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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Murder Of Walter Scott; Mistrial?

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The jury, which consisted of 11 white men and women and one black man,....The murderer of Walter Scott receives a "mistrial."

Let's start this video journey with another look at the last three minutes of Walter Scott's life. It is important to recall Scott was unarmed and lived in the most racist of US states: South Carolina.

The footage is graphic.

Did you notice the murderer attempted to plant evidence on the body of the dead veteran? He is reported to have picked-up the "cop drop". Slager apparently, picked up the fake evidence after the other officer alerted him he wold not be a party to the drop. 

And, what of the young man who happened to be in the vicinity when Slager perpetrated the murder.

The Daily Mail UK
'I ran': Killer cop witness tells how he fled the scene in fear after he told officers he had an incriminating video - and almost deleted the footage because he was afraid for his own life.

Slager was eventually released from custody pending trial. 

Despite testimony which clearly showed every aspect of the murder, one juror is reported to have commented, he could not convict the murder but felt for the victims family. 

Let's run through a set of video to visit the trial. we start with a The Post and Courier piece from earlier today.

A prosecution and witness exchange from the trail is point-on noteworthy.

One of the prosecution witnesses, Sgt. James Gann, was supervising Slager's squad that day. 
“Was he trained by the North Charleston Police Department to shoot someone in the back while he’s running away?” Chief Deputy Solicitor Bruce DuRant asked him. 
“No, sir,” Gann answered. But the questioning continued.

“Would you agree that running away is de-escalating?” the prosecutor asked. 
Gann sighed twice and asked DuRant to ask the question again. He sighed a third time. 
“Through the video,” Gann answered, “I would say (Scott) was “de-escalating.” 
The defense also laid more of the groundwork for its own case through cross-examination of the witnesses. 
In response to lead defense attorney Andy Savage’s questions, North Charleston Lt. Dan Bowman said officers “were encouraged” to make traffic stops and field interviews of pedestrians as a way to fight violent crime. Savage intends to present such testimony to account for his client's thoughts on that day. 
“That’s what was considered community policing in North Charleston?” Savage said. 
“That’s correct,” Bowman answered.

If you are a person who has nothing but contempt for Black Lives Matter, you are actually an enabler of murderous cops like Slager.  If you can find any justification for a cop using Scott as a human target, you are culpable in a system that increasingly seems like  South Africa's former apartheid state. If the mistrial isn't bothersome, you have devolved well below a level of decency we formerly promulgated and nourished  in the United States.

Scott's murder was a mindset murder. Any cop who could so callously fire nine shots at a person who was de-escalating an interaction is nothing more than a killer for hire. One has to wonder if he would have applied the same level of killing had the victim been a white man. The answer is borne-out via numerous media reports of white criminals arrest without injury and in one case taken to jail after cops purchased fast food for the perpetrator (Dylan Roof south Carolina), Scott's life did not matter in any sense and Scott's murderer is a clear prologue to what seems to be increasingly callousness and lawlessness from cops in the United States.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

MSNBC And The Hyperbolic Brian Williams Continues To Entertain Conservatives

MSNBC is successfully (albeit it slowly) transforming from a progressive network with a decided and public "left" lean, to a network ordered to move "right" by its executive officer. Evidence of such manifest in the early morning hours via additional air-time for its flagship morning conservative commentary via the Morning Joe show and various programming cancellations. Other evidence includes Chris Matthews stepping up with many more conservative guests as well as occasional oratory which clearly appeals to his growing conservative audience. An irrefutable example of Matthews as an entertainer who 'plays' it both ways with increasing appeal to conservatives is evident in a 2014 Hardball segment. Matthews surprised a couple of his guest with what appeared a planned and well-positioned question about Obama's last two years in office.

Matthews pandered to conservative viewers.

