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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Defector: Snowden, Liberals, Libertarianism, The Rolling Stones


Ultra liberals are admirable people. They want a society that is humane, civil, helpful to people (in need), abhor self-serving corporatists (plutocrats), and also believe in their interpretation of the US Constitution. Freedom of Speech is a deep-rooted human right and will always receive vehement defense from the Left (even more vehemently from the far Left).   

Personal privacy and our beloved Internet adds additional dynamics to liberal angst in the Edward Snowden defection against the United States.  I can personally recall no issue that has generated more bi-partisan thought and comment from people on the Right and the Left. There actually exist a large group of people on the Left who fall very close to many on the Right in support of Snowden as a harmful tool of espionage (albeit it self-ordained) and defection against US national security. Of even more relevance, the existential reality of Snowden's violation of his sworn commitment to uphold US security related secrets (materiel, procedure and methodology). The act of surreptitious gathering and collecting information outside of his specific area of duty, factually reminds of other US citizens who spied and performed other acts of espionage against the United States. 

Liberal angst against the United States regarding Snowden and his treasonous acts, is misguided and factually dangerous.  Ron Paul has previously stated that other NSA employees should follow Snowden's treasonous acts. Well, such is not a surprise from a libertarian who has publicly espoused legalizing heroin, abolishing the FEMA and being willingly photographed with white supremacist. And, a person who is "the" public figure of current libertarian thought which is as anti- federal government as deep Democrat segregationist of the 1950s and 1960s. The analogy relates to Libertarianism and a collective predominate affinity for "states rights".   When Libertarianism meets deep liberal thought and paradigm on any issues, strange human behavior manifest.   A classic example was a recent exhibition of 'booing" Nancy Pelosi at the Netroots Nation event  at which she stated Snowden had "broken the law."  It was an inarguable point!

The People's View  June 23, 2013
Speaking at Netroots Nation in San Jose, the House Democratic leader said Snowden "did violate the law in terms of releasing those documents," prompting loud boos and heckling from the crowd.

I strongly suspect the very liberals, and progressives who perpetrated the 'booing" of Nancy Pelosi felt a great deal of chagrin during the GOP debate when Rick Perry was behaviorally lauded with loud applause and yelps as he 'bragged' about executions in his state.   We posit the exhibition against Pelosi, like that for Perry from the far Right, was unfair, inappropriate and uncharacteristic of the poli/social Left

There exist an intriguing and interesting set of treatises on Snowden  NSA monitoring, and liberal angst.

The People's View

Sunday, June 23, 2013 |  

What is the key difference between liberals and right wingers? Sure, we have different issue positions, but the difference is deeper than that. Liberals let the facts guide the debate, and conservative wingbats shout down facts they do not like. So Nancy Pelosi went to Netroots Nation in San Jose, CA last night and stated an incontrovertible fact: Edward Snowden violated the law. Video above linked here: 
The reaction? 
Speaking at Netroots Nation in San Jose, the House Democratic leader said Snowden "did violate the law in terms of releasing those documents," prompting loud boos and heckling from the crowd. 
Nancy Pelosi got booed for stating a fact: Edward Snowden violated the law. When facts begin to get booed because they poke holes into your ideological bubble, I humbly suggest you lose the 'progressive' label. 
Constitutional Amendment Rights

The People's View published a piece early this morning about the Fourth Amendment in the context of a crash course spanning NSA Programs and the Constitution. 
A Crash Course in the NSA Programs and the Fourth Amendment
While out of chronological context, we offer yet another and final piece from The People's View dated July 2nd, 2013.

