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Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Morning Reality TV

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It seems the nation's 45th President arose this morning with deep thoughts of electoral inadequacy and a need to confront growing sentiment and suspicions of his mental state.

Sady, we as a nation are being transformed into a huge reality TV audience with daily anticipation of, "what has the clown done overnight," 

A few early morning tweets are as revealing as another episode of "Breaking Bad." 

Take a read...

Brian Ross, the reporter who made a fraudulent live newscast about me that drove the Stock Market down 350 points (billions of dollars), was suspended for a month but is now back at ABC NEWS in a lower capacity. He is no longer allowed to report on Trump. Should have been fired! 

Is there a psychiatrist or a mental medical professional who can help the world understand why Trump spends so much time and mental energy disparaging a former political opponent? The nonqualified mind, as in my case, cannot avoid the prospect he suffers for election win "inadequacy" based on not winning the popular vote. Or, is he so driven by conflict and chaos he must perpetually duel with an opponent; even if an imaginary lingering opponent. 

Also, note Trump continues to use his patented dog whistle phrase" "Crooked Hillary." Consider Trump's track record of lawsuits settled out of court, charges of discrimination, Trump University fraud settlements, refusal to go public with his tax records and think of who is 'crooked."

Do you remember this?


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious Town Hall Blues Smorgasbord

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We live in a nation with our votes relegated to a veritable waste of time with party elected Electors carrying our elections to closure.

Hillary Clinton
Donald J. Trump
270 to win

While Republicans and Clinton haters relished in their 2016 win, they didn't bother to look beyond their gullible fall to false reports about Clinton and hyperbolic manipulation of Clinton's past words regarding certain demographic (sub-group) hooliganism. They effectively bit on slick GOP politicking, Russian fake news stories, and conservative leaning towards white nationalism (AKA the social vote).

Yes, while some conservatives naturally voted for Trump as a matter of paradigm and common practice. Many additional voters cast a vote based on hyper racial nationalism and want of false hope of "jobs", fear of terror and lies about infrastructure.
How about that wall and making Mexico pay for the wall? 
How about Trump promising jobs when the unemployment rate was already near the level of full employment? 
How about repeal Obamacare on day one? 
How about telling potential voters they would not lose health care coverage simply due to his election? 
How about releasing those tax returns should he win the US Presidency? 
The unknowns:
How about Russian interference in the 2016 election? 

How about Trump inner core cabal members consorting with Russian operatives (in one case Russia's top spy and recruiter in the States)? 

How about a series of Cabinet appointment flops?
How about State Department advertisements for Trump properties and his daughter's book?
Trump voters didn't have any interest in the real and obvious prospects of electing a celebrity with the class of a nocturnal "slug" snail. Clinton haters apparently felt their protest vote (third party voters and the more heinous non-voters) was more important as they probably felt Trump couldn't win. In either case, take a look at how many Americans are reacting in town hall meetings.

You may not need a reminder, but recall recently polling has congressional approval ratings around 20 percent.

Town Hall Blues Smorgasbord
("The Thrill is Gone": B.B. King)

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) Things got personal

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho)

We in no way find violence or touching acceptable, but we must post what follows as part of Town Hall blues.

Think Progress Smorgasbord

MacArthur (R-New Jersey) 


Monday, May 8, 2017

Trumpcare Reaction, Ryan False Mantra (AKA B/S, Pre-existing Conditions)

What follows is an example of republicanism at its most revealing and at its worse. 
Watch clips below, via ABC:

.@SpeakerRyan tells @GStephanopoulos: "Under this bill, no matter what, you cannot be denied coverage if you have a pre-existing condition."

.@SpeakerRyan says criticizing process of passing health care bill "kind of a bogus attack from the left." 

Media Matters is reporting local reporters across the nation are commenting on reports of coverage concerns. People generally are not buying Trumpcare/Ryan messaging (e.g, lies, misinformation and mantra).

Before we close the piece, consider reviewing the latest news regarding "Pre-Existing" conditions (covered or not).

The Daily Kos

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 04:  U.S. President Donald Trump congratulates House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) (R), after Republicans passed legislation aimed at repealing and replacing ObamaCare, during an event in the Rose Garden at the White House, on May 4, 2017 in Washington, DC. The House bill would still need to be passed by the Sebate before being signed into law.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

By Walter Einenkel

Friday May 05, 2017

Too much cologne's disease is still covered under Trumpcare

By Walter Einenkel

Friday May 05, 2017

Whether you call it Trumpcare or Ryancare, AHCA or TrumbeTryanToKillEverybodyCare, one issue that almost every American is worried about today is, will pre-existing conditions be protected if Republicans are able to get their way? (They won’t.) Here’s an example of just some of the “declinable” pre-existing conditions that existed before Obamacare became law, from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
Alcohol abuse/ Drug abuse with recent treatment
Mental disorders (severe, e.g. bipolar, eating disorder)
Multiple sclerosis
Arthritis (rheumatoid), fibromyalgia, other inflammatory joint disease
Muscular dystrophy
Cancer within some period of time (e.g. 10 years, often other than basal skin cancer)
Obesity, severe
Cerebral palsy
Organ transplant
Congestive heart failure
Coronary artery/heart disease, bypass surgery
Crohn’s disease/ ulcerative colitis
Parkinson’s disease
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)/emphysema
Pending surgery or hospitalization
Diabetes mellitus
Pneumocystic pneumonia
Pregnancy or expectant parent
Sleep apnea
Hepatitis (Hep C)
Kidney disease, renal failure
That’s bad news. But there are some pre-existing conditions still covered under the proposed repeal. I’ve compiled a list of problems you or a loved one may suffer from that shouldn’t affect whether or not you can have “access” to a million-dollar-goldplated plan that you won’t be able to afford, and I’m sure some of you might know of a few I missed.
  • Tired in the morning disease (also known as “I need my coffee syndrome”)
  • Itchy foot
  • Angry-at-the-news involuntary fist-shaking-itis
  • Shaking my damn head syndrome (also known as smdh)
  • Early onset crankiness
  • Racism
  • Mosquito bites
  • Quiet at the family dinner table during “political discussion” allergy
  • Over your libertarian-friend’s opinionitis
  • Cutting off one’s nose to spite their face syndrome (under the umbrella of “Trump tells it like it is” disease)
  • CO2 and H2O waste disposal condition (also known as breathing)
Please feel free to apply, be accepted, and then not able to afford your new healthcare! I’m going to get the super awesome one that has free “unlimited dirt naps.”