Why would Matthews wonder about Obama folding up the tent and golfing (my words) through his last two years? Why would Matthews exhibit clear angst against the president because Obama refused to place more ground troops in the Middle East? Why would Matthews so publicly challenged Obama's leadership simply based on the reality Obama leads diametrically opposite of Matthews mindset? A mindset that found Rand Paul on Hardball air with Matthews ending a segment with a comment about how their minds have a common place in some areas. RAND PAUL? Matthews even postulated Paul was the "man to beat in 2016." RAND PAUL? 

It should be noted, Paul swore-off appearing on MSNBC a couple of years before his 2014 love fest from Matthews. You may recall Rachel Maddow's thorough exposure of Paul as an anti-civil rights libertarian who would promulgate and support private business owner rights over rights of free and open access. Thus, Paul would serve as a conduit to discrimination if access, housing and opportunity to exercise life-sustaining consumerism. Matthews also chose, for ratings, to ignore Paul's frequent run-ins with plagiarism. The MSNBC host also ignores Paul's history regarding association, 

Jack Hunter Neo-Confederate

Why would Paul so readily agree to visit with Matthews if he did not feel very comfortable in speaking in a safe setting?

Do you, by chance, recall a Trump telling Matthews he watches his show while also stating Matthews has a "good" show after an early GOP debate? The evidence of Phil Griffin's edict to move his network right shows like a far too tight fitting.

Let's jump forward to this past week's performances from MSNBC's Brian "I was there" Williams and his hyperbolic on-air comments. First, let me remind, Brian offered analogous comments about President Obama's first campaign speech with Hillary Clinton as comparable to a Richard Pryor stand-up performance.  Pryor was a great comedian who in his last few years adopted more social commentary in his stage performances, but I find Williams's analogy off-base in many ways. Obama's campaign speech certain wasn't meant as 45 full minutes of funny jokes nor any social commentary. Yet we must consider the nascent MSNBC audience. 

Williams also raised the ire of progressive social media after referring to the evening of attacks against Dallas cops as "urban warfare." While it has been far too long to recall, I wonder if Williams of any network newscast host referred to Waco, TX and Ruby Ridge law enforcement confrontations as "country-side" warfare.

Williams continue his growing tendency to reveal a degree of  (entertainment/journalistic) malfeasance in reporting via providing uninterrupted and unchallenged airtime in which Rudy Giuliani delivered yet another unarguably racist tirade. 

After a week of two videotaped shootings of black men by cops and after a week of the killing of five Dallas cops immediately after a peaceful protest, MSNBC via Williams felt the need to provide a platform for a man who intermixed the following comments on international TV. 

Huffington Post

Giuliani said this, “When you talk about Black Lives Matter, well you know, the black young boy who is killed by another black young boy is just as dead as a black young boy who was killed by the police officers.”

“I think the reason there’s a target on police officers backs is because of groups like Black Lives Matter. They make it seem like all police are against blacks.”

“When a police officer tells you something, do what he says. it doesn’t matter if you’re white or black.”

The Williams Segment (Crooks & Liars)

When media simply provides a platform for conservative demagogues who do not hesitate to offer biased and racially charged dogma, media becomes mere entertainment and a platform for propaganda. In the cases of right-wing propaganda from conservative tools, such as Giuliani, how is his rhetoric markedly different than that of Joseph Goebbels as he laid the communication and propaganda groundwork for the Third Reich. How many Germans relished in the skills of Goebbels oratory and ended the Second World War claiming they "did not know?"

How hard would it have been for Williams to have asked Giuliani about BLM as it relates to the early week killings of two "compliant" black men?  

Why do we find it a stretch to accept the reality of "BLM" commenced as we witnessed innumerable cop killings (via videotape)?  

Are we to actually believe that the dead don't matter?   

Are we so immersed in racial separation and indifference, we can not get into the reality of cop killings in black comments or against blacks is was beyond disparate when compared to the white community"

The Guardian: Police Killings of Young Black Men (2015)

Additional information from the Guardian.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Liberal Whites.....Some African-Americans Have Grown Leery

Milt Shook goes "obiter dictum."