Liberal Obama hatred from the Left
How the Professional Left's Blind Obama Hatred Got them Played by a Far-Right Nutjob
Some outlets reported last week that NSA leaker and fugitive Edward Snowden was caught into a bit of hypocrisy: public chat records indicate that back in the ancient times of 2009, he wanted leakers "shot in the balls."
Spandan C continued.
Yeah, he said that. But that's not all he said. Oh, no. The Technology site Ars Technica posted extensive public chat logs from Snowden, then using the monkier TheTrueHOOHA, that confirms what I had suspected since finding his campaign contributions to Glenn Greenwald's straight crush Ron Paul.
So let's talk about this man that has been granted hero status by the Left's loudest prognosticators and provocateurs. The transcripts released by Ars Technica are about a lot more than Snowden's previous contempt for leakers. He hated social security, loved Ron Paul and his ideas, and peddled the NRA's garbage about fighting the government with guns. He suggested punishing both leakers and publications that publish the leaks. All in all, Edward Snowden is a right wing, anti-government nutjob who has managed to become the hero of so many on the reactionary Left. (Highlight above by Scandan C).
Read more (A must read)

I doubt one American relishes the thought of an over-hanging monitoring authority snooping into our personal communications. In an idle world, I would certainly stand tall in solidarity with the sentiment. We are not, however, living in the 1700s, thus our communication reaches far beyond face-to-face talk, carrier pigeons, or night riders (such As Paul Revere. And, no he did not warn the British Mrs. Palin). Technology has taken communication right into our private lives (via cellular phones) and our dinning room tables via laptop computers). The very same communication quorums are available to people who would do the nation great harm. Factually, Osama bin Laden was discovered to have Bradley Manning leaked materiel on his Laptop.

It does not take a multi-billion dollar reverse engineering laboratory for urban and field enemies to determine actionable intelligence from leaks as those perpetrated by Snowden.

Have we become nascent haters of the Administration because it is a progressive Administration, and "...should not act as such?"  Or, have we become so mistrusting of the president we feel he has factually transformed into a reincarnation of George W. Bush.  I posit we know better!

We agree completely with The People's View. Rights to privacy are sacred. Rights to open communication is sacred. We feel strongly monitoring of communications via NON-SNOOPING data-mining does not constitute "listening" to our calls. 

The Left must realize there is a social political entity sitting in wait for disgruntled voters to lean in their direction. No one from the far Left will ever support anything right of the nation's poli/social center.  There are, and dangerously so, large swaths of voters who are falling victim to the non-reality of snooping into their private lives, succumbing to the freight mongers who could be anti-federal government (particularly with Barack Obama in the White House), and they may succumb to moneyed plutocrats who stand to benefit from unhappiness, a lack of solidarity and malcontent on the Left. Lest we forget major danger in falling for the Snowden political moves (and defection) which factually benefit "non-friendly" international adversaries.

Finally, Mick Jagger's quip as the Rolling Stones ended their DC show, was somewhat ill-advised. While it is refreshing to see the elderly rocker is up on the NSA monitoring program, we have to realize he is also "up-on" the very malcontent we have addressed in this shared piece with The People's View.  Jagger was probably seeking a bit of "We know your issues (in the States) and we find alleged snooping distasteful" humor.  OK, fine, but Jagger received major boos. We do not know if the boos referenced NSA monitoring, President Obama (as named), of Jagger's foray into US social issues.  

Of particular note, we can find no record Jagger criticized the former President for an INTEL program that started as far back as 2002.  He did not speakout when Verizon admitted to cooperation via monitoring by the FBI/NSA in 2006. Nor, did the elderly rocker speak so boldly about allegations that members of the British Government may have been on the take with Ruppert Murdoch's News Corps reporters and executives.

A little something for Jagger.

It really is sad to the elder statesman of rock, via quip, inadvertently aligned with people such as the following. The ever-present "separatist/segregationist/opportunistic" Rand Paul goes public.

Huff Post (Linked above)
Conservatives were quick to jump on the comment. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tweeted the quote Tuesday morning, much to the delight of his followers (in less than 2 hours, the below tweet dialed up three times the number of retweets as Rand's previous tweet, which was posted 20 hours ago).

Senator Rand Paul

“I don’t think President Obama is here tonight, but I’m sure he’s listening in.” - Mick Jagger, last night in concert in Washington.

There are times when it is best for entertainers to stick with what they know and do best when they not longstanding advocates for issues from the stage.  The Stones are not noted for such political alignment.

In fairness, and as indicated via update in the linked Huff Post piece above, Jagger tweeted a days or so later support for Obama's climate change initiatives.

The foibles on the Left and 'slick' operatives who support the latest US Defector: Edward Snowden.