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Saturday, August 15, 2015

GOP 2016: GOP Strategy via Ben Carson's Hypocrisy

Abortion is a personal choice and experiential reality. We do not argue that African-American unintended pregnancies out pace white and Hispanic unintended pregnancies. We also do not argue that Planned Parenthood, factually, has more facilitates in so-called African-American communities. That dynamic is more a service reality and also may have much to do with socio/economic reality. If abortions are only 3% of Planned Parenthood performed services, the community facility may also have utility regarding other Planned Parenthood services.

On August 14 20, NPR posted an article written by Amita Kelly. While I did not hear the specific "It's All Politics" show, the article relates to Ben Carson's recently assertion that Planned Parenthood was developed to perpetrate genocide of African-Americans black people.

Real Clear Politics /Ben_Carson_people_should_read_about_margaret_sanger_a_woman_who_hillary_clinton_says_she_admires

Without fail we read and research from our individual paradigms. Our reading will much more often than not result form a desire to expand knowledge to support our paradigm, and to a much lesser degree result for a desire to refute our paradigm. How often have you read a book or article that you chose to read which actually induced a paradigm shift? Now, think about the number of times your reading led to the following: "Aaah, I thought so," or "that is just in line with my thoughts." Probably your choice of reading may have led to the much more common reality of the non-verbal: "Ugh huh" (as an affirmation and confirmation of a belief).

Ben Carson knows Margaret Sanger? I think not, and I assert "not really." 

Ben Carson is an enigma. He is a conservative ideologue who has a history of severe anti-LGBT rhetoric, he is an anti-Black Lives Matter opportunist, and he is an evasive conservative mouthpiece. He has also been revealed within the week as an anti-abortion Planned Parenthood hypocrite.

Carson's hypocrisy is no surprise. He is currently polling close to the top of GOP 2016 candidates, and frankly, the full group of 17 GOP candidates have en common trait.  They to the person exhibit a great deal of "Do as I say, not as I do" belief and value systems. 

A friend of the TPI wrote a cogent and relevant Facebook post about Carson's assertions that Planned Parenthood has a mission to affect control in the Black Community. 

Was Planned Parenthood developed to control the Black populations?

Mike Victor

Short answer: hell no. 

60% of Planned Parenthood clinics are in predominantly white neighborhoods. 
14% of PP clients are African American (lower than the national average and much lower than the average among the poor who make up 79% of PP clientele). 
Yes, Margaret Sanger was into soft eugenics (the idea that by voluntary disproportionate raising of wanted children from mothers emotionally, physically, and financially prepared to raise them there would be a positive inter-generational effect) versus the sinister hard eugenics espoused by Nazi Germany and to a much lesser degree the United States government in which those felt to be genetically defective were sterilized against their will or even euthanized (both have the same genetic effect of course). 
Many contemporaries were into eugenics at the time in some form and despite its horrific abuses there is of course truth to the idea that more offspring among those sharing some genetically determined trait can lead to greater expression of that trait in the general population in a few generations. But since most traits are polygenic and/or recessive, requiring both parents to be affected or at least a carrier for an offspring to be affected, selectively breeding by traits is unlikely to have much impact especially if there is great ethnic diversity among parents. 
Dog breeders know that you pay a horrific price when you try to select for a few targeted traits leading to overall loss of fitness and survivability. Humans are little different in this regard.
Even sexual selection, a form of soft eugenics of you think about it, since the traits you sought in a partner from intelligence to temperament to dexterity or physical strength all have at least some genetic component. But even the children of deviant bright parents suffer regression to the mean with their patterning of cognitive abilities falling somewhere between that of their parents and that of the general population. It's why hereditary monarchies or family dynasties are doomed to failure since the great grandchildren of the very bright or bold founders of kingdoms or empires are likely to be mediocre in ability.
One thing on which we can all agree: little good and much misery will come from the past of the poor being forced to have as many children as their husbands demand while the better educated and more economically prepared for parenting have exclusive access to effective contraception and pregnancy termination services. Shut down Planned Parenthood and that is what you will virtually guarantee: society becoming increasingly poor and miserable as the poor increase in number exponentially faster than the middle and upper classes. You would have to be naive to claim that cutting off family planning services to the poor would be a good thing.