Why Black People Don't Like White Liberals

I'm hoping to make this short and sweet... This is what #BLM is about. Once again, I'm going to stand up for Bernie Sanders. He's a good man and he might make a good president, IF we can get him 70 Democratic seats in the Senate and 300-320 in the House. With the current makeup of…

Friday, September 4, 2015

The TPI Morning Gazette: O'Reilly, Black Lives Matter, Roland Martin, Fox News, Trump

Non-Progressive News...

What happens when a multi-millionaire Fox News demagogue and chief bloviator literally attacks and threatens to dismantle "Black Lives Matter?"  In addition to the Fox News mouthpiece making a fool of himself outside of the Fox News audience, and specifically his audience, he runs the risk of drawing a responses from other television new hosts...who happen to be 'black."

ROLAND NAILED IT !!! THANK U !Posted by Cut-n-Edge Cartoons on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We realize Fox News has to provided daily Obama hating substance to its viewers, but one would think even Fox News producers would respect their audience enough to fact check a bit before developing an over-the-top 'false story." 
Obama publicly condemned violence against police officers as "completely unacceptable" and "an affront to civilized society," which Fox hosts would know if they turned on a real news channel.Posted by Americans United Against T-Bagging John Birch Society Shit Talkers on Thursday, September 3, 2015
From a fake story to one that sheds more light on the highly doctored video from anti-abortion activists and their dedicated propaganda network: Fox News.
Even a Fox analyst admits these videos attacking Planned Parenthood are BS. Here's everything you need to know: by Media Matters for America on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We really must visit with a recent case of Donald Trump Storm Troopers.
Donald J. Trump guard accused of hitting protestor.. .
Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Donald Trump borrows Sarah Plain;s claim of the "Gotcha Question."

Now, let's visit that all to familiar refrain from conservative politicians who cannot answer question critical to understanding the depth and scope of their potential to serve the nation.  The ever-present assertion of "gotcha question." If you think for a bit the existence of the fictional "gotcha question" wouldn't be a deflection tool if the person could answer the question.

As we considered media, have we developed to a point of host interviewers only offering platforms for interviewees to babble uninterrupted about nothingness. 

As you consider an interview with a right wing radio host and Donald Trump, know the aftermath of the interview included Trumps claims of "Gotcha." But, notice the very first question from Hugh Hewitt instantly generated a quick lie from Trump. His response was "YYYYYYEEEEEESSSS" as he contemplated not knowing the person of which Hewitt posed the question. The first response was to lie and after realizing a followup quest would follow, what does the carnival barker do, he reports with a form of question or Trump sought a clarification that would give him the answer.

Net-Net Trump labelled Hewitt a "Gotcha Guy":  and ,of course, Trumps minions are following suit.

US Media has no viable relationship to past news media and the few conglomerates who own the full measure of US media care nothing about presetting pure garbage to viewers. Any network that will give Dick Cheney time to sit on-air and spew inane babble about the world crisis and "WMD", is a network that has no respect for its high information viewers. That said a number of cable networks are doing just that and I suspect over the coming weekend viewers who care to watch will be offered mega doses of a man who is literally responsible to the strife that is engulfing the entirety of the Middle East and Northern Africa.
Cheney’s claim that non-nuclear weapon countries cannot enrich uranium for peaceful purposes struck us as dubious. It was. False, says PunditFact. by PolitiFact on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Editor's Choice

Ezra Klein's Vox 
Make no mistake: This is a situation where there is a right thing to do. And we are not doing it.

Posted by Ezra Klein on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why black lives matter - Guest Columnists (The St.Louis American Newspaper)

J. Michael Pressimone

I serve as president of Fontbonne University in St. Louis, and Cathy is pastoral associate at Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Parish.

.Image result for fontbonne
Fontbonne University
Liberal arts college in St. Louis, Missouri

Link:  Why black lives matter - Guest Columnists