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Friday, August 29, 2014

Fox News Guilfoyle Oozes Over Putin. Blame Fox News Management (Not Ailes's hired help and set decoration)

Can we get like Netanyahu, or like Putin in for 48 hours, you know, head of the United States?

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Now, consider the source. Think in terms of "candy"' not just "eye candy." Think far more pruriently than simple eye candy.  This is "eye-candy"....(Black, White, Latino Asian, Native American, Arabic).

The gallery that follows is purely prurient with a purpose.  After the gallery, find the name and face of the "Putin" worship.



Guilfoyle said, “Can I just make a special request in the magic lamp? Can we get like Netanyahu, or like Putin in for 48 hours, you know, head of the United States? I don’t know. I just want somebody to get in here and get it done right so that Americans don’t have to worry and wake up in the morning fearful of a group that’s murderous and horrific like ISIS.”

After accepting Gretchen Carlson publicly stated on Brian Kilmeade's radio show women were not allowed to wear pants on the Fox News sets, consider Roger Ailes admitted he hired Palin "because she is hot."

Putin as unfettered oligarch

Let's take a couple of perspectives on Putin. Celebrity Net Worth published a piece this past July that offers the reader a glimpse at Putin's past 10 years at the tip of Russian Leadership and a peep at his most humble background. 

Last April, Putin revealed both his salary and estimated net worth. Unfortunately something just didn't add up. Putin's disclosure portrayed the controversial leader as a humble man of the people with very meager, practically non-existent, income and assets. This portrayal did not sit well with many experts of Russian government and politics. These experts agree that, without question, Putin has used his last decade of absolute power and wholehearted corruption to stash away a vast personal fortune estimated at more than $70 billion. A fortune that simply does not jibe with the humble, man-of-the-people, portrait Putin paints of himself.
Vladimir Putin Glasses and Watch
Vladimir Putin – $70 Billion Fortune
So what evidence is there of Putin's secret obscene fortune? Let's start with the small stuff. Putin is known to sport a $150,000 Patek Philippe watch on most occasions and his total collection has been valued at $700,000. He also has full access to a $40 million ultra-luxury yacht that features a wine cellar, Jacuzzi, helipad and outdoor barbecue area. In terms of living accommodations, Putin has access to 20 mansions throughout the world including a lavish ski lodge and Medieval castle. The crown jewel of his property portfolio is a $1 billion palace overlooking the Black Sea that he allegedly owns through an anonymous trust. Furthermore, Putin makes frequent use of 15 Presidential helicopters and more than 40 private jets, many of which feature gold plated interiors. 
If Vladimir Putin's net worth truly sits at $70 billion, that would be enough to make him the third richest person on the planet right behind Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Helu. It would likely also represent one of the largest personal fortunes ever accumulated by a sitting President. The only other world leader who possibly looted more cash from his country was Muammar Gaddafi, who after 40 years of power stashed away a reported $200 billion in ill-gotten oil money.
There's probably never going to be a way to fully scrutinize Putin's wealth, but at the very least it's safe to assume his official declarations are not the full picture. Do you believe that Putin is worth $70 billion?
Putin's Black Sea Mansion
$1 Billion Black Sea Place
Vladimir Putin's Watch
Putin's $150,000 Patek Philippe watch.

Putin and Civil Unrest

RUSSIA: Vladimir Putin Says Gay Nazis Are Behind Civil Unrest In Ukraine

According to Matthew Schmidt, an American expert on the region, Vladimir Putin has taken to labeling anti-Russian protesters in Ukraine as “gay Nazis.” 
The gay Nazis label was simultaneously an attempt to tie the new pro-Europe camp in Kiev to the hated German Third Reich while also taking advantage of the growing acceptance of gay marriage in the West, particularly in the United States. “Putin has said homosexuality is not our values, and that sense of tolerance of homosexuality is not part of Euroasia,” said Schmidt, who will be in Ukraine monitoring the May 25 elections that are being overseen by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Putin as Dictator

Vladimir Putin 'sacks 18 top-ranking Russian officials'

Among those who lost their jobs were heads of the Ministry of the Interior and Federal Drug Control Service

