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Monday, August 11, 2014

A TPI Twitter Tree!

Dusky Wonders
Yes, it is time for another Twitter Tree. We have collected the following Tweets over the past few days.  Our hope was to add more levels to the tree, but the Rand Paul branch popped-up on Twitter within the hour.

It is time to harvest the fruit of the tree. Remember, my verbiage related to the Twitter Tree is of no significance. I am not here and do not publish to either showcase my skills or lack there of in develop screeds and treatise. If you want the get charmed by writing eloquence, visit here after you favorite and most literary site. My focus and inertia relates to information. One's skills while keyboarding take a far backseat to informing people who will cast votes this fall and in 2016.

Before the tree, allow me to thank those who seem to want more thought induced  writing.  Thank you!

The GOP wants voting demographics similar to its ethnic and racial make-up.   They do not want free and open voting for all.
The man has credibility and veracity problems that ooze like mustard from the hamburger he dropped as he ran from those DREAMers.
Do white people even know that the number of whites who receive food aid far surpasses other ethnic groups?  Do the recipients know the GOP cares little to nothing about helping with their life sustaining aid.
I am still not seeing where the ACA kills jobs.
And, these people vote GOP with every election.
Equal pay anyone?  The GOP doesn't give  a damned about your $.77 pay to my $1.00 for the same job and same work.
The GOP has one economic strategy: "Cut Taxes and provide tax breaks to corporate America."