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Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Texas Visit, Tax Plan And NBC Focus Group

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Flooding in the South while Trump runs to a red state to garner personal praise from an audience while attacking that state's Democrat Party Senator.  All under the guise of providing himself and other top 10% income earners tax relief.

First Trump's exhaustive trip to the Hurricane ground zero.

If you haven't noticed the GOP sponsored ads for Tax reform (cut for the rich) with your local member of the US Congress as the named focal point of recommended calls, you are not watching news related channels. Moreover, of you beloved, the GOP is pursuing cutting taxes to provide assistance to the middle class you really should sign up for future airline tickets to the Planet Jupiter. The Trump family will gleefully sell you two tickets for the price of one. 

Trump's tax plan?  

He actually doesn't give a tax plan nor has the GOP Congress offered any semblance of a "tax relief" plan. Yet, we are inundated with rhetoric such as a benefit to the middle class.  Who benefits from GOP tax planning?

You may have noticed in his speeches frequently mentions easing corporate taxes to generate jobs. Well, it isn't so.

NPR last November:
What Is Donald Trump's Tax Plan? An Analysis Of Whom It Will Benefit ...

The LA Times this past April:  The Trump plan: Every bad tax idea, in one place - LA Times

When we find many television advertisement exhorting the public to call their Congressional representatives, know for certain the GOP and its powerful backers want tax relief. And, such relief will disproportionately benefit the nation's uber wealthy.

The Tax Lie, from a president who is disappearing as a national leader.

While in another realm, we think it important to stay in touch with how the public is reacting to Trump (as President).  MSNBC recently hosted a small focus group for reaction to matters related to the Trump and his administration. 

The focus group is reported to have including five people who voted for Trump last fall.  Not one of the five have complimentary comments about Trump and his presidency.

What follows is a minute and a half video segment from the focus group.

If you need a teaser to watch the brief video segment, we offer this form the MSNBC website.
Asked to describe the president in a single word, participants called Trump “outrageous,” “dishonest,” “disappointing” “narcissistic,” “an abject disappointment,” “unique,” “not ready to be president,” “off the scale,” “crazy,” “unbelievable” and “contemptible.”

Why did we post the brief focus group segment in a post related to Trump's Texas visit and his tax plan Missouri rally? Think in terms of credibility as a person, credibility as a leader, perceptions of his administration and the underlying impetus for his tax plan (which does not exist).