Saturday 09 August 2014
Russian President Vladimir Putin has sacked 18 high-ranking officers from their posts, according to a Ukrainian news website.
In a purging move by the embattled world leader, heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Drug Control Service and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation lost their jobs. 
The dismissals, reported exclusively by Euromaidan Press, are said to have been carried out in secret. 
While no official announcement appears to have been made by Mr Putin, reporters have posted links to the Kremlin’s official website – which can be translated into English – that show a list of staff “released” from their posts.  
The move is understood to have been made on Wednesday, 6 August, but has not been reported in any of the mainstream media, either at home or abroad.  
A number of high ranking military personnel are included among the 18 named.
We realize the Right has an affinity for Russia veritable dictator. An affinity that finds images as those posted below appealing with requisite machismo and with aura of the grand outdoors man. The images also remind of George W. Bush ranch purchase prior to his 2000 run for president and the immediate sell of the ranch upon leaving office.

Ultimately, the public and pronounced affinity for Russia's dictator is mere fodder for jingoist elements of American conservatism. Fox News managers and producers are not stupid people, yet they develop broadcast themes and messages that full embodies "The Stupid."  As with any product or service producer the operational model is "Give the customer what they want."  

We offer the following gallery of "what they want." Rest assured the customers want the full measure of the person in each image.  It is an American tragedy that has only manifest with the election of Barack H., Obama as the 44th US President.  

Love of Putin aside, let's close with our lede gallery of Fox News business and operational model we call blabbering "ass candy." Ass candy mixed with far-right propaganda and utter low intellect messaging.   

Our posit is in now way an effort to demean women news hosts and reporters. Our reporting does not find similarly "leggy" host model on MSNBC, other non-cable news networks and only limited exposure on CNN. Our concern with "ass candy" news delivery is its accompanying messages. Messaging that is predominately false, misinformation and outright lies. Fox has actually moved to James O'Keefe and Andrew Breitbart like message editing.

Fox News producers work to feed viewers with subliminal messages and false bravado images of Putin without any regard for how he has amassed a $70 billion treasure chest and palaces across the globe in a 10 years period.

The problem far exceeds hired "legs and thighs" for delivery of commentary, the problem is the mindset of Fox News ownership and tot executives. People who foster the Fox News business model and people who so disregard common decency and journalistic professionalism while offering WWE like news and commentary. As with the WWE, Fox News broadcast personalities should be members of the screen actors guild vs an organization of journalistic accreditation or licensing.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fox Fires Executive For Issues Related To Ethics (But Not News Ethics) (Video)

As I was perusing headlines last night, I noticed the following.

Attorney Of Brian Lewis, Fired Fox News Executive, Warns Roger Ailes (via Huffington Post)

Of course, my curiosity was peaked based on a seventeen year relationship between Brian Lewis and Roger Ailes. My curiosity was satiated in finding there was alleged ethics violations, and Ailes and Lewis are at odds.  Our ultimate hope: legal entanglements that yield some degree of business model revelations.

Newsy video via The Examiner linked here.

I indicated satiation of my curiosity. Well, the news was not fully satisfying. We have to wait to see if the relationship and legal entanglements lead to revelation from the fired executive. 

We remain hopeful! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Palin Outed At Fox, Drivels To Briebart News

Gimme Shelter 2010 - Live (Linked)
There is a bit to this screed, so enjoy the Stones and replay it a few times as you finish the piece.  Also, Sympathy for the Devil (Linked)

"Short term: I encourage others to step out in faith, jump out of the comfort zone, and broaden our reach as believers in American exceptionalism." (Merriam Webster, exceptionalism the condition of being different from the norm).

The word "exceptionalism" rolling out of Palin's mouth sounds great to many of the nation's conservatives. We posit America is no more "exceptional" than most of the rest of nations. Our governance and conservative social paradigms have shown evidence that in some ways we are less exceptional than many other nations.

Sarah Palin out at Fox News but up for major 'money' grabs going forward.
The Daily Beast's Howard Kurtz, published what appears as inside details about Sarah Palin's 'flame-out' at Fox News. (linked below)

After the McCain/Palin electoral loss in 2008, roger Ailes quickly grabbed-up the hot commodity and rolled-out the spurned vice presidential candidate with a nice $1 million per year contract. The contract ultimately provided Palin with earnings somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million dollars over three years.  Three million dollars over three years is "chicken feed" as one considers the ROI (Return on Investment). Ailes would do whatever it took to feed his mis-information loving viewers.  

Huffington Post - Media ran a piece in October 2011, in which Ailes indicated why he hired Palin.  His reason were straight forward and as simple as the mental capacities of his trophy hire.
From the start, Ailes has steadfastly denied any such political bias or agenda on the part of his network. Politics, schmolitics: "I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings," he declares.
Ailes strategy worked to perfection for the first couple of years. Her infrequent host-led interviews fed Fox News viewers as thoroughly as Limbaugh fed (feeds) his flocking hordes of "ditto heads."  Palin was good for the millions ($) even during her completely ill-fated, revealing and eventually cancelled bus tour.  

As I wrote in a piece yesterday morning, I predicted Palin's Fox News demise for January 2012.  My prediction was a clear example of why I have no luck in guessing the twice per week Powerball numbers.  I underestimated Ailes willingness to pay an additional million ($) for Palin's anti-Obama demagoguery as a critical spoke in the wheel of his networks role as the GOP propaganda and public relations television media.

Palin remained on Fox News through the Romney loss in November 2012 through contract end this month.  Kurtz reports Ailes offered the inimitable Palin a fractionally lesser contract that led to a 'reported' mutual agreement to part company. Wouldn't you know, Palin could not even part company from her $3 million dollar gift with a degree of class and professionalism  If that surprises you, well no comment.

Those who have watched  since 2009 in disbelief as the GOP  Frankenstein Monster roamed America, are not surprised at her next move.  

A brief digression.

If you know the fabled story of Dr. Frankenstein and his patched together monster, you will better understand why we use the beast to metaphorically depict former Governor Palin.  We have no interest in our appearance or features. She was the public creation of misguided GOP campaign strategy to capture disgruntled voters after Hillary Clinton's 2007 Primary loss to candidate Barack Obama. 

"Its alive" (26 seconds)

If you know the story, you know how it ends. Such creations never end well.  The 2008 monster killed its creator (the GOP campaign) from the inside out. Thus, the GOP was as responsible for the McCain loss to Obama as voter dissonance of eight years of Bush/Cheney.

End digression.

After the "outing" at Fox News Palin wasted no time in seeking opportunity to replace the now departed million dollar contract. It took Palin less than 48 hours to secure an interview with the (being facetious here) "very credible" Brietbart News. She appears with typical rambling rhetoric as the lone crusader of the GOP Circa 2013. Breitbart News interview: "We have not yet begun to fight."

Since Palin ran through her perceptions of the Obama second term, we feel the right to dissect her remarks.

Breitbart News
2. Where do you think the country stands at the beginning of the President's 2nd term?
“We know what we will get from a second Obama term. We will get the same failed policies. We will get Obamacare locked into law. We will get a debt crisis. We will get more inflation and higher gas prices. We will get tax increases. We will get fewer jobs. We will get more small businesses collapsing under the weight of higher taxes and unfair regulation. We will get more corruption and crony capitalism favoring the Obama administration’s friends. We will get less domestic energy development and increased dependence on terrorist sponsoring foreign regimes for our energy needs. We will get a 'blame America first' foreign policy that bows to our enemies and snubs our friends like Israel and leaves America and the world less safe. We will get less opportunity and security for ourselves and for our children.” 
"We will get the same failed policies."
I. Employment: Chart I; Chart II 
II. Housing: Chart 
III. Comprehensive Chart 
IV. Obama Vs. Bush Infographic  (May 2012)
V. BRUCE YANDLE George Mason University (Linked)
See more after the break below 


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hilary Clinton Released From Hospital W/Good Prognosis

A gallery of shame!

Good news on the health of the Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.  She has been released from the hospital in which she has been interned since last Sunday.

Along with the acknowledgement of Clinton's improving health, we must look back at how some conservatives posited, opined, and entertained (Fox News viewers) with horrid fallacious speculation that Hilary was backsliding and hiding from a congressional committee.

Today's MSNBC Hardball segment has just what I have been awaiting: a segment with a summary of shameful exhibitions by well-known right-wing mouthpieces.  As you watch and listen to the following, and if you are not one who aligns with the right, relish in your spiritual well-being. If you are one who aligns with these people, I say two things. First, you have little to no business reading. Second a time will come when they will gather you up in their highly paid and far reaching rhetoric. You can become one of their victims within minutes.  

I could be wrong, but I believe there was a quasi or pseudo pundit in the segment who attempted to defray the vile vitriol from the Right. Do you know what is even more sad, no one of these demagogues have apologized for their words.

We will update this screed later  tonight.