End Mike Victor's remarks.

Planned Parenthood is a target of conservative political necessity during a time when few viable political options avail towards capturing the White House in 2016. 

Let's run through a quick set of graphics related the topic.


"Almost 95 percent of all (Planned Parenthood) pregnancy services were abortions."Sandra Smith on Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 in an interview with Mike Huckabee

The educated reader or listener knows that Planned Parenthood is not the exclusive provider of abortions nationwide. It is, however, a symbolic target of the social/political Right based on the organization's partial funding via the US federal budgets.

Number of Abortion Providers and Number of Abortions by Provider Type, 2008

In 2012, UT/TT Poll (may have been confined to residents of the State of Texas)

The link to the UT/TT survey contains noteworthy charts related to the favor-ability, or lick there of, regarding abortion. One chart may address a component of the changing population dynamic that finds the Hispanic population growing at a much faster pace then other ethnic groups (including whites). The inclination not to abort a unintended pregnancy and the preponderance of Hispanics as Catholic, may contribute to a racial composition dynamic that has white conservatives over the top shuddering about threat to their population majority.

Ben Carson has issues. He is forced to restrict his quest to social issues as he has no background whatever in political office. Thus, he is at the mercy of his learned skills set, his personal institution and that of which he likes to brag: his brain. A brain that more often than not seems confused and discombobulated on matters that means much to voters in General Elections. It is sad he has lived the life of a conservative ideologue and African-American functionary after his career as a neurosurgeon. 

His waffling and wavering aura (due to his background) lacks acuity in the public arena and will lead to his failing to secure the GOP nomination.

Another very quick point. 

What the hell will the GOP do should conservative voters hand Carson the nomination?
 The constituent based of overt racist, bigots and inherent biases on the Right would fuel a third party independent candidate, and we all know what that means. No, Carson will never get close to the nomination. It is too bad he is traipsing in areas that offer more harm to the party and than good for the nation.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rand Paul Takes War On Women To A New Level!

John "The Hatter" S: Guest writer
Women and those men who love their women, remember this man's name. Get out and vote. And make sure you vote him and those who support his ideas out of government.

Rand Paul says he is anti government regulation. But not when it comes to women's bodies. Just when it comes to business who rape and pillage their workers and customers as well as the towns and cities in which they are located due to their unbridled greed. Look at West Texas. That is the type of regulation that Paul agrees we should not have. 

This is akin to a Democrat introducing a bill outlawing guns. The law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. What would the Right say if such a bill was introduced?

Paul may just have alienated a large chunk of the millennial base with his Life at Conception Act, which would fully outlaw abortion in the United States.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"Work Wtih Us" II

Congressman Cantor says the President of the United States should "work with us".

Let me get something straight.  The Democrats in Congress and the President of the United States have come to a level of compromise totaling 37 billion dollars in budget cuts.  From their previous position of zero cuts (A bargaining position and frankly unrealistic), the democrats have compromised to the aforementioned cut levels.  It is being widely reported that Boehner (the simple figure head that he is) previously asked for 33 billion in cuts.  There is something about those previous sentences that smells. looks, and feels like: compromise.  Compromise that is good for the nation.

During periods of modern U.S. politics additional factors must be overcome to facilitate productive federal and state governance.  Our world has changed and now includes the ugliness of social issues and authoritarian ideology. 

If it is true that a federal government 'shutdown' would result in cessation of government services and operation, the shutdowns is as irresponsible as denying the unemployed weekly compensation until a tax cut for the nations wealthy was re-established.  

Should any governing body be allowed to through 800,000 (a virtual million) employees into a state of 'job lockout'? Should such an irresponsible act lead to delayed pay to our military troops and their families.  How about this one as an example of how very ridiculous a thought of a government shutdown.  The Zoo exhibits at the Washington D.C.C Zoo includes live animals and plants, correct?  OK, I heard on National Public  Radio (NPR) that in 1994 Zoo employees were prohibited from servicing (including feeding and watering) the zoo exhibits via the lockouts.  Can anyone think of a level of insensitivity that reaches to the lowest level of impact as to starve and deny care to animals who are unnatural exhibited. They live in cages and cannot provide for themselves.  The chose of illustrating with the Zoo animals was an intentional effort to illustrative the horrors of such a shutdown.  For you who place animals at a decidedly lower plane than that of the humans, what about the poor families in Appalachia and the inner cities who rely of Food Stamps to provide life sustaining sustenance to families?

