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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

E.D. Hill ...Up Skirts..... NOT CNN, NOT MSNBC, NOT FOX , A Whimsical Look ...REDUX. " I report, you decide"


NOT FOX, NOT , NOT CNN, NOT HLN, NOT MSNBC and NOT EVEN AMERICAN but  glaring shots (excuse the pun) of the existence of 'News titillation'.

A few questions: 1 Do you really think this reporter had to go through a normal interview to secure a job? 2. Do you think any males viewers care what language she speaks? 3. Is there a story in the segment (even despite language); I did not see one? Why did I not see nor hear a story? 4. Where is this woman's mother?

 Do you think language acts a barrier to understanding this story?  Why would this media outlet even foot the expense of a set backdrop. I am certain one camera angle is all that is necessary, desired, or useful (your choice). I wonder if the very young in her country are prohibited from viewing the evening news. If so, I wonder how many young females grow up watching her and thinking, "....oh well, think I will become a nurse". Forget this woman's mother, were the hell are the Police?  No, No not the police...but, but who will arrest her? FIREMEN??? PRIESTS?  Hell, If I were not married, I would make a citizens arrest.

The Power and Influence of ratings!
Feeding the 'foot fetishes'
 in the audience?

 As I move away from the 'pure' exhibit, I want to revisit the Ratings Wars.

 Ratings data that might help illustrate a point, have been pasted or copied below.

 Since the early morning hours garner the most 'skirts' shots, I think it notable to view the first sets of data just below.  The source of the data was not saved.... shame on me) but if that is an issue, I will locate the data.  The fact that the data is a copy and paste without opportunity to modify the data, should help with credibility.
A few bits of slightly aged data before we proceed.

PEW RESEARCH DATA (Unformatted and  a little hard to discern)                                                      CNN         FOX     MSNBC
                                Men                 43%   46%44%
                                Women            57    54 56
                                Republican      17   44          14

                             Mod/Lib Rep       9  34    8
                              Independent      31  28  30
                                 Democrat       47  21   53
                        Cons/Mod Dem      28   16  34
                                  Lib Dem        16     3  18

Well. no real surprises in the data. Basically, FOX News and its predominately male audience has the higher levels of viewer-ship wins the ratings wars.  

Those who follow such data might tend to believe that FOX News is the most competent and credible of the three major cable networks. 

I notice that FOX hands-down wins the DAY TIME TV Wars 
(recent data was not available to me).  Bare with me just a moments.  The Fox News evening shows with an exception for Van Sustren, is a male bastion.  OK, so we know who watches those evening shows.  The day-time shows, however, have another dynamic.  I suppose their quality of news coverage is superior to both CNN and MSNBC.

FOX NEWS BUSINESS (I will wager the audience is predominately Male!) 2:47 Minutes
I understand the visual impact of camera shots but this segments is inordinately   laced  with wide shots; lot less facial shots....UUUMMMM wonder why?

HLN Hendricks (1:47 Minutes)
This one is a classic....There is no way the camera specialist and the reporter could not have anticipated the visual of this leg cross (No Sound).

Bloomberg Joins in.....

The Network King FOX..compilation

I see that Kiran comes over to CNN from FOX.  UUMMMMM, and I wondered why her penchant for the leg shots.  Oh, gotta check out ED Hill at the 1:18 Minute mark of the video. Is she taking direction or being warned that a bit much is showing?

So much for the Whimsical look (redux).  The current practice of news room exposure is moving to levels of completely 'over-the-top'.   American viewers are not yet exposed to the level of exposure as depicted at that top of the article; not yet.   If newsrooms producers continue to move towards 'stretching acceptable levels of skin', I cannot be convinced that the quality of the news does not suffer.

I am convinced that we will one day see or read about a discrimination lawsuit filed against a network based on issues related to whether of not 'skin exposures' is a Bonafide Occupational Qualification.

In  the meantime, I guess we just watch to see where we reach the 'flesh' outter limits or we enjoy....individual perspective.

NOTE: for sake of clarity, I also love good shots of 'skin'...just think that we are moving towards serious overdoses of skin in our television news (ON CERTAIN NETWORKS), and I believe it is very much a strategy and not callousness by the female reporters or anchors.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The LefTake: Mitch172nd

The Site strikes again.....

I have the LefTake linked to my site in the left side bar.  However, there are so many great diarys (articles) posted on that site, I often taken a few and post them here.


The following is a treatise from one of the LefTake's great thinkers, writers, and debaters.


The Mysteries Of Right-Wing Thinking (+)

by: mitch172nd

April 13, 2011 3:36 PM

Newt Gingrich to Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor about the actions of protesters against Proposition 8:
"I think there is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us, is prepared to use violence, to use harassment. I think it is prepared to use the government if it can get control of it. I think that it is a very dangerous threat to anybody who believes in traditional religion."

This quote was brought to you by a man who wants to be President of The United States!
Well, if this doesn't sound familiar. I don't know about you guys, but if I'm not mistaken, isn't that what wealthy conservatives, the right and Christian fundamentalist movements, with the help of the Republicans and a few deranged Tea Party backed representatives are doing right now as we speak? Sheesh, the double standard, we're always right your always wrong, when we do it it's ok but when you do it is some kind of ism that's bad and evil just astounds me. What's wrong with these people? They say their pro-America, pro democracy, but their actions speak very differently, almost as if they want to create a Fourth Reich, based on religious intolerance, homophobia, suppression of dissent and freedom of speech, which we all saw under the last Bush Administration. But these knuckleheads would probably take it at least one step further, and what I find so scary about them, is that they really are convinced that their way is the right way and everybody else is just plain wrong.

I would also like to say that I have met and known many people in the gay and lesbian community, and none of them have ever struck me as being mean spirited (although they stick together and look out for one another, and I can't say as I blame them) and they're just like anybody else: they just want to be left alone to get on with it. I also don't blame them for being pissed off about proposition 8, it goes against their rights "the right to the pursuit of happiness." I think anyone has the right to marry if they love one another, regardless of gender preference. I think love in any form is a good and positive force, especially since there's more than enough hate to go around nowadays, as we can see from the above statement. If the far-right only sees hate and intolerance for anything they see different from themselves, fine, whatever. In that case, the fires of hell await them and not us. 

I would also like to suggest to Mr. Gingrich a great way to tell the difference between his head and his ass; if we take a 2X4 plank and hit you with it as hard as we can and you feel it, that'll be your ass. If you don't feel a thing, that will be your head.