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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Libertarianism...Lost Conservatives et al

Great Venn Diagram of realists, racists and race deniers from Anatoly Karlin.
I have an aversion to Libertarians.   Yes, I said , "I have an aversion to Libertarians."  Regardless of their positions and accompanying arguments, every libertarian I have ever met, argued with, discussed, or read about from a  distance has struck me as a conservative. A conservative that simply has disdain for their conservative views.

Before I am accused of casting blanket stereotyping against all libertarians,  I will qualify my thoughts and comment with frank admission to harboring an affinity for a few who claim libertarianism.  The admission is far cry from my total contempt for all things conservative: modern day conservatism.

Evidence of my contempt for conservatism has deep roots, and current manifestations that are truly bothersome.

Current manifestations...

Kochs (Link) and Pauls (Link I, Link II, Link III) 

Of course, I know one or two libertarians who claim complete contempt for conservative America. I actually, believe they harbor as much angst towards conservative America as do I. Yet, deeper conversation with the person often yields a cadre of conservative economic values and beliefs.  Those beliefs, now-a-days, keeps bad company: Bias, bigotry and the ultimate racism.

The following is an interesting and revealing view of Libertarianism.  We certainly realize there is more to the ideology than is depicted below, but the developer of the graphic performed admirable job of capturing the core of libertarian.

Facebook (Source)from this point.


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