Brief digression. I wonder if my listening to NPR on the drive home from work now qualifies as an enemy of the Tea Party?  Think I was an enemy already.

Back on task....If the Democrats have compromised to the level of 39 billion in budget cuts and there appeared to have been a level of acceptance that could have led to moving the issue to the back-burner, what happened?  ABORTION FUNDING????  I believe that I have seen this picture before!!!!  Did it not become a last minute issue for the RIGHT and certain Blue Dog Dems just before a final deal on Health Care Reform?  Does it not raise its ugly head all too frequently despite the fact that the President may have reluctantly signed an Executive Order that federal funding cannot and will not be used to pay for abortions?  While I am not here to judge the morals of abortion, I am here to say that there are times when that procedure is required to save adult lives and to alleviate the horrors of incest and rape.   The very people who incessantly attach the debate to the passing of legislation are practicing pure and unadulterated authoritarianism.  Let's be honest, like it or not, immoral or not, Abortion is not prohibited by U.S. Law and it should be an individual decision as long as one is staying within the confines of legality.  A learned individual on another web blog once said to me, :"just because it is law..does not make it right (OOOOHHH I HATE THAT WORD)"  I will not argue that point; I will state the 'right' is in the domain of the individual vs that domain of any group who wants to forced their views across the entire populace (thus authoritarianism).

The critical issue is why does the abortion issue comes-up with every major piece of legislative work in Washington D.C.?  The Right is truly less interested in real deliberation, compromise and moving the budget issue forward. They want to attach social agendas to matters of governance.  Those social issues are also accompanied by matters related to votes and elections.  A glaring example of such is Walker's Wisconsin budget facade to  hide his desire to bust public service collective bargaining in his state.  Walker's revealing phone conversation with a faux "KOCH" brother was as matter-of-fact revealing as is 2 plus 2 equaling four (2+2=4).

De-funding NPR is another example of federal governance used to influence party politics and political agendas.

"Work with Us" Cantor?

Situation-at -a-Glance

Beyond Compromise...Riders

EPA and green-house gases
De-funding Heath-care reform
Planned Parenthood

Cantor, there is something wrong with the Situation-at-a-Glance as I consider "Work with Us."


 I am not hearing that from the LEFT.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The House of OZ (the 112th Congress- House of Representatives)  Hot Bills ( 1 - 12)

As I watched a few news segments this week, my mind wonder off to the following questions, "What does any of this have to do with Jobs and improving the economy"?  Since, many of the issues broadcast via cable television networks focus on issues that garner the most favorable ratings, it stands to reason that the networks would focus on current stories related to war, tsunami, federal governance, and attacking the two competing networks. 

Since my mind was not left to wonder about the war and the Japan Tsunami, my mind settled on jobs and the economy, thus federal governance.  The three wars and the tsunami are real with no opportunity for mental contemplation that can involve reflection, with the hope of avoiding future, Federal governance provides a very large target (Note: President Obama is also not working hard enough on job creation)  Of course, the most important issues related to federal governance for me are jobs, tax issues and issues related to health care reform. The previous sentence includes all factors that facilitated the GOP victorious charge into the House of Representatives (herewith referred to as the House of OZ) via the 2010 mid-term elections.

Yes, the GOP campaigned very effectively.  Effective campaigns, enormous amounts of funding for campaigns, favorable campaign legislation, and a n easily influenced voting public, provide a 'yellow brick road' to the House of OZ.  I would also be remiss by not stating a few other factors that help to carry the GOP to the House of OZ:  non (mid-term)-voting  young voters, non (mid-term)-voting minorities. non-voting populace who are reticent to mid-term voting.  Let's not underestimate  the influence of legislation and administration from a nontraditional President (the first in the US of A).  OK, so the 'yellow brick road' was mapped-out and led right to OZ. 

