickening aspect of Trump/Ryan repeal of the ACA is the reality of less of life's well-being for the elderly in nursing homes, children, pregnant women and the mentally and physically disabled.

A moment of pathetic from a pathetic man who 49 million non-voting Americans placed in the White House.


Honoring Our Past Protectors

National Anthem at Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Day is a somber remembrance ceremony. Do you think someone in the White House could have told 45 his Don King (former boxing promoter) like fake reverence for the cameras should have been avoided?

Why does he always remind of a lost child?

National Education via and Education Terrorist?
DeVoss carries the Trump/Pence elitist bias Dept. of Education purse.

This is beyond Hypocrisy. This is over the topic authoritarianism with clear efforts to mind shape with total malfeasance. "Anonymous sources" as sources of evil? OK, well, what about that early morning tweet?

It is called espionage!

Former CIA Director John McLaughlan recently told MSNBC's The Last Word Lawrence O'Donnell: 
'I don’t want to overstate this because obviously there is a lot we don’t know - we don’t know the exact content of the conversation. We don't know the objective that was a part of the conversation - those things we don't know 

'But I can't keep out of my mind the thought that, if an American intelligence officer had done anything like this, we'd consider it espionage.'