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Monday, October 15, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: 60 Minutes Interview

Asked if he believes he treated Ford with respect, the President said, "I think so, yeah. I did." 
"You know what?" Trump added when told it appeared he had accused Ford of lying in a speech. "I'm not going to get into it, because we won. It doesn't matter. We won."

Trump on 60 Minutes with Lesley Stahl.

Why 60 Minutes broadcast an interview with Donald Trump has to fall in the realm of rationale based in because he is the President along with a suspicious consideration of .....and will draw millions of viewers. While Trump supporters may have found the interview comparable to Trump's oozfest rallies, the 26 minutes on air offered historic existentially embarrassing archive minutes.

If you did not see your president at his literal worse, give what follows a few minutes; even if you skip through the interview.

A minute on Saudi Journalist killing.

CNN article, linked here.

"...We won",  he said.  Is this a game pitting US conservatism against the world?  It seems to be a common trait and consideration from many conservatives.  Life is a big game

I recall a situation within mere weeks of Trump's November popular vote loss while having dinner with a neighbor family.  As we approach the dinner I noticed a couple of efforts by the wife (or girlfriend) to elicit comments or reactions regarding Trump's inane and idiotic post-election speeches.  She got one form me nor the wife.  

As we worked through dinner, somehow the conversation moved to retiring early for bed.  The wife proclaims she had to be awake late to watch "the news".  From that point the conversation moved to the reality we did not vote for Trump. Oh man, the atmosphere changed.  The fellow immediately raised his hands in the air as if his turn at a stadium wave waved his arms back and forth and went to a chorus of "We won, we won, we won."  Really?  The fellow looked like he was in a scene from the 60's hippie movie replete wiAcid-induced ed chanting.  upon seeing the unbelievable spectacle, I suggested we avoid discussion of politics while partaking in the meal. The women hesitated for a moment and stated; "Ok not dinner but I have one thing to say." At that point, she moved into Sean Hannity mode (her late-night news viewing without question) and went here: " I love my country!  Seriously, I mean really? She went there. As if my non-trump vote disqualified me from a love of country.

These are the same exhibitionist Americans who like so many on the right exercise their rights, fly the US flag 24/7-365  (day, night weather) without regard for US Flag etiquette and protocol. They live in a simple-minded, dangerous and false reality promulgated and nurture by republicanism. A political ideology and practice inseminated by Richard Nixon, honed by Ronald Regan and has now metastasized into trumpism. 

60 Minutes?

The issue of why broadcast with a president who lies far more than he issues truisms, stands as something of an expectation. Yet, there is something rolling around in my mind settles on; why bother. Trump is a pathological liar, he apparently has motives to avoid any confrontation with dictators or moneyed opportunities.

The 60 Minutes interview was a farce.   It is important to remember, if we elected a clown, we gt a circus.