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Sunday, April 15, 2018

RNC Chair Talking Head Blues

Image result for RNC CHAIRFormer FBI director Jim Comey is about to publish a book about his demise  (or experience) under the persecution of Donald Trump. While the book is due to hit the Internet and bookshelves this coming Tuesday, copies have been given to media. Apparently, the Trump Administration also has a copy or copies because the spin machine and the counter the book talking points are flying like Trump's combover while boarding Air Force One.

If you missed a recent CNN interview of the current RNC Chairperson you missed a class talking head fumble. She commented about the phoniness of Comey's book despite not having read even a passage from the book. classic talking memo promulgation. (video below)
The Jake Tapper segment video.
Talking Head Blues.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: CNN Hires Conservative Pundits To Merely Entertain US

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You may know for years we have complained about CNN's broadcast business model which includes nightly shows with combating panelists. The shows are purely for purpose of entertainment, as the topics discussed are news related but not pure news reporting. In order to fill 24 hour days and 365 day years, CNN is forced to offer many shows which are aired purely for purpose of garnering revenue via attracting viewers. Yes, of course, both Fox News and MSNBC also offer programs and shows for purpose of entertainment (attracting viewers to secure advertisers which provide revenue). Neither Fox nor MSNBC fill their air-time with full evening compliments of Battling Panelists.

Battling Panelists simply means CNN management and producers attract viewers via broadcasting panels comprised of people with opposing Internet, opposing points of view and a (paid) willingness to combat across a stage set. While they are called contributors, their job description has to include possession of hardcore political views with Left or Right as well as an accompanying willingness to lie as necessary.  The lie is important because anyone who sits on a CNN set is intellectually gifted enough to know they are there for a purpose. If any hardcore Trump supporter suddenly turned on his president and commenced on day after day and hour after hour anti-Trump punditry, that contributor would be of much less value to the network. 

Since Trump's declaration of intent to run for president as far bask as 2015, CNN has employed a veritable horde of talking head pundits who employed varying degrees of lies to earn that paycheck.

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Some have been fried, others have been less publicly fired but certainly not booked anymore based on alleged seedy interactions, and yes, most are still employed by CNN.  While never employed by the network, there is yet another who practice incessant lying on behalf of Trump: 

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KellyAnne (Alternative Facts) Conway. 
Trump's Number One White House Presstitute

Alas CNN has hired another such talking head who seems afflicted and consumed with Trump denial and rationalization as critical to his life as breathing and eating. As US conservatism is increasingly showing its ugly bigoted and racist head above the body of its inner core beliefs evidence of such is being cranked to another level via the potential election of Roy Moore (Alabama) to the US Senate.

Moore's Paleozoic and Draconian beliefs have been well documented for years. From anti-civil Rights rhetoric through the side-mouthed wish women did not have the right to vote, Moore has a trail of conservatism which virtually unsurpassed in. When coupled with seemingly credible accusations of teenage (girls) sexual abuse, Moore is posing a real challenge for CNN's most recently hired Trump talking head surrogate. Meet Missouri's Ed Martin and watch a recent contribution to a panel discussion with typical head shaking and over-the-top denial of Trump and conservative reality.

Long Version

Short Version

Crooks & LIars has published a piece with renowned conservative David Frum criticizing CNN for its practice of providing a paycheck to people whose sole purpose is to backup or rationalize Trumps lies and increasingly disgusting GOP policies.

David Frum Chides CNN For Hiring 'In-House Trump Associates In Order To Promote Trump Falsehoods'
While discussing Trump's goal to discredit main stream journalism, David Frum explained that news outlets like CNN--who hired Trump surrogates on-air to appear to be balanced--made a big mistake because all they did was promote Trump's multitudes of falsehoods to its viewers. CNN's Brian Stelter's discussed Trump's war on the media with journalist icon Carl Bernstein…