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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Yemen, "Fake News", Trump's Congressional Address

A President embarks on a war with all media other than conservative media and crackpot Youtube broadcasters. 

If you need an example, follow Trump's failed Navy Seal mission in Yemen. I have heard reports Trump authorized the mission of over dinner. I have heard and read other reports he wasn't present in the Situation Room as the mission unfolded.

Let's checkout an NBC News report from last night.


"Why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn't even barely a week into [President Trump's] administration?" Bill Owens, whose youngest son Ryan was killed during the raid, said. "For two years prior ... everything was missiles and drones (in Yemen)....Now all of a sudden we had to make this grand display?"  
A senior Congressional official briefed on the matter said the Trump administration has yet to explain what prompted the rare use of American ground troops in Yemen......

Once we lived in a nation with national leaders who subscribed to that age-old adage: "The buck stops here." Apparently, 63 million Trump supporters and 75 million third party voters inclusive of nonvoters, do not internalize lingering affinity for the bucks stops here. Their newly elected president certainly has no inner core with fissures of accepting he authorized the failed Yemen raid.

Watch a snippet from Trump's over the top out of character (for Trump) and minus any level of veracity Congressional Address on Tuesday night. MSNBC's Chris Hayes broadcast a segment regarding a US President who is so outside of the box, he has no box.

While the vast majority of Americans know the truth regarding a spineless president who won't accept his responsibility for the failed mission it is refreshing to find certain national media explored the horrors of the failed raid as well as Trump's use of the dead Navy Seal's vwife.  Vox linked, here.

Is there any wonder why the Trump White House is so consumed with labeling most of US media as purveyors of "fake news?"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Suspected Al Qaeda Operatives Last Mission in Yemen

.....when you visit a barbershop, need a haircut.

We at the TPI are not war mongers. We are very about the business of dealing with enemies when enemies deserve any level of action necessary to eliminate them as an enemy.  

If you think such is outside the scope of liberalism, think about the kidnappers in Nigeria and also think about the equally heinous Timothy McVeigh. Bad actors who would have been candidates for eliminated as physical beings well before their heinous acts.

Last month,  I recall hearing a report of two Yemeni men shot dead by American officials assigned to US operations in Yemen. As is often the case with remote and vague reporting two things took place. My initial reaction to the story was a reserved thought of why are we even in these countries. In hindsight, I should have considered the need for vague reporting. Another brain exercise related to actions that led to the shooting. The latter cognitive process, albeit latent ,was probably 'dead-on' and apropos. 

Media is reporting the dead Yemenis were Al Qaeda affiliated and may have been part of a scheme to kidnap foreign nationals. If you have preference for the quick read, the two Americans who shot the Yemeni men work respectively for the CIA and a "special operations commando." Apparently, one of the US officials sought personal grooming via a haircut. As I read the following stories, the thoughts of good fortune, both officials were not seated in the barber's chair.

After I finished reading the following pieces and viewing the short video, my thoughts again turned to another Al Qaeda affiliated group that kidnapped 276 school girls. What is it about (alleged Islamic) fighters that leads to kidnap as an acceptable form of warfare? 


Americans in Yemen shooting were getting haircuts

SANAA, Yemen (AP) - One of the two officers at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen who shot and killed a pair of suspected al-Qaida gunmen was getting a haircut at a barbershop when the attempted abduction took place, Yemeni security officials said Sunday. 
The attempted kidnapping April 24 is the latest evidence of al-Qaida's expanding presence in the capital, a serious challenge to the authority of the already weak central government. It also could strain ties between Yemen and the U.S., which has launched an aggressive campaign of drone strikes against suspected al-Qaida fighters in the country. 
The barbershop, owned by a longtime Indian resident, is on Heda Street, a commercial road in the southern part of the city where some of Sanaa's best restaurants, supermarkets and high-end boutiques are located.  
The Yemeni officials said the armed militants arrived in a battered SUV and burst into the shop shouting: "Police! Police!" The officials said one of the two Americans was having his hair cut, while the second waited for his turn. 
They said one of the Americans killed both militants before the pair jumped into their waiting SUV and drove off. Owners of nearby stores rushed to the barbershop on hearing the gunshots but the Americans already had left, the officials said.

