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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Comedian As Social Leader

When comedian show hosts speak sensibly, while media and politicians play (money grabbing) indifference you know our world is sick.

If you think we are remiss in not avoiding additional dialogue you really have missed the point.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mental Health (HBO)

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mass Killings On The Rise, Cop Killings On The Rise, NRA Actively Fighting Controls And Citizens Die!

Embeded in linked piece below

Rachel Maddow and the TRMS team, have put together an interesting, intriguing and tragic look at mass killings in the United States.  The information indicates a deterioration of the mental health of some in our nation and, like it or not, availability of weapons of personal destruction.

Before moving into the Maddow piece, and a well crafted article by Maddow Blog  the Maddow Blog, we are going to digress a moment at yet another cop killing of an innocent citizen.  Our reason for digression relates to an overarmed society and mental disorders.  I ask that you keep in mind, the prospect that mental disorders runs the gamut from severe biases through head banging discussion with ones-self (as well as phsyical abuse of animals and, or, people).

The story you are about to read relates to an all too often case of cops shooting young African-American males.  It seems the young hoodlums that deserve the treatment you are about to witness, get away with their crimes, while innocent people fall victim to paranoia as in the linked 911 call.  This episode relates to a cop who shot a young automobile accident victim 10 times (out of 12 shots) and after the victim had been unsuccessfully tasered.  Linked CNN

While we have maniacs in our society who have access to lethal weapons, we also have mentally deficient law enforcement officials with at least seven to eight killing apparatus on their leather waste belt (and probably another hidden in ankle holsters). 

Alternet Dot Org.

The Root Dot Com

Again, we inserted the digression as another fissure of gun abuse in the nation.  The fact the nation's latest mass killer was African-American is of no relevance (as he was apparently insane) to the central point of the Maddow Show segment. The salient point: weapon availability to people who without doubt show (someone) signs of mental instability.  Police officer (quick draw) instability is unfortunate as it is undoubtedly, in part, due to high crimes rates endemic among some young African-American males. And, yes it most assuredly takes an unstable person to shoot an unarmed person 10 times out of 12 shots, regardless of  impetus.

End digression

United States mass killings via Rachel Maddow and Joan Conaway.

The Conaway piece....

It seems the gun lobby, the GOP and many Americans have grown completely callous about growing cases of murder via the gun.  The answer is not with unrealistic (Fahrenheit 451) ridding the nation of firearms. I am in fact a multi-firearm owner with no interest in handing over firearms.  I am also rational enough to see the statistics indicting a need for some sort of intervention. The intervention could be a national reporting program of people who have shown document-able evidence of deteriorated emotional states.

Before we end this piece, consider a couple of NPR audio segments about Aaron Alexis.  The signs were there, the warnings were there and no one paid attention. Like Edward Snowden (as Maddow indicates) he also received a Secret Clearance and military base access via contractor status. 
NPR, Here and Now: Naval Yard Shooter.