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Thursday, October 25, 2018

US Grocery Store Killer

"Don't shoot me. I won't shoot you. Whites don't shoot whites."

This photo provided by Louisville Metro Department of Corrections shows Gregory Alan Bush, who was booked early Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018, on two counts of murder and 10 counts of felony wanton endangerment, according to Louisville Metro Detention Center records. (Louisville Metro Department of Corrections via AP)

We more often than not do not post related to growing violence from people who appear as conservatives. The following quote and link break our tendency to leave guttural violence to other blogs and media.

Quote of a killer of two black people in or around a grocery store. The killer is in custody with a $5 million dollar bond why does he even have a bond? Moreover, it doesn't appear the arresting law officers physically abuse the killer.

I have to wonder if he was taken to Burger King like Dylan Roth, the South Carolina church killer.

"Don't shoot me. I won't shoot you. Whites don't shoot whites."

After viewing the link, need I spend time on writing about growing US racism and people who probably are not progressives of liberals killing innocent people?

UPDATE:  Speaking of Dylan Roth, the New York Times is reporting the Grocery Store killer tried to enter a black church. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Quick HIt: Trump Saw Thousands Chjeer WTC Attacks, But Nobody Else Saw Them

Is Donald Trump channeling Ben Carsons?

Pants on Fire!
Trump"I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering" as the World Trade Center collapsed.    
— Donald Trump on Saturday, November 21st, 2015 in comments during a speech

Donald Trump is shaping the Republican Party and running a Pied Piper Act on a majority of its members while wearing the collar of "Bigot, Racist" Xenophobic".  And he wears it proudly.  

Watch and listen to 1:46 minutes of pure Republican malarkey emanate from the mouth of it soon the be elected party leader.

Yahoo News
“When I look at the migration and the lines and I see all strong, very powerful looking men, they’re men, and I see very few women, I see very few children, there’s something strange going on,” Trump said. 

At a rally in Birmingham, Ala., on Saturday, Trump called for the “surveillance of certain mosques if that’s OK.”
The GOP Primary leading carnival barker doubled down on his remarks on ABC's "This Week."
Trump defended the unsubstantiated claim he saw “thousands and thousands of people” in New Jersey cheering the destruction of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

“There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey where you have large Arab populations,” Trump said. “They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down. I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as that building came down — as those buildings came down — and that tells you something. It was well covered at the time. There were people over in New Jersey that were watching it, a heavy Arab population, that were cheering as the buildings came down. Not good.”
Current Jersy City mayor quickly response to Trump's lies:
CBS New York
Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop says Trump is “plain wrong” and is politicizing an emotionally charged issue.
“No one in Jersey City cheered on September 11th,” Fulop said in a statement. “Trump needs to understand that Jersey City will not be part of his hate campaign.”
Read Politifact review 
More on Trumps bigotry and fascists comments  StumbleUpon

Friday, March 27, 2015

Menards, Scott Walker, Dark Money And Meager Job Growth


The uber wealthy spend more money buying politicians than actually working with their CEO's to offer products and services at a reasonable price to consumers. Why provide cost effective products and services, when the business owner can contribute via Citizens United to campaign sponsorship at unlimited levels in total anonymity?

Anonymity...A beautiful state of incognito where the uber wealthy live quite the opposite their physical lives of conspicuous consumption, opulence and lavishness. We can watch them tool around in the yachts, take-off and land in private jets often limousine chauffeured by man servants, but when they exercise their ;real social power they slide into obscurity. Anonymity....a place of nameless nowheresville that is off limits to you and me beyond our meager state of self imposed secrecy on social media; if we so chose.

Apparently, the owner of Menards, hardware chain, is one such money-broker. As Rachel Maddow indicates in the following piece, he is one of the nation's, thus the world's, most wealthy and he wields power via his wealth. Wealth and power wherewithal exercises like a magic wand via political conduits such as the new Republican Party darling: Scott Walker.

Maddow's piece was spot-on, as is always the case. But, lets sprinkle a piece from Yahoo News over the Walker dark money for a better absorption of the facts. Yahoo News......Wisconsin gov scott walker photo charlie

And, how does the potential conduits go about fertilizing the environment that so lavishly anoints them with "dark money?" They consult with corporatist, they lie, and they manipulate the voters into beliefs patterns that lead to re-election despite poor records as political leaders.

Example...... Scott Walker and Job Growth. The shifty will not mention job growth as winning strategy. He would prefer to flagship his union busting while comparing the war on the states middle class union memebrs to the nation's fight with ISIS.

Ugly eh?

Sine we made a point about the extent to which political candidates play to their money broker constituents with the ever present "lie" as a tool, I have linked a Politifact's review of Walker's statements. I think only Rand Paul lies more.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Battle of the Year: Hayes Vs Stefano; Who Got Schooled?