The Bulletin 

Civilians killed by U.S. in Yemen tied to al-Qaida

By Shuaib Almosawa and Eric Schmitt / New York Times News Service
Published May 11, 2014 at 12:01AM
We are not allowed to post the piece. If you want to read a good accounting of the foiled kidnapping attempt, The Bulletin posted a great piece. We are unable to share The Bulletin piece. We have linked the piece here.


SANAA, Yemen — The kidnappers pulled up in a pickup truck outside the Taj barbershop in an upscale neighborhood here in the Yemeni capital. One held an AK-47 assault rifle and the other carried a stun gun. As the men went inside, nearby shopkeepers heard shots.
Then a foreigner — tall, with the physique of a body builder, and holding a black gun — was seen standing over one of the mortally wounded attackers in the doorway of the barbershop, witnesses said. The foreigner kicked an automatic weapon out of the man’s hands, looked right and left down the street, jumped into a nearby sport utility vehicle and drove away. 
Those new details emerged Saturday about a shooting last month in which the Obama administration said two Americans from the United States Embassy killed two armed Yemenis who were trying to kidnap them from the barbershop. 
Continue reading the main story 
While much about the encounter remains unclear, a Yemeni official said Saturday that the two Yemeni assailants were part of a cell linked to Al Qaeda that had planned and executed several attacks on foreigners in the country. Whether by design or chance, the official said, the Americans had apparently disrupted a kidnapping ring that government officials blame for killing a Frenchman last week, kidnapping a Dutch couple last year, trying to assassinate a German diplomat last month, and attacking the central prison here in February, freeing 19 inmates.
(via NewsLook)
Video News by NewsLook A Yemeni official said two armed men fatally shot by U.S. Embassy staff at a Sana'a barbershop last month are linked to a regional Al Qaeda branch.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Al Qaeda Leaders Chat; US Responds.....A Nation Has To Fight Back!

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I consider myself a low Baby Boomer Liberal. Low Boomer vs. a Higher 70 plus year of age Boomer. My background includes military service (one enlistment only) with  security clearances (Top Security level for over 15 years; four of which with Top Security Crypto) through my twenties into my mid-30s (with defense contractors).  My life experiences include great dismay, disgust and emotion as the US military evacuated the Saigon Embassy as North Vietnamese regulars moved to with-in miles of the Embassy gates.  I was on duty the evening the Soviet Union ordered North Korea to captured the USS Pueblo to validate the wares of US spy John Anthony Walker.

And, I was on duty the night the North Koreans shot down a US Air Force KC-135 (airborne mission very similar to the mission I was charged to fulfill).  And, I watched as people chose to jump to their death vs face the flames unleashed by Osama bin Laden.

Yes, I remember the horrors.

My liberalism and my overwhelming devotion to fear of adversaries creates a festering dichotomy.  A dichotomy that will not cease nor wain as long as their are people on Earth who wish to kill Americans simply because they are American.

In addition to a piece we published a couple of years ago, the following people will kill you, or would have killed you, your family, your parent and your neighbors. 

 Nasser Al-Wahishi

Once Osama bin Laden's aide-de-camp, Wahishi is the top leader of AQAP. In February 2006, Wahishi was among 23 al-Qaeda militants who broke out of a detention facility in Sanaa, Yemen's capital.
Qassem Al-Raimi

Al-Raimi became the group's military commander and the brains behind a series of foiled attacks against Americans. In writings and videos, he vowed to topple Saleh's regime and to strike America.
Ibrahim Hassan Al-Asiri

