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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Strategy: The Phantom Tax Lie


Approach the coming midterm elections with so many lies it drowns out real news, and salts the psyche of supporters inclined to absorb the lies while offering that neoconservative rebel yell: "Lock her up."

Today in Scott Walker's' Wisconsin.

Lock her up during a period when Trump has former staffers, former lawyers, and a former campaign manager being locked-up for various felons related to their service to Trump. Is their lack of chanting against Trump's felons based on their gender? Or are those who partake in the Neoconservative rebel yell, so of diminutive minds, they rush to attend a rally to deliver the chant?  Why not just go to a football game or soccer game and do the wave.

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I suppose of doing the rebel yell or doing the wave audience participants are not inclined to pay attention to Trump's King lie of this week: the pending tax cut which is a false flag for the low information among us. 

According to Business Insider (and other media), Trump seems to be backing down for his dog whistle 10% middle-class tax cut.

Yes, it was yet another lie among the close to 6,000 lies Trump has laid since taking the Oval Office

How about a quick video of how one 1% (er) feels about the Trump/Ryan 2017 tax cit. When insiders talk, we really should listen.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

US Deficit Increased By 17% Over 2017

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Yesterday we posted a short piece about the White House and the CBO's recent revelations of a 17% increase in the US deficit. That is a 17% increase over last year's Deficit increase. the nation went from $666 billion deficit in 2017 to a $770 billion deficit in FY 2018.

Here is what perspective looks like. From Obama to Trump and a hefty tax cut for the nations wealthy.

Related image

Of course, you recall the many on-camera appearances of Paul Ryan, Trump and McConnell as well as other GOP politicos speaking about how the wealthy American tax cut would not increase the Deficit. Did you actually believe them?

Since you are reading this post vs speaking with a person, it is OK, to honestly consider your faith in (pre-tax cut) GOP rhetoric as the party works to legislate for its constituency (not me and you).  

Well, Democrat Chuck Schumer's Twitter page addresses the rhetoric of which you may have bought into.  
Is there any veracity at the inner core of the GOP?  

The question is rhetorical.

And, the ultimate Trump/Ryan/McConnell victims?  The poor according to Forbes.

On another front, it appears we have another permanent ward of the state who fought to force you to work past age 70.

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