Early in the week, the Obama Administration announced an extension for Americans who are in the midst of the ACA enrollment process via an extension to April 15, 2014 (Vs the actual March 31, 2014 deadline).

The deadline extension was reported for people who for whatever reason are immersed in enrolling for the ACA. I have read the deadline change would predominately benefit people who had attempted to enroll in the ACA and may have a record of their efforts. It was reported as not an open extension for all. I frankly suspect however, some will take advantage of the deadline change and start the process. But, I ask, how should the Administration handle people who for various potential reasons failed to compete the sign-up process by this coming Monday?  

Needless to say, right-wing media, conservatives and all who work for the vast Koch brothers network are seething about the deadline extension. Chris Hayes MSNBC, ALL IN, found out the level and scope of angst and ugliness as he invited a regional director from the Koch brothers Americans For Prosperity to sit in discussion.  Discussion did not ensue. 

Hayes sat with Jennifer Stefano and another guest (for the latter portion of the interview).  

Ms. Stefano joined Hayes and seemed to be primed for a classic conservative go-off.  She never answered the question related to why angst from the two week extension, she also failed to discuss any references to GOP refusal to enact Medicaid Expansion.  Since we know MSNBC provides on-air topics to guest (or some form of brief) , we know Stefano was not surprised with Hayes's questions. The real issue is, why not answer the questions. If she could not provide an answer her employers would find palatable, why not opt out of the interview? Yet, Stefano opted for a sports analogy we have all heard,"...a good offense if the best defense." 

Since I used a sports analogy above, allow me to say the following is the rightful domain and key responsibility of the show host. The host role: ask the initial question and monitor the segment for accomplishing the focus of the segment. So, let's say Hayes fired-off the opening and initial "offense" and possibly placing the guest in a defensive posture. It is a basic dynamic of "challenge" TV reporting or questioning when the guest is known to hold opposing views. Unlike many Fox News host/guest interactions resulting from carefully chosen and strategically placed (validating) conservative guest.  

Clip 1. The Question (39 seconds)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Read more after the break below


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Volkswagen Speaks Out On Union Vote

Senator Corker (R) TN.
On February 13th, Tennessee Senator Corker took his anti-union stance to a Chattanooga Volkswagen Assembly plant. Corker was equipped with an "understood" anti-union mission from American industrialist (who will go unnamed for now), wearing the common GOP union-busting paradigm and armed with a complete lie; not uncommon for GOP functionaries.

Yahoo News reported the following statement from Corker as he made the rounds at the plant. 

According to Bob Woodall of Yahoo News...
CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (Reuters) - U.S. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee said on Wednesday he has been "assured" that if workers at the Volkswagen AG plant in his hometown of Chattanooga reject United Auto Worker representation, the company will reward the plant with a new product to build. 
Corker's bombshell, which runs counter to public statements by Volkswagen, was dropped on the first of a three-day secret ballot election of blue-collar workers at the Chattanooga plant whether to allow the UAW to represent them.
Corker's Statement
"I've had conversations today and based on those am assured that should the workers vote against the UAW, Volkswagen will announce in the coming weeks that it will manufacture its new mid-size SUV here in Chattanooga," said Corker, without saying with whom he had the conversations.

Read more as a National Labor Relations expert comments about the fallacy of Corker's misinformation (lies) and expert option that Corker's ill-advised intervention would lead to setting the vote aside. Thus, setting the stage for another vote. 

Corker may have earned an "Honors Badge" (and we hope no more) for uber wealthy industrialists who seem to have their hands and money in every fabric of our lives. The unnamed brothers and their cabal of uber wealthy activist seem extraordinarily active where there exist any prospect of democratic (small "d") principles.

I have posted a Bill Moyers and Company piece below. The piece includes direct comment from a Volkswagen executive about the companies actual position on collective bargaining. A position that is diametrically opposite that of American industrialist and conservative America.

First, we offer a news segment.

The Vote (Bloomberg

By a vote of 712-626, workers at the Volkswagen AG plant said no to the UAW despite Volkswagen's tacit support for the union campaign.
Next let's see how Fox News rushes to assist the disingenuous and lying Corker.

Bill Hemmer, Fox News, interviewed the misguided and misleading Senator. Remember, you are going to view a segment broadcast earlier today. The broadcast aired after a Volkswagen executive went public with warnings for Tennessee workers about voting against collective bargaining

When will Americans see the GOP for what it is: a tool of American industrialist who would rather not have collective bargaining units in their operations?


VW Workers May Block Future Expansion in the South (via Moyers & Company)
American workers tend to take undemocratic workplaces for granted, believing that’s just the way the capitalist world works. But to varying degrees, working people in other developed countries enjoy far more say over how their companies operate. In…