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Saturday, August 13, 2016

RNC Chair Joins The Circus

Do you recall this from a few years ago?

GOP Autopsy?

Reince Priebus made the rounds on all cable news networks espousing a need for an "autopsy" of his party. He actually used the wrong metaphor as he should have adopted the characterization of "lobotomy." Point is, Priebus was as disingenuous as most American conservatives as we consider a nation fair to all, free to all and equal to all.

After spending millions on what Priebus called an exhaustive study, his party summarily ignored all findings ad proceeded on with pre-1950s regression. ABC News published regarding Priebus report

Autopsy be damned, jump on that Trump wagon Priebus!

We know he represents a dying political party when the RNC leader signs-on carte blanche to Trump's abusive, racist, bigoted and callous campaign.