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Monday, April 27, 2015

Ron Paul In OathKeepers Movie!

If you have any lingering doubt about reports of Ron Paul's affinity for extremism (including white supremacists), rest your cognitive processes he has confirmed and validated the reality. Extremism is not a place where one visits and returns to the commonly shared middle of the road social strata. ir is a place of the heart and mind and manifest in behavior.

Do you recall reports of Ron Paul sitting in 2012 conference calls with white supremacists (eg. A, B, C) ? How about his vile Newsletter that had his figurative signature on every page. Of course, he denies penning the newsletter, but a close aide has belatedly reported he is hands-on such he would approve or disapprove articles.

Apparently, Paul has again skipped into another form of extremism. He accepted an on-camera appearance in an "Oathkeepers" movie. Even, if the appearance has genesis in compensation, people generally avoid that which causes their skin to crawl. We as humans seek ,or accept, that which is comfortable and that which fits our paradigm. The movie was developed by a noted anti-Semitic producer! All said, Paul has moved out of politics and via his actions validates all that was previously denied.

Before I turn the piece over to Crooks And Liars, a question comes to mind. As far fetched as the project, can you imagine Paul visiting the White House on an as desired basis? Unfortunately, Paul "The Younger" (Rand), has a collar adorned by his father. 
Crooks And Liars....

Ron Paul Stars In Extremists' New Movie

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