The GOP and the Tea Party promised significantly reduced spending and opportunity for jobs, jobs, jobs. While, I hate to use a common refrain from MSNBC News personalities, I must.  " Mr. Boehner, where are the jobs"?  Not only are the jobs not coming forth as promised, I am not hearing about job creating legislation from the House of Oz.

In an effort to find information about my perception that I am not hearing House of OZ legislative initiatives, I sought a source of information that I feel is accurate:

While it appears the GOP House has been busy, I decided to narrow my search. I found a link that navigates to the "HOT BILLS" from the 112th Congress.  After a brief summary of information related to OpenCongress, I cut and pasted the top twelve 'Hot Bills' as delineated by authors of the site.

I ask that you consider a quick run-through the following OpenCongress Information.  I believe that you will l see  the very same mental image is did I as I read through the 'HOT BILLS'; the HOUSE OF OZ is not putting forth legislation or initiatives focused on Job Creation.  While, I am very biased I see two of the twelve hot Bills that seem to focus on humanity in federal governance. One bill related to unemployment compensation and the other related to issues of firearm control.  Alas, I also noticed a bill introduced by a Democrat that effectively cut congressional pay by 5 per cent.  That legislation was from the office of Gabrielle Gifford would is now recovering from a lunatics assassination attempt. The pay cut was not even proposed by a Tea party member, a standard bearing cost-cutting, or a cut taxes republican!

Please let me know if I have over looked one of the twelve 'hot bills' that relates to job creation?

Open Congress

OpenCongress brings together official government data with news and blog coverage to give you the real story behind each bill.

About OpenCongress

OpenCongress brings together official government data with news coverage, blog posts, public comments, and more to give you the real story behind what's happening in Congress. Small groups of political insiders and lobbyists already know what's really going on in Congress. Now, everyone can be an insider.

OpenCongress is a free, open-source, not-for-profit, and non-partisan public resource website. OpenCongress is a project of the Participatory Politics Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to encourage civic engagement. The Sunlight Foundation is our Founding and Primary Supporter. To read more about our mission, our open data sources, and how Congress works, see about OpenCongress. To read more about how individuals and organizations can use this site to find and share the best available info about their political interests, see how to use OpenCongress.

Legislative Category
Introduced Status

3 Reproductive Issues
Representative Christopher Smith   R-NJ
Open Referred top House Committee

2 Health Issues (Human Services)
Eric Cantor R-VA
01/05/11 Passed the House 01/19/11

25 Budget, Spending and Taxes
Rob Woodall R-GA
01/05/11Open Referred to House Committee

589 Employment and Affirmative Action

Barbara Lee D-CA
02/09;/11Open Referred to House Committee
140 Technology and Communication
01/24/11 Open Referred to Subcommittee

308 Gun Issues
01/18/11 Open Referred to Subcommittee

514 National Security Issues
F. Sensenbrenner 
01/26/11 President Obama signed on 02/25/11

97 Technology and Communication
M. Blackburn        R-TN
01.05/11 Open Referred to Subcommittee

96 Technology and Communication
M. Blackburn R-TN
01/05/11 Open Referred to Subcommittee

204 Congressional And Legislative Affairs
Gabrielle Giffords        D-AZ
01/06/11 Open Referred to House Oversight Committee

359 Campaign Finance and Election Issues
Tom Cole          R-OK
01/20/11 Passed 01/26/11

43 Technology and Communication
Darrell Issa R-CA
01/05/11 Open Referred to Subcommittee

H.R. 3 No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

This bill would make permanent and expand the Hyde amendment restrictions on the use of federal funds for abortions. It seeks to prohibit even indirect funding streams that may potentially come in contact with abortion services. For example, it would deny tax credits to companies that offer health plans that cover abortions and it would block anybody with insurance that covers abortions from receiving federal subsidies, even if the abortion portion is paid separately with personal funds. It would also redefine rape for the purpose of exempting resulting abortions from the federal funding restrictions as "forcible rape" and limit the incest exemption to cases where the women is a minor.

