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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Steve King: Racist, No Comment From His President

During the 2016 RNC/GOP Conference (and in the heart of growing Trumpism), Iowa's Representative to the US Congress performed as such for the nation's racists and bigots.

It is important to note King is a long term Congressman from a district in the State of Iowa which obviously has no issues with his overt racism. Members of his party and the greater GOP know he is the most outspoken white supremacists' in the US House of Representatives.  Actually, no a surprise from an elected official in a party which has a core component (subliminal or not) with vestiges of bigotry and racism.

So King is tolerated by some and probably a welcome voice by others who consider themselves conservatives. Of course, there are conservatives who do not share his overt racism, but those people elected are non-elected are reticent to call out a very ugly aspect of their party, movement, and ideology. 

Well, one member of Congress has gone public. Fellow Iowa Representative Ernst spoke out.

Of particular note; have you heard any condemning, disavowing or criticism of King from Trump. The question is rhetorical. I know the answer.

And why would a US President speak out against King's overt racism when his son compared immigrants to items for a zoo fence? A  matter of psyche, privilege, and common disgust.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quick Hit: "I Want A White Doctor!"

A few hours ago we published a piece about white privilege. We worked with quit a few words to delineate various levels of racism which isn't factor in the life of American white people. Link.

We are offering a quick hit related to the topic. 

 As you view what follows, notice the overwhelming level of overt racism the women is totally comfortable exhibiting.  Also notice a fairly common tactic among bigots and racists: that ever-present strategy to turn situations around while feigning victimhood.

The Root published a piece about black doctors and the reality of it all.
Video of a White Woman Demanding a White Doctor Shocked Everyone ... Except Black Doctors 


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Facebook Racist Claims He Is A Victim!


Yesterday we published this piece: The ugliness of white privilege.

A youngest of victims!

A little boy wonders over to the desk of one of his mother's male so-workers and becomes the sick object of American racism. Interestingly, his mother may not have known the true colors (pun intended) Of her racist fellow employee. Just as many in the nation have little idea of concept of the true inner core of people with whom they interact ever single day. Yet, we have millions in this world (probably you also) who suffers a skin crawl when the slogan @BlackLivesMatter. 

Today the racist speaks out. He claims victim hood, also.

No matter his victim hood, it is impossible to overlook a clear case of "white privilege" in this ugliest form. The kid may have felt a moment of excitement at visiting with the male at his work station. Yet, he is met with the same ridicule scorn and victim hood commonly handed to African-Americans by those who are more covert in their racism.

Did the racist actually mentioned the word "victim also."


Monday, June 9, 2014

The Millers and "The Joker"..And a US Bundle of Horror

Joker 2; Society 0.....  

Do you recall emulation of the fictional "Joker" in relation to the killings in Aurora Colorado? How about the stabbing of a teen last week with associated references to some character called "Splenderman?" We all love the movies, million upon millions love video games (The Pardu excluded from that populations) and even more seek people or items to Lamprey their psychological deficiencies.

The Las Vegas shooters apparently have a background that is a bundle of all that is bad in the US.

Las Vegas shooter Jared Miller cries as he videotapes comment prior to a jail term.
                                                                                                                                         A shirtless, crying Jerad Miller posted a video in July 2013 professing his love for Amanda Miller before he began serving a jail term.                                                   
"I'm going to miss your smile and your laugh, and the way you can always bring a smile to my face eventually, no matter how crabby of a mood I'm in because of the New World Order and sh-t," he said. "I just wish we could wake up our families, I wish we could live in a happy-go-lucky world and not have to worry about none of this. I wish we didn't have to go through this sh-t, but we do."

Neighbors said Jerad Miller claimed he had gone to the Bundy ranch but was asked to leave, and he made similar claims on YouTube.

"I was out there but they told me and my wife to leave because I am a felon," Miller commented April 19. "They don't seem to understand that they are all felons now for intimidating law enforcement with deadly weapons. So don't tell you that they need people. We sold everything we had to buy supplies and quit our jobs to be there 24/7. How dare you ask for help and shun us dedicated patriots!"

Amanda Miller set stricter privacy settings than her husband on her own Facebook page, although publicly available photos show the couple dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn and visiting various sites along the Las Vegas Strip.
Taking Points Memo
“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”

Facebook Posts Reveal Vegas Shooter Thought Bundy Ranch Was 'Start Of Revolution


The page is attributed to Jerad Miller, with the same unusual spelling of the Vegas shooter's first name and who is listed as married to an Amanda Miller from Las Vegas. Going back to 2012, it is almost entirely filled with violent rhetoric based around a strong Second Amendment advocacy and extreme opposition to the federal government.

"The dawn of a new day," Miller posted on June 7, the day before the shootings. "May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it."

Authorities have said the Millers draped the Gadsen flag -- a symbol of the American Revolution that has been adopted in recent years by the tea party movement -- on the police officers after shooting them. Witnesses have also told police one of the shooters shouted, "This is the start of a revolution,” before the shooting.

In Jerad Miller's Facebook postings, he invoked the Bundy Ranch standoff while it was picking up steam in early April with a revolutionary fervor.

"Ranch war almost under way," he posted on April 9. "[W]e need to watch this closely, could be the next Waco and start of revolution."

Later the same day, Miller posted that he would be "supporting Clive Bundy and his family from Federal Government slaughter... We must do something. I will be doing something."

Al Jazeera America quoted someone named Jerad Miller in an April 22 report on the Bundy Ranch standoff, though it identified him as a "rancher."

"I feel sorry for any federal agents that want to come in here and try to push us around or anything like that," he told the news outlet. "I really don't want violence toward them, but if they're gonna come bring violence to us, if that's the language they want to speak, we'll learn it."

In addition, television station KRNV in Reno aired a report on April 14 that included video from the Bundy Ranch site and an interview with a supporter identified as "Jarad Miller" and who gave a very similar quote that was given to Al Jazeera.

But things apparently didn't go well for Miller at the ranch. In another apparent entry, posted to a Google Plus account attributed to a Jerad Miller, he wrote that he had been "shunned" at Bundy Ranch and asked to leave because he was a convicted felon.

"I was out there but they told me and my wife to leave because I am a felon," he wrote. "They don't seem to understand that they are all felons now for intimidating law enforcement with deadly weapons. So don't tell you that they need people. We sold everything we had to buy supplies and quit our jobs to be there 24/7. How dare you ask for help and shun us dedicated patriots!"

In the Facebook postings, the revolutionary and violent rhetoric carried through until just prior to the June 8 shootings.

"We can hope for peace. We must, however, prepare for war," Miller wrote on June 2. "To stop this oppression, I fear, can only be accomplished through bloodshed." The same day, he encouraged "illegal aliens" to "make the ultimate sacrifice with us."

But while Miller appears to have taken an intense interest in the Buncy Ranch standoff, his public Facebook postings were filled with violent imagery and anti-government beliefs long before Bundy earned national headlines.

"This is a declaration to all Americans. If you don't agree with and hold dear the second amendment of the united states constitution (sic), then you ,need to self-deport yourself to someplace where people like you can congregate," he wrote on Jan. 1, 2013. "We are already on our way to tyranny, and your corrupt evil ass needs to leave this country before you incite another civil war."

"Your (sic) a traitor to this nation and its people who hold their rights dear to them and deserve to die a traitors death."

Here are more photos of the couple from Jerad Miller's Facebook page:
Read more after break below

Friday, March 21, 2014

Racist Alert!

Virginia KKK Imperial Wizard claims: 

"We're a Christian organization."  

OK, did anyone ask him if he has any record of Jesus wearing a cloaking hood?

Isn't it wonderful to know your social and political belief systems are diametrically opposed to this trash? For those who vote GOP or Libertarian, your vote probably lines right up with these folk.

Virginia KKK imperial wizard: We’re not hateful, we’re a Christian organization (via Raw Story )
The leader of a Ku Klux Klan group in Virginia says the notoriously racist “Hooded Order” is really just a non-violent Christian organization. “We don’t hate people because of their race. I mean, we’re a Christian organization,” Frank Ancona…


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Morning Java: A Bitch Gets A Lesson!

Reinforce the lesson with a listen to "Go Your Own Way." Hey, the video audio below is in Portugese and subtitled to English.

Enjoy while the caffeine kicks-in!!!!

How about quick lesson in anti-racism to go along with your Sumatra,  Kopi Luwak IndonesianKenya AA, Tanzanian, French Roast, Kona Coast, 'Black Ivory' [Thai Elephant Dong],  Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Costa Rican, Espresso,  Moyobama Peruvian Organic, Indonesian Blend, Coffee Latte, Kauai Blend (often bitter), Colombian Red Lips, or your Folgers 100% Colombian?
                       Coffees of the World

The Portuguese know how to do it.....and that do it right.

In America, we play the game very differently. Thus we enable the privilege requested by the bitch in the video.

In order to stop racism, it must be confronted. When we act as if it is not our problem it digs in deeper and deeper as a problem.

Friday, December 27, 2013

An Invitation To The Secret Service

And they always declare themselves "....not racist, but." After all that Bush/Cheney gave us, I wonder is this racist ever spoke-out? Of course, not his problem with Obama is clearly stated.

American Exceptionlism!

This was on bay meadows road at a shell service station in Jacksonville, Fl. President Obama hanging.... 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Richard Cohen Flirts With Racist Remarks And Gets Colbert (ed)

Cohen says being called a racist is "hurtful."
Well, Mr. Cohen what about actually being a racist?
You mean that is not hurtful? And, what about the
interracial couples (people) you referred to as "gag-able?"
On November 13 2013, we posted a piece about The Washington Post Richard Cohen's racist comments regarding interracial couples. Cohen apparently finds repugnant life in America for those who have companions of another race.  Or, should say, he claims "some" find interracial couples "gag" initiating (his word)!

We have linked our piece earlier piece, here.  

Comedy Central's The Colbert Report has taken Cohen's racism to the level of mockery. We should add very appropriate and poignant mockery.

The Colbert Report

By The Colbert Report.Crappy column by Richard Cohen at The Washington Post.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Reverend Cruz Goes Birther With A Touch of Racism

Small image of the day: Rafael Cruz
For readers who may feel we comment on racism a bit more than is necessary, maybe you should open your mind a bit more and recognize a few things.

First, people who live and practice "isms" do not suffer from singular "isms." I doubt there is a racist in America who is also not suffering from some stage of sexism or homophobia. 

Second, we hope you are not naive enough to fail to realize racism works many ways. Yes, there are white racist, black racist, there are Asian racist, Latino racists and on and on. Among the identified groups there is only one opportunity to exercise one's racism against those of another race. The TPI ultimate and extended definition of racism includes the prospect of a person or a group's ability to practice actionable oppression against other racial or ethnic groups. Only whites have what we call "conferred privilege" and more aptly translated for those who leverage conferred privilege:  "White Privilege." 

On a tertiary basis, the prospect some of you may not realize that racism exists among minority groups. The perfect example has been revealed via Mother Jones's David Korn, the very David Korn who released the now famous (election killing) Mitt Romney 47% Boca Raton video.

Watch the video of Rafael Cruz greasing the skids of bigotry and racism for sake of campaigning on behalf of his son's Senatorial candidacy.
[h/t MoJo]

Did you notice the Rev. (elder) Cruz's heavy Cuban accent? Wonder if the tea party audience found cause to think in terms of racism and bigotry towards the obviously naturalized Cuban.  We do not believe so, as Cruz has folded into a mold of differentiating himself, and his son, from the people who occupy personally perceived lower tiers of America's social strata.

While I have not studied his genealogy, the elder Rev. Cruz. is a native of Cuba. He fathered a son with a Canadian woman, thus laying (excuse the pun) Cruz the younger to the same numerical racial mix as President Barack Obama: half white; half non-white. Unless, the elder Rev. Cruz considers himself one of the newly coined "White Hispanics." We very much suspect the Cruz clan represents one of the racial and ethnic groupings the IRS and other government agencies now offer when completing government documents. The Cruz's would probably reach to check: "two or more races."  I have read reports Barack Obama continues to check "Black /African-American."

How do you avoid Rev. Cruz's play on race via reference to Obama's Kenyan father?  You might feel that Cruz was simply feeding the ravishing tea party crowd a bit of birtherism. It is important to remember, Rev. (elder) Cruz's son recently extolled the virtues of the nation's most noted senatorial racist: Jesse Helms. It is obvious the Rev. (elder) Cruz, chooses not to accept his ethnicity (and his accent) places him in a social strata many in his audience would find under different circumstances intolerable along with President Obama.

Actually, as time passes the GOP might collect funding to move the Cruz family to ex-patriot statues with residence in Havana.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Austin Texas Racist and His (Bring No Blacks!) $1500 Bounty

Anthem for the "Invisible Negro"
I have lived in America all of my life. Probably you have lived in America the entirety of your life. We know America.

W know the nooks and crannies. We also know the good, the bad and the ugly.  We certainly know when we see, read or her the disingenuous.  Many of us know how to recognize people who are sexist, homophobic, racist and, while a slightly different light, we know religious zealots.  It really does not take any form of behaviorist or sociologist recognize any or all of the "isms" stated above.

You and I, as well as all, have rights to our preferences. Personal preference in any form bothers me little to none, except when it is shrouded in actionable mindsets that affect others. Keep it to yourself!

What you are about to see is yet another example of the extent to which racist find it not only acceptable to practice overt racism, it seems to have become an expectation. An expectation not vastly different than pre-antebellum life in the US and life in America's Jim Crow (north and south).  As you view the embedded racist (below) understand that he is one of the very worst denizens of the US. He claims to have no issues with people of color, except when it comes to sleeping with a black person. Yet, he stands "busted" by his own oratory and bodacious exhibitions.

Before move to the clip, allow me to find common ground with you and others in stating, "yes I have strong preference for social interaction, especially when I consider pre-sexual or actual sexual companionship." No problem with that in any regard.  All have preferences in many forms and our various preferences makes life much more fond and variety the very spice of life. I cannot imagine only one brand of flavored drink. 

The prospect of only drinking one type of coffee is deplorable. I can even see problems if forced to have my morning eggs scrambled only; might even like the option of  "green eggs and ham." Suppose all of our homes or apartment looked the same?  Point made.....preferences is as human as taking a breathe of CO2 every two seconds.

A major difference exist as I consider the racist from Austin Texas and his out-reach program. A $1500 reach-out (for sex) program that is much like the Jim Crow "Whites Only signs." 

In essence, we have most in-your-face example of, "I have $1500 for anyone who will serve as a bounty (sex) hunter who connects me with sex from a white woman, Hispanic woman or woman of European origin."

I doubt very seriously there are many African-Americans and Asians who would find the racist appealing. His offer as stated is clearly offensive and in-line with regression common place in social messages from conservative America.

Rick Santorum (former GOP presidential hopeful and frequent Fox News and CNN news guest)

A day later and a midst a major "clean-up" campaign Santorum goes here!

As the Austin racist moved through the interview, he clearly relished his time in the limelight. The interview was actually a form free advertisement with moving visual modeling.  He relished the free advertisement until the planned hijack by the host. The interviewer clearly anticipated the ever-present and common, "Oh I have nothing against black people" refrain. He went there and was exposed just as bigoted and racist people (unfortunately far more on the poli/social Right. 

Huff Post Women 

What makes a lady a quality lady, you may ask? Well first, she needs to be skinny:
I am 39 years old, (date of birth is 9-18-1974 so that makes me a Virgo) 6′,4″ and 195lbs... I am looking for a girl that has a thin or athletic build. No one over 130lbs. Ages 21 – 41 White, Hispanic, or of European descent.
He also has strong feelings about his potential future girlfriend's sexual past:
I will not date any girl that has ever had a threesome, or a large number of past sexual partners. I do not want a promiscuous slut, I want a normal, decent, good hearted girlfriend.
And to top it all off, he's a raging racist!
I will not date a Black girl. I don’t care if she looks like Halle Berry, I will not ever date a Black girl. And, I do not believe that Whites & Blacks should mix races sexually and have kids together. I think it’s ok for Whites & Hispanics. But not Blacks. I would NEVER, EVER, EVER date a woman if I found out she had EVER been sexually active with a Black man.
So... anyone care to set this charming fellow up? For some reason, we don't think he's going to have much luck.


Yet, we disagree with the author of the Huff Post-WOMEN piece. The Austin racist will find his "Eve." He will find her because the nation is full of comparable women racist who have not yet learned  "isms' travel in packs.

The salient point of this piece? People can think as they please. As soon as one converts thoughts to behavior (acts) the persons thoughts and mindset reaches the innocent.

Why should young influence-able people be exposed to "Whites Only sign?"  
  What is humorous (Mr. Racist from Austin) about sending messages to people that you as a person who exercises "White Privilege"  find palatable. 

We see and know of enough of such in the workplace regarding hiring and promotion.

Mr. Racist in Austin is literally going, here.

Discrimination is OK, when practiced in the privacy of one's life and away from harmful affects on others. But, recognize it makes no sense to deny one's racism.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Morning Java: The Ever-present Racist

Enjoy while the caffeine kicks-in!!!!

How about some education system racism to go along with your Sumatra,  Kopi Luwak IndonesianKenya AA, Tanzanian, French Roast, Kona Coast, 'Black Ivory' [Thai Elephant Dong],  Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Costa Rican, Espresso,  Moyobama Peruvian Organic, Indonesian Blend, Coffee Latte, Kauai Blend (often bitter), Colombian Red Lips, or your Folgers 100% Colombian?
                       Coffees of the World


For those who simply cannot accept angst for African-Americans who know we are seeing, sensing and feeling growing exhibitions of racism, you should stop your innate denial. Reality is, we are experiencing many people who are "coming-out" of hidden or suppressed recesses of racial animus. 

For many years (late 1960s through 1970s) it was not "cool" to go racial (with open comment). Ronald Reagan's southern strategy 'gave permission' to go racial in many ways and the GOP has created a full racism monster not witnessed since the mid-1960s. We also did not have media that would expose those who literally relish wallowing in racist comment and dialog. People who derived excitement and satisfaction from such exhibitions were able to hide behind the privacy of a telephone conversation, or sharing words across the fenced backyard. Surely, you have heard the words whispered at the bowling alley, spoken below one's breathe or spoken when the speaker simply wanted to malign a person of color. Maybe, your exposure to the words came after drinks when inhibitions wane. Alas, you probably have heard such remarks from relatives and friends who you dare not challenge; I am guilty of same. And, of course, maybe you have been completely insulted from overt and covert racism. We doubt it!

You have seen the horrors from the Tea Party.



 pour another cup of coffee and checkout the following.

Top Pennsylvania school officials accused of racist texts: All blacks’ ‘last name is N*GGER!’
By David Edwards
Monday, September 23, 2013 12:43
Former Coatesville Area School Superintendent Richard Como (WPVI)
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In a statement to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan said that his office launched the probe after it received a transcript of the texts from district personnel.Two former high-ranking officials in one Pennsylvania school district are facing a criminal investigation over shocking racist and sexists text messages that were found on their work cell phones, authorities confirmed on Sunday. 
An investigation by the Daily Local News found that the cell phone accounts were linked to former Coatesville Area School Superintendent Richard Como and former Director of Athletics and Activities Jim Donato. Both men had unexpectedly resigned during the first week of school in late August. 
A timeline of events from the Daily Local News showed that the text messages were sent in June and a copy was provided to the school board in August after being discovered by the district’s IT department. 
According to the paper, “the school board was made aware of the text messages and was prepared to allow Como and Donato to remain in their positions until the transcripts were leaked to the Chester County District Attorney’s Office, prompting a criminal investigation.” 
In a transcript of the text messages obtained by Daily Local News, one of the men suggests that all African-Americans should have the N-word for their last name.
Read more

allowscriptaccess="always" allownetworking="all" allowfullscreen="true" src="">


As is the case in the video above, we know over racist exist.  Yet we work to place them in a place in our minds were they exist as ghostly figures. They are ghostly figures that only manifest when the person suffers anger or is instantly upset. You are wrong, they have an inner core left by their parenting and social environment and they have never sought an intervention.   

Your thoughts are as wrong as feeling we can affect change in the GOP when the party is comprised of 92% whites.  People are there for a reason and the reason is a paradigm choice (fiscal, social, etc).  We all have that right. Sadly, those who lead on the Right leverage the association and they open their party up for people like the two "CLOSET" racist delineated in the video. 

They also open themselves up for association with extreme racist who would do harm to others simply based on skin color.  Hence, the Sikh professor severely beaten by as many as twenty thugs based on his religious head wrap.  They called him a Muslim as they beat him.

The citizens and parents in the video entrusted their school with healthy and safe care of their children. The system let the families down. Someone in the management team of those two racist knew of their views, and probably knew of their closet hatred of black people.  Where is the "Do The Right Thing?" What makes those kids of lesser value to society to leave them subject to the disparate treatment and unfair treatment of racist administrators? 

For those who plead innocent and implore black people to cut the complaining, do you feel the kids left under the tutelage of these racist received fair treatment?  Do you even care?

Someone knew of their potential for abuse. Fortunately, someone spoke-up and came forth. Someone who stood tall and did not accept the premise the many do not like to hear, read, nor think of, "The Invisible Negro.

You might think, "....well these two got fired and the problem is solved."  No, the problem is far more deeply ingrained and minorities cannot solve the problem.  It is a problem for people who know better and who wish to be fair in life. It is a problem for the majority.

Finally, for those who like to look South for such acts: don't be disappointed.