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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Money Trails And Buying Your Politics


We are going to post the following table with minimum dialog. As you view the table, it will not take much to realize dialog beyond our normal railing about money in politics, is unnecessary.

While both sides of the isle accept contributions from businesses, individuals and PACs, the upper most part of the table will tell all. It tells of why the IRS may have first focused on conservative (appearing)  organization names applying for tax free status. 

There are two things endemic to conservative giving. They never want their identities reveled (after the very visible plutocrat Kochs) and they abhor the responsibility of paying taxes. They do not want to pay taxes even if it means buying votes. 

This story reminds of a segment I watched on CNN yesterday. Apparently, Disney World (Disney) is revising a policy of allowing disabled quick access to its theme park rides and exhibitions. Can you guess why? Wealthy people were reported to seek-out and pay disabled people to pretend they were families members so the wealthy did not have to wait in line. I assume Disney would not undertake such a public policy if they knew of an isolated case. DAMN!

Open Secrets Dot Org and the Center for Responsive Politics.

Political Nonprofit Spending Since 2008: Politicization Rankings

Political spending by nonprofits has exploded since the Supreme Court's decision in Wisconsin Right to Life v. FEC decision, issued during the 2008 cycle. This influx of nonprofit spending correlates directly with the increase in "dark money" from unknown sources in federal elections because the vast majority of nonprofits aren't required to -- and don't -- disclose their donors. This page is the first systematic attempt to pull together data the groups report to the IRS and the FEC to compare the overall spending of politically active nonprofits in a given year, as well as the proportion of spending devoted to activities meant to influence, directly or indirectly, the outcome of elections.  

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