Al-Asiri is AQAP's chief bomb-maker, responsible for building the underwear bomb used to try to bring down a Detroit-bound jetliner on Christmas in 2009 and the printer-cartridge bombs intercepted in U.S.-bound cargo planes a year later. U.S. intelligence officials say he has resurfaced recently in Yemen, after months in hiding.
Anwar Al-Awlaki
The 40-year-old American-Yemeni cleric emerged as an enormously influential preacher among militants living in the West, with his English language Internet sermons calling for jihad, or holy war, against the United States. He wasi n contact with the accused perpetrators of the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, that killed 13 people, the 2010 car bomb attempt in New York's Times Square and the Christmas 2009 attempt to blow up an airliner heading to Detroit. Al-Awlaki was killed on Sept. 30, 2011 in a drone strike in the mountains of Yemen.
Major Nidal Hasan
Hasan, 42, a U.S.-born Army psychiatrist of Palestinian descent, is accused in the 2009 shooting rampage that killed 13 people at the Army post in Fort Hood, Texas. The Hasan case prompted a slew of finger-pointing among government agencies over why more action wasn't taken when red flags appeared, particularly his e-mail contact with a radical cleric in Yemen.

Abdulhakim Muhammad
Muhammad, 28, is serving a life prison sentence for the June 2009 fatal shooting of a soldier outside a Little Rock, Ark., military recruiting station. Muhammad, who changed his name from Carlos Bledsoe when he converted to Islam, grew up in the Memphis, Tenn., area and then traveled to Yemen, returning to the U.S. in 2008. Muhammad has described himself as a soldier in al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and called the shooting "a jihadi attack."
We are very mindful of tragedies that accompany waging war. US adversaries do not wage war from "firing lines (as with the Colonial War). Adversaries do not wage war from trenches (as with WW I and WWII). Our adversaries have not used nuclear or hydrogen weapons.  Our adversaries practice a form of guerrilla terrorism focused on unsettling people to unsettling governments and societies. Their tactics and methodology involve sacrificing human life to take lives of people; more often innocent people. They will abduct a young American and publicly (with mask over their faces) literally slash his throat. They blow-up buildings often filled with people who practice the Islamic Faith to kill a few Americans. They do not negotiate. They do not offer flags of peace. They hate you simply based on your and my birthright. 

Our adversaries are not such that the US can deploy its military might in defense of the nation. The one methodology that has been effective in 'taking-out" adversaries is under attack by none other than some in the US.  People who are so hellbent about the inadvertent lose of life during drone strikes, strikes me as naive and ultimately callous. 

Allow an example. 

As I was listening to NPR this morning the discussion included a gentleman who said something to this effect. "When we use drones to kill those men, they have families, they have tribes or clans, there is collateral damage?  Well, let me say this.  "That man" should have contemplated all factors before he took up arms against the United States. Those people who chose to jump from the WTC on 9/11 had families as well.  Innocent victims of their anti-American terror also had families, lived in clans, and looked forward to life. 

As a Consequentialist  I have to ask, "Should that man have contemplated his family, his clan and his life before he joined with Al Qaeda?" 

I am in no way able to speak from a position of direct knowledge, but I assume to facilitate drone warfare the US must use the NSA, FBI and the CIA for effective execution. My mind cannot take me to a place where I imagine effective use of drones without INTEL ,which is predominately electronic.

As dichotomies exist, mine also spreads to the angst from the US about programs that factually have proven successful. Respect for individual privacy is a Constitutional right.  The US Constitution, as amended, is a great document. But, not one member of the Constitutional Congress is alive to offer perspective on how the framers of the document would interpret it in relation to combating modern-day threats to the nation's "security and general welfare." 

All new sources are reporting on stepped-up drone attacks over the past three weeks.  Huffington Post has reported 34 Al Qaeda combatants have been eliminated as threats based on the attacks. Security experts are indicating the communication between Al Qaeda's Number One and Number Two leaders was electronic and provided enough INTEL to avert an attack. On the earlier NPR show,  another guest mentioned the Administration measures to pull people out of harm's way served two critical purposes. The drawbacks and alerts may have garnered concern from some, but the actions also alerted our adversaries their plot was, in part, compromised. Thus, an effective intervention.

Huffington Post provides details related to the attacks in Yemen.