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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Art Of The Lie (Jim Jordan R-OH)

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Jim Jordan is under fire via allegations he ignored complaints of sexual abuse via an Ohio State University team doctor as he served as assistance wrestling coach. Of course, Jordan claims the former school wrestlers are lying. All seven of them, eh? 
There are times when we writers have no need to expend a few hours on drafting and posting pieces with recurring themes. The referenced theme: GOP lying and absent personal integrity. Jim Jordan, (R-OH), is a GOP hit-man and over-the-top Trump sycophant who has a record of issues in state politics prior to winning a seat in the US House.

We are certain you have witnessed Jordan fulfill his hit-man role in televised congressional hearings, of late since Trump) he has been more visible on non-Fox TV.  Of course, he appears on CNN. I doubt he would ever appear on MSNBC unless the appearance was a Hugh Hewitt seat prior to that showing finding File 13. 

Watch Jordan on a recent appearance with host Anderson Cooper.  He said he never heard Trump lie.  

Image result for i'm telling the truthHow about that credibility burst? Like carrying a burst of Nitroglycerin on a treadmill.