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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Keystone XL Pipeline, GOP Support And "Snuggling" Animals!

Did you know Keystone Pipeline already exists? Trans Canada wants a larger XL  Extension!
Would you like to be reminded of how Big Business Big Oil, Lobbyist, law firms and advertisers manipulate you, me and public opinion?

The ultimate example is a 30 second Keystone XL Pipeline commercial running on national television. The "ad spot" is running on networks that appear to draw viewers seeking news related information.

The 30 second spot!

Allow me to leave a question that I will answer in a few minutes. 

The question.  "What about the advertisement stands out like an oil leak in your driveway or garage? What is missing from the advertisement?  The answer will follow.

I have seen the advertisement on both MSNBC, and CNN (as sparingly as I watch CNN), yet not of Fox News.  Frankly, I void Fox News like a path lined with rattlesnakes; thus viewing over there is practically impossible. However, we must factor-in another dynamic. Fox News serves as the GOP's television media outlet, so there is no need to spend thousands on the thirty second spot.

A decision on construction of the northern leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline still awaits the Obama Administration. Apparently in March of 2012President Obama spoke favorably about the southern leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline (AKA the Gulf Coast Pipeline), and construction is almost complete. 
If you are a high information person, you know the  XL Pipeline is at the center of much back and forth regrading approval or non-approval. Frankly, I feel President Obama will acquiesce and approve the Northern leg; and that will be very much to my personal chagrin.  

The pipeline traverses far too much of North America for me to feel at all comfortable about the inevitable pipeline breaks, leaks and other maladies. Maladies that always occur when transporting fossil fuel derivatives.  

If we provide a look at the skeleton foundation of US gas and oil pipelines the image looks busier and more intricate than our highway and road systems. Take a look!

Map of major natural gas and oil pipelines in the United States. Hazardous liquid lines in red, gas transmission lines in blue. Source: Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

If you spend a few minutes on the Propublica "Pipeline Safety Tracker" you will find these man-made tubes are also dangerous to human life in the form of work related accidents.  Linked here

A pipeline horror that can potentially affect every person who lives in the United States is depicted in this, and associated, graphics.

The article associated with the "toxic liquid spills" graphic reveals even more unnecessary pipeline horrors.

This summer, an Exxon Mobil pipeline carrying oil across Montana burst suddenly, soiling the swollen Yellowstone River with an estimated 42,000 gallons of crude just weeks after a company inspection and federal review had found nothing seriously wrong. 
And in the Midwest, a 35-mile stretch of the Kalamazoo River near Marshall, Mich., once teeming with swimmers and boaters, remains closed nearly 14 months after an Enbridge Energy pipeline hemorrhaged 843,000 gallons of oil that will cost more than $500 million to clean up. 
While investigators have yet to determine the cause of either accident, the spills have drawn attention to oversight of the 167,000-mile system of hazardous liquid pipelines crisscrossing the nation.
Read More

Trans Canada has an active and busy website devoted to the Keystone XL Pipeline.  As you view website header info below, you might find an answer to the question posted above.   Of course, most of you quickly discerned the manipulative aspects of the 30 second advertisement.  Let's move to Trