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Friday, July 14, 2017

Trump Junior's Collusion Meeting Included Who? A Former Russian Counter Intel Guy.

Today's episode of Lie with the Trumps finds another person in the now famous Trump Junior meeting for purpose of securing "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.

Business Insider is reporting there may have been another person in the meeting beyond the former Russian counter intelligence officer (turned lobbyist): Rinat Akhmetshin.

We located a much more detailed accounting of Akmestshin via The Daily Beast: Link.

Let's end with Trump's edition of a 'talk the TV Host out of interview minutes presstitute: Sabastian Gorka.

How about another well known former Trump spokesperson who sits as a CNN contributor? I posit, not one world from this guys mouth should be filed away as honest. (red link)
Former Trump staffer @JasonMillerinDC says Don Jr. is being unfairly attacked over meeting with Russian lawyer
As the hours and days pass, it is growing increasingly difficult to avoid a summary judgment of Junior's meeting as political collision with a foreign government.