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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Palin Part II via Martin Bashir


Martin Bashir "clears the air." 

Earlier in the week we published about Sarah Palin's excursions (for money) into using slavery as a metaphor in reference to the US Debt. We feel she should avoid references to US slavery (and slavery in general). As we developed the earlier piece we added a passage about slavery as an affinity endemic in conservative America. An affinity that coincided with the election of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States of America.  We will leave past TPI screeds (on the topic) and nuances of GOP use of slavery as a metaphor to your thought processes.  Yet, we will challenge you to find examples of slavery as conservative 'code.' prior to Obama's election. 

The metaphor as reality is particularly disgusting when it emanates from a veritable walking clodpoll. Any use of slavery to make a political point is, in my mind, comparable to mounting a white horse and leading a Confederate Army rebel yell charge against a Union Army cannon platoon. There is no good outcome beyond temporarily exciting those who blindly follow into the canon fire and exploding cannon balls. Once outside the scope of the metaphor's impact on the frothing audience, the analogy stands for more intellectual scrutiny.

There are few who can intellectually destroy Palin's 'red meat" than MSNBC Martin Bashir.

As Bashir said, he could go one with one overseers book for a long time. The two examples Bashir broadcast indicate physical abuse associated with human bondage in Jamaica. I would imagine the institution of slavery has far more horrific stories. And, one should never underestimate the significance of slavery on the family of slaves and the long-term impact on a people in and out of slavery.

The topic is without doubt far more than comprehensible for a 'gold-bricking" GOP idiot like Sarah Palin. I have visions of Palin falling out of a boat and being unable to hit the water in a lake. 

Her comments about slavery did not end her attack on human decency. She also attacked the Pope as she sat for CNN interview. Her comments were in response to a question about Pope Francis. 

It should be noted Palin has apologized for comments made in reference to Pope Francis.  Even, if you, as a reader are atheist or agnostic you have to find her comments completely off base, unnecessary, crass and gold-bricking. 

We feel that Sarah Palin is beyond any semblance of decency. Your support for Palin contributes to her crass actions and makes you an enabler. If gold-bricks like Palin have smaller or no audience, they are forced to find other means of extracting income from people.