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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Boehner Exclaims, "We Have No Plans To Impeach The President."

Image via Mario Piperni 
TPM LIVE (Headline and image)
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Ryan: Impeachment Talk 'A Ridiculous Game' By Obama

Which political party mentioned impeachment first? Hint: 2013 Congressional Summer Recess (see below). Who is playing games? Did GOP impeachment talk backfire? 
John Boehner went on record yesterday in response to questions of GOP impeachment of the nation's president. Boehner denies plans for impeachment and lays all the talk squarely on political posturing and fundraising. According to Nate Silver's Five Thirty Eight Blog, Democrats and liberal media are discussing "impeachment" far more than conservative media (Fox News). A fair assertion by Boehner and interesting  understandable data from Silver, but there is much more.

Let's start with Boehner on yesterday.

Boehner: Impeachment Talk Nothing But White House ‘Scam’

Boehner is so very phony and disingenuous, Let's dispense of political correctness, Boehner is simply a bold faced liar running interference for a party out of control. After Sarah Palin opened her cable network with mumble-mouthed "impeachment" marketing strategy and after the 2013 Congressional Summer Recess with "Impeach Obama" as the talking-point theme, Boehner has  gall speaking as such before open microphones and cameras? The House leader insults us with cheap political posturing. We have memory, we have video, and we have learned the new GOP.

Laura Ingraham, noted conservative celebrity, en-capsulized the talk in the late spring of 2013, well before the Congressional Summer Recess.  While Brit Hume questioned the wisdom of impeachment talk, he will be the first to jump on the bandwagon should the GOP takeover the US Senate this fall.

Real Clear Politics

Brit Hume: "Stupid" For Republicans To Talk About Impeachment Right Now  Posted on May 17, 2013

LAURA INGRAHAM: Brit, we had a lot of Republicans running to the microphone yesterday and quite a number of them were using the i-word, i.e. impeachment of Barack Obama. What's your take on the reaction so far among some of our more conservative Congressman and Senators?  
BRIT HUME: I think it's stupid for them to say stuff like that. These cases will be driven by the facts, which has happened so far -- information drives these things. And big talk about big measures and most people in this country, I think, regard impeachment as an extreme measure necessary in some rare cases is way premature and it only runs the risk of having this appear to be political on their side. 

Boehner's remarks can be bundled into a package that can be sold only to the more gullible and die hard conservatives. Those of us who follow current events with a large, watchful eye on conservative America know better. Fox nor CNN will provide any opportunity to refute Boehner's claim of complete innocence on the Right. I suspect both networks will run and re-run Boehner's remarks until network producers feel their viewers "got the message." Yet, I will also wager neither network will visit the summer of 2013 and obvious GOP Recess town-hall "impeachment" talking-points.


Chris Matthews, Hardball (August 2013)

Chris Matthews in a far too lengthy segment: 2:26 minutes. I offer a much more brief segment below, but it is absent salient points from Matthews and his Panel guests. The Hardball, segment includes a comprehensive summary of GOP members of Congress who occupied 2013 Recess town-halls with talk of "impeachment." Our point of interest and focus comes at the 2:20 minute mark and ends shortly thereafter (3:11 mark) once Matthews and his guest move to the standard MSNBC panel (opinion talk). The segment is long, but Matthews poses a cogent point that like it or not has merit. After all of the malfeasance and deleterious governance from Bush W., the word impeach simply wasn't a political tool. Democrats and the public simply did not 'Go there.'

Joy Reid, MSNBC.... (August 2013)

GOP Impeachment talk!

I often read GOP leadership is not in agreement with "impeachment" talk and there are no plans. Mere words from people who have shown they will throw words at the public while literally planning contrary actions in back rooms. Boehner says there are "no plans." Well, maybe not as GOP money-brokers and oligarchs have not ordered their political operatives to move the US Congress to the constitutional process. If the Kochs, Adelsons, and other uber wealthy money backers wish, their political wing will certainly follow lockstep. We can rest with comfort in the reality GOP leadership has discussed impeachment and we would be naive to think it is not a future strategy. Hint: After the mid term elections, if the GOP wins the US Senate. Boehner publicly 'goes there' with his claims of disagreement with GOP celebrities and media gold-diggers (i.e., Sarah Palin). 

In fairness to House Speaker John Boehner, he is one of official record with ”I disagree,” when asked by Luke Russert about Palin's impeachment marketing strategy. 

Boehner is correct in his assessment and assertion of fund-raising related to GOP impeachment talk. Donations to Democrats fund-raising has increased with a major spike after Palin deployed the "I" Word strategy before announcing her cable Network Channel. Donors also undoubtedly remember the summer of 2013, mistrust the GOP, and are reacting to the reality of GOP members of Congress and their subservience to Conservative celebrities. Yes, the Grand OL Party has de Facto leadership of Internet bloggers (e.g., Drudge) and multi-millionaires who do not hold elected office and who and sit in front of cameras, and radio microphones. Going on camera to refute the reality of GOP talk of impeachment is like denying the GOP strategy to shut down the US government. No, Boehner should look a lot closer at this Palin Frankenstein Monster; she continues to wreak havoc on the GOP.
Now let's close with my promise of ,.."but there is more.

