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Friday, October 4, 2013

NPR Captures "Low Information" In A Tea Party Leader

We often use the phrase "low information" people. If you think we speak a bit over-the-top, or a bit cavalier in refering to people as such, we ask for six minutes of your time.  

NPR's Here and Now show captured the perfect "low information" specimen today. The network has archived a veritable zoo quality specimen that seems to be of sound mind and body. Sound mind in the context of "low information" people simply means they seem, to posses life's functions of speech, hearing and a degree of thought. Frankly, when we speak of "low information"  thought we have lowered the bar to just beyond responding to pain with an involuntary "ouch." As you will hear in the Here and Now segment (audio), seeking low information cognitive abilities beyond "pain and ouch" is a waste of time.

Listen carefully. After you are done, think again about thinking we are a bit harsh on people who obviously spend too much with Right-wing media. 

We posit, what you are about to hear facilitates GOP and Right-wing media Machiavellianism comparable to the US South and Plain's states as a geographic homeland for the party.

We are linking the piece in compliance with NPR policy.

Tea Party Organizer: Open Government, Shut Down Obamacare


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Gallery of Shame!
UPWORTHY........ published the yellow and black infographic below.  As I was perusing the visual exhibit,  I saw on another page something from the Tea Party.  Or, I should say for a Tea Party Patriots Dot Org page.  Yes, thank you 42 members of Congress who refuse to even allow a vote on background checks.  

As you view the following. remember 91% of the nation felt that background checks was not only acceptable, but good for the greater society.

You will notice the lowly democrats who voted for the bill are not bought stooges, but stooges nonetheless. As far as Ayotte is concerned, no comment. Her district will deal with her vote.

The Gallery (of shame) of the best government the NRA and the gun lobby can buy.