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Monday, December 31, 2012

Defense Spending: A National Tragedy

...all said, I suppose the US is prepared for the invasion of the Insects.   Why did I not realize the need for such obscene defense suspending!

If you visit from time to time or are linked via email notifications, you know we have long posited about the obscene levels and expenditures on Defense Spending.   Defense spending in the US is an untouchable Goliath that consumes 58 % of 2013 (Budget) Discretionary Spending.  Wile we realize consistent readers know discretionary spending, allow a moment for clarity and differentiation.

What is "discretionary spending"? What is the definition of the term "discretionary spending"?

"Discretionary spending" and "mandatory spending" are the two types of spending that make up the sum total US government expenditures on a yearly basis. 

"Mandatory spending" is spending that is automatically obligated due to previously-enacted laws. This would include things such as Social Security and the interest on the national debt. 

"Discretionary spending", on the other hand, consists of US government expenditures that are set on a yearly basis. This is money that members of Congress can adjust on a yearly basis.  

Examples of discretionary spending in the United States:

-defense budget


-Environmental Protection Agency

-Department of Veterans Affairs 

When looking to cut costs, lawmakers usually look to trimming discretionary spending. 

For those who are not aware or need a nasty reminder.

When you compare our military budget to the rest of the world, it looks like this, which is ridiculous:

military spending
Infographic courtesy Face the Facts USA Dot Org

The World spends on defense. Of particular note,  US allies generally spend more on education. One has to wonder why?  If you also wonder why, take a look at the second pit chart above and think for a moment about why the US defense budget is so astronomically out of sync with our historic adversaries. Of course, Israel is not depicted in the graphic.

Click for larger version

Yes, you have seen it all before. I post because of again awakening this  morning to hearing yet another republican speaking about cutting spending with a focus on Human Services programs. The GOP never will consider rational defense budgets.  Even rational Progressives sometime mentions "jobs" when the words defense spending hits the table. 

There is no sane justification nor rationalization for Defense Spending that consumes 57% to 58% (depending on source data) of the nation's discretionary spending. 

Only one political party serves as guardian of the 58% reality!  Members of that party also consistent vote to cut services to the nation's needy. They always vote to preserve subsidies for Big Oil. And, they crave to rid the nation of the Affordable Care Act that will one day provide medical coverage for millions who do not yet have said coverage. 

Whenever my mind goes to this topic and in comparison the items just above, I think in terms of those who vote at the 47%level for Romney/Ryan.  Are you really a Grim Ripper and do not realize such until you look really deep and ask a few questions?