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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Electoral College: A Conduit To Democracy Or A Tool Of Southern Colonial Aristocrats

As GOP electors cast votes to validate the lopsided vote of Trump to the US Presidency, I can not help but post a piece I found on my Facebook feed.

Image result for constitutional congressAuthor, lecturer, and anti-racists Tim Wise has addressed discussions of the origins of the Electoral College via an article from History News Network Dot Org. The article relates to the common historic perception (very much promulgated view US historians and writers) that the Electoral College was developed as a barrier to tyranny. A decent thought considering the given reason for the US revolution (small "s" intentional and colonial insurgent (national) separation from England.

Wise introductory remarks excerpt:
 ....was created to PREVENT tyrants, because of something Hamilton said in Federalist 68...but putting aside how quick folks are to praise anything Hamilton said (especially if he rapped it), please recall, Federalist 68 wasn't written before the EC was adopted at the Constitutional Convention. The history of the convention makes it clear what its real purpose was. 
Tim Wise via Facebook: (click image for full article)

NPR also published a video segment on the Electoral College.

A few items to contemplate? As you think about the matter also factor-in the reality of an electoral system which appears to work to elect Republicans at a desparate rate.