H.R. 2  Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act
Repeals the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act, which together comprise the major health care reform that was signed into law by President Obama in March 2010. The repeal bill has been estimated by the Congressional Budget Office to increase the federal deficit by $230 billion over the next ten years. Student loan reform legislation that was attached to the reconciliation bill would also be repealed. 

H.R. 25  Fair Tax Act

This bill would eliminate all federal income taxes, payroll taxes and the estate tax, and replace them with a federal sales tax of 23% on the use or consumption of all goods, properties and services. The Internal Revenue Service would be abolished and replaced by an Excise Tax Bureau and a Sales Tax Bureau in the Department of the Treasury. 

H.R. 140  Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011

This bill would eliminate birthright citizenship for children born to undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Current U.S. law automatically recognizes any person born on American soil as a natural born citizen. Under the bill, only children with at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen, a legal permanent resident, or an undocumented immigrant serving in the military would be considered citizens. 

H.R.308  Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act
Bans the sale or possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines, defined in the bill as "a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition." Military personnel and police would be exempt from the ban.

H.R. 514   FISA Sunsets Extension Act of 2011
Extends three provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act that are set to expire on February, 28, 2011. They include the authority for “roving” wiretaps that allows the government to monitor computers that may occasionally be used by suspected terrorists, the “tangible records provision” that requires banks, telecoms and libraries to hand over any customer information the government requests without informing the customer, and the “lone wolf” provision allowing the government to track international terrorist groups. These would be extended straight up -- i.e. no reforms -- and would expire again under the bill on December 8, 2011.
H.R.97 - Free Industry Act
Amends the Clear Air to state that greenhouse gases are not "air pollutants," and, therefore, can not be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.
H.R.96 - Internet Freedom Act
This bill would take regulatory authority over the internet away from the Federal Communications Commission and give it to Congress. The text reads: "The Federal Communications Commission shall not propose, promulgate, or issue any regulations regarding the Internet or IP-enabled services." It would allow the FCC to continue issuing regulations that are designed to assist law enforcement, ensure public safety, and protect national security.
H.R.204 - Congressional Pay Cut Act
Cuts salaries for Members of Congress by 5 percent.

H.R.359 - To reduce Federal spending and the deficit by terminating taxpayer financing of presidential election campaigns and party conventions.

Aye Votes: Republican Vote 229, Democrats 10; Nay Votes: Democrats159  Republicans 1; Abstained Votes: 24 Dems., 10 Repub.

H.R.43 - To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the diversity immigrant program and to re-allocate those visas to certain employment-based immigrants who obtain an advanced degree in the United States.

Eliminates the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, a.k.a. the Green Card Lottery, which gives out 50,000 permanent resident visas annually to persons from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. These visas would instead be given to foreign-born individuals who have obtained a graduate degree in science or engineering from a U.S. university and whose employment is sought by a U.S. employer. 

I suspect that you did not find any legislation aimed at creating jobs.

As I reflect back on past election campaign successes by the GOP, I am reminded that they have 'pulled another fast one' on the majority of America voters.  I think of 'Swift Boats. I think of compassionate conservatives (there is not such living being). I think back to the "moral majority".  I think of "read my lips.... " I think of a Supreme Court decision  following the 2000 Election.

As I end this treatise, I think also about clear initiatives from the RIGHT. I think of the front-line of the GOP war on America as that of the governors who are dismantling public labor unions and cutting public education funding.  I saw (above) the House Bill that is focused on cutting federal government funding of national public radio.

The House of OZ, is by all accounts missing a brain, a heart, and the courage to do the 'right-things' for Americans who working hard to exist the the middle to lower economy strata.

A final illustration of the horrors of the RIGHT.? I have a conservative who shares an office wall with my office wall. (neighboring offices). He came to me last week railing about why people who receive federal and state assistance (food stamps and other aid) are not properly taxed; not taxed enough. During the same ridiculous rant he mentioned social security and how it is a dying benefit.  I told him that I thought not capping social security payroll taxes would help to ensure program solvency.  The man did not even know that social security has a payroll cap in the range of $106,800.  Meaning some in America stop paying social security taxes as early as March, April or May in any given year, and some stop paying even earlier in the calender year.

This I posit is the psyche with which we battle.  

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