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Friday, June 23, 2017

Trumpcare: Medicaid And Our Veterans

February 2017, Trump CPAC speech

"We will rebuild our military. We will take care of our great, great veterans. We're taking care of our veterans." 

(Less than two-minute video)


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

White House For Sale

If you are a person who stays current on US current events and manifestations from the Trump White House, you are aware seeing the most corrupt administration in US History. Never in our history has history archive a US President with so many people fissures with an international adversary.

Image result for trump russian connections flow chart

Politico EU (7 charts linked, here)

CNN joined other non-conservatives media in reporting on the most blatant example of tipping on the line of influence peddling, bribery and other Trump leveraging methods. Jared Kushner's sister offer up an opportunity for a US Visa for anyone who invested $500,000. Apparently the Visa laws allows business owners from foreign lands.

No matter the explanation, we have a problem. 
Kushner Companies "apologizes if that mention of [Meyer's] brother was in any way interpreted as an attempt to lure investors," it said in a statement emailed to NPR, adding that it was not her intention. 
An apology isn't the fix for such flirting with influence peddling of the highest order. The apology generally denotes an emotion of having stumbled into a mistaken behavior while vowing not to repeat the mistake. Well, despite the Trump team strategy of labeling visuals of Trump about the convention hall, we see the images as intentional peddling to the maximum.

Would you like to see the strategy unfold on CNN? Watch as one of Trump's most visible "presstitutes" address the influence peddling? At the heart of the strategy is the lie convention promoters flashed Trump across the monitors without prior knowledge on  Kushner's sister and her entourage. OK....
Why Did the Kushner team have reporters removed from the event? The question is rhetorical.

NPR also offers a piece on the Kushner family financial power move of a relative (Jared Kushner) in an unpaid capacity in the White House.  

Folks, where there's smoke there's fire. 

There Is an inferno of evidence the Trump cabal and its fissures are beyond any level of professional respect, governing competence nor leadership with any degree of veracity. They are driven by moneygrabber ideology and our nation will suffer well beyond the economic abyss of George W. Bush if we do not seek action to stop the Trump regime. 

While Kushner is reported to have "...had nothing to do with" the influence peddling, we still must recall the globe use of the White House for monetary gain and branding. Hence. Trump's State Department's website posts regarding his properties and the posting regarding his daughter's book.