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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Huckabee Joins Hannity in Misleading Fox Viewers

The Progressive Influence frequently includes pieces about Fox News's consistent broadcast of misleading hosted exhibitions some may call news shows.  Yesterday's posts were no exception, at least two posts focused on the fallacy of Fox as a news network. Hannity drew top billing in yesterdays posts and he is highlighted in the Crooks and Liars piece linked below.

Fox News is not about the business of News. The network is a veritable propaganda machine for the latest GOP cause (of the day) and today that cause is the Affordable Care Act. The ACA with a twist of "fewer jobs." As you view the Huckabee segment below notice the perfect shotgun messaging. Messaging that is often well shy of credible. 

Of course, Fox will always insert subliminal messaging in broadcasts. The network serves very effectively in reaching the inner psyches of people who tune-in for daily doses of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) red meat. Who better to deliver the Fox News brand of propaganda than Sean Hannity? Yet, Hannity does not stand alone. Huckabee runs a close second when it comes to outright misinformation, subterfuge and anti-Administration lies.  Both highly compensated propagandist are chief purveyors of Fox ODS. 

When considering ODS, both Hannity and Huckabee share a unique niche on a network that also employees or contracts Host, guests or pundits the follows:

Sarah Palin
Karl Rove 
Dick Morris 
Steve Doocy
Elizabeth (legs) Hasslebeck
Anna ( Super legs) Kooiman
Gretchen (former legs) Carlson
Bill O'Reilly
Bill Hemmer
Bret Baier
Great Van Sustren
Neil Cavuto
Maria Bartiromo
Dennis Miller
Bernard Goldberg
Brian Kilmeade

While, viewing Fox News even for two minutes is far too much for my liberal paradigm and my moderately progressive psyche, reports of  Fox shenanigans can be entertainingly dangerous to society.  Entertainingly dangerous? 

Huckabee provides the perfect example. He entertains audience LIVs (low information voters/people) while thrilling the larger television audience (the ultimate target viewers of Fox's conservative mission). The clip while focused on the Fox anti-ACA mission also touches into Fox's mission regarding of the US economy (jobs). Huckabee and his producers strategically booked a very low information (two degree) guest to tell her story replete with a non-verbal aura of a defeated innocent victim. The C & L analysis of the segment adds fuel to this weeks reports of Hannity's misleading exhibition

Fact-Checking Fox: What Real Journalism Looks Like

Ashley Dionne, a recent guest on Mike Huckabee's show, claimed that her insurance premiums would jump from $75 per month to $319 per month for her family. She proclaimed the act to be the "Unaffordable Care Act" and went even further, claiming her future and that of her children had been 'raped.' 
Unfortunately, someone forgot to mention to Ashley that her premiums were offset with subsidies, so she would really pay $223 per YEAR as well as receiving assistance with copayments. Oops. 
Last Friday Sean Hannity hosted a special on how the Affordable Care Act is hurting Americans. It's a claim we hear every day from Ted Cruz on down to your average right wing Twitter troll. Every time I hear it, I wonder how it is even possible that so many are in so much pain over a law that opens up the health insurance market to everyone. 
Evidently I'm not the only one with those questions. Eric Stern, a former aide to Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and one of the key people involved in Montana's exchange, took a hard look at the "regular people" claiming they were harmed by Obamacare. 
Stern called the people who appeared on Hannity's show to get more detail on their stories. Surprise! It seems there was more to every single one.
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Did you notice the danger after viewing the clip and reading the Crooks and Liars analysis?  If you did not recognize the overwhelming propaganda perpetrated by Huckabee and his producers, you should check it out again.  You might be susceptible to misleading messages easily assimilated in your scope of knowledge; messages based on misinformation.

Fox News managers and producers know most people lock into paradigms and do not expose themselves to the rigors of seeking information to validate other information. The network has a  fertile garden that will yield produce. We frequently accept what we have read or heard as fact. The process is analogous to a set of building blocks.  After years of building a misinformation foundation, accompanied by right-wing radio hosts, Fox simply broadcast blocks of misinformation towards a growing base of people who take their misinformed paradigms to voting places.  The Danger!