With what we have seen from the GOP since the night of Obama's inauguration why should we accept Boehner's crafty......."there are no plans?"  What is it about the American psyche that does not allow for acceptance the party on the Right is ripe with misinformation, lies and outright political subterfuge. Should we expect Boehner to simply admit impeachment could be a strategy after the fall elections? How many GOP members of Congress are stating 'no plan' to impeach and in the same paragraph clearly stating the procedure is a possibility?  The "Full Stop" point: "After Boehner has indicated a pending lawsuit against the president (Over of all things the ACA extensions) and GOP ideology leaders have begun to use the "I" Word, wouldn' Democrats fail in not anticipation the legal actions? Wouldn't liberal media fails it viewers via not covering or not talking about the legal process.  We are talking media here, after all. Hello!
The ultimate and most salient point; when did President Obama finally drop all reservation about hitting the GOP impeachment strategy head-on? The following videoed public appearance took place this year (2014). Based on the embeds an information posted above, it seems the White House has every right and expectation to lash back against impending threats.

Think of the flak from the Left if the president and his team did not face what was an obvious GOP talking-point playbook strategy. Does the GOP really believe the president is weak and will not fight back? Of, is the GOP deploying another playbook strategy. I offer both prospects are reality.
What a sad political party wears the GOP moniker!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fox News Quick Hit: O'Reilly and Goldberg Stage and Anti-Palin Segment

Fox News contributor either poses a problem for Bill O'Reilly or the contributor followed a craftily crafted script.

Do you think the Right will ever rid itself of Sarah Palin? Despite the short-term viewership excitement and ratings boost for Sean Hannity, Palin's insanity and lack of intellect has to eventually wear thin.

When Bernie Goldberg takes exception to Palin's drivel, even Fox News viewer must concede Fox News management's decision to re-employ has turned into a national embarrassment.

Media Matters....

Fox's Bernie Goldberg Slams Fox Contributor's Imprach Obama tirade

Did you notice O'Reilly craftily inserted "the economy is improving?" FACTS IS FACTS!

If the segment was crafted to refute Palin's revenue garnering remarks, I must ask: "Why would O'Reilly and Goldberg "step-on" on Hannity's cash cow. StumbleUpon

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Summer of 2013 And The "I" Word


Since it appears the "I" Word was the mantra for the five week vacation of US House Republicans, a very simple infographic published by TPM should be spread to non-low information people.  If you are a low-information person who follows the scripted rhetoric for the Right do not tread in this infograhpic. It will only disappoint you.
An example from one who claims to be a friend to President Obama.

The very reason I keep "so-called" friends farther away from me than an obviously rabid animal or anyone with a GOP sticker on their lapel.

 “Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.” All rights not expressly granted herein are hereby reserved.

In fairness some in the GOP, especially in the Senate, have extensive use of the "I" Word.

Many of the very same GOP representatives served in Congress while the following list of potential Bush offenses entered US History.  I do not agree that all of the following were impeachable offenses, but if you look close at least one third of the list constitutes "High Crimes." 


Compiled by "Son of a Bush"

1) The now famous Downing Street Memo, along with the testimony of former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil constitute direct evidence of a decision by Bush to invade a sovereign foreign nation on entirely specious grounds.

2) The decision to deploy chemical weapons in Fallujah came from Rumsfeld who no doubt covered his ass by receiving assent from Bush to use these banned weapons.

3) The decision by Bush to dig up dirt on UN diplomats when the General Assembly was considering his ill-fated war resolution.

4) Authorizing torture of POW's - a direct violation of the protocols of the Geneva Convention
5) Holding so called "non-combatant civilians" for an indefinite period of time ,depriving them of their day in court ,access to counsel, and access to family members who could plead their cause to the public.

6) Kidnapping so called "terror suspects" , placing them on Rendition Airways, and sending them to countries like Uzbekistan who boil these ,untried,unconvinced people alive.

7) Foreknowledge of 9/11 by Bush, Rice, and the top Neocons at the Pentagon . The only ones warned were Fmr. SF. Mayor Willie Brown, Salman Rushdie (Via Scotland Yard) and Ariel Sharon, who cancelled his trip to NYC scheduled for the weekend prior to 9/11.

8) Engaging in a massive voter suppression campaign in the state of Ohio to secure a second term by fraudulent means. Such activities carry criminal sanctions as outlined in the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

9) Covering up the involvement of Mossad in 9/11. The fellow that secreted these spies and explosives experts out of country and back into Israel , Michael Chertoff, was promoted from Criminal Division of the Justice Dept to lead the Dept. of Homeland Security.

10) The attempt to quash the testimony of Sibel Edmonds using the bogus shield of the States Secret Act.

11) Engaging in a systematic campaign of depriving political dissidents of their 1st amendment rights to condemn Bush administration policy. Protesters are removed out of crowds and summarily placed in jail. The Secret Service, under orders of the President, conduct "Harassment and intimidation Interviews" of anti -Bush political activists.

12) Conspiring with Ken Lay to rip-off the the people of California by creating false energy shortages,thus creating the causus belli for charging energy consumers illegal, confiscatory rates. 

13) Conspiring to rig the vote count in the state of Fl. by hacking optical scan machines and E-voting machines and covering up the latter by passing legislation in the state of Fl to prevent post-election examination of E-voting machines.

14) Illegally transferring $700 million from the budget for the war in Afghanistan for war preparations in Iraq in July 2002, without Congressional Approval. This is a Constitutional violation.

15) The "outing" of CIA operative Valerie Plame.

Yet, we have Republicans 'red meating' their town hall attendees with the "I" Word.