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Saturday, September 28, 2013

GOP Takes Pants On Fire Off The Charts! Let's Go Goping

Pants on Fire!
GOP National emblem. Let's Go GOPing!

“John Connelly thought he was on the right track in life. The son of a New Jersey auto mechanic, he was the first in his family to go to college when he enrolled in Rutgers in 2009,” Cruz said on the Senate floor. “Four years later, the 22-year-old found himself $21,000 in debt, without a permanent job and sleeping on friends’ couches in New Jersey and Brooklyn.” 
Ted Cruz via his fake filibuster, after which he promptly voted against his showboating act.

The Lie.

Ted Cruz is allegedly a Christian. I wonder if he recognizes this:

The Ten Commandments

Did you recognize Commandment # Nine (9)? Has "bearing false witness become so GOP, we as a nation need to add to our language lexicon. How about an argument in which one participant of calls a "GOPer!", as in "you 
are a liar." How about, "You're telling a GOP!" For the real guttural arguments one participants tell the other,"I am tired of your GOPing ass!"  

These isn't a politician nor human alive who will not at a given moment tell a lie. Whether a soft lie, a stretch of the truth, a bold lie or a flat out "GOP" (lie), bearing false witness will happen. Hereafter, in this piece we will refer to the lie as a "GOP." 

We feel the act of telling a "GOP" becomes serious when we are bombarded with lies that are deleterious to the nation.  If we add another dimension, the "GOP" involving a person used to make the "GOP" sound more effective. We are going to explore the John Connolly from the Ted Cruz fake filibuster, but as is the on the TPI, we show a few examples.   There is not need to view each example. We strongly suggest Anderson Coopers $200 million India trip and the Politifact Pants on Fire links.

Chuck Grassly "Death panels"

Bachmann "Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to rid of slavery"

Bachmann "President Obama $200 million per day trip to India"

Politifact Dot Com "Pants on Fire" Pages (13 pages look to see how the GOP is by far Number #1 in the Pants on Fire analyses!)

The Ted Cruz...big lie.

The ED Show with special guest John Connolly in the flesh.

GOPing is an intriguing phenomenon. It is as shortsighted as running into the shame door jam twice in 30 seconds. If you think that is implausible, how about placing the right shoe on the left foot twice in 30 seconds; and lacing the show each time? How is it possible the people who GOP most have little regard for electronic archives? Maybe they feel very comfortable in their knowledge people who listen to them will accept any and all they say without question. 

Maybe, like Mitt Romney they hire incompetent advisers and staff.  Or, maybe they simply have so little respect for you, they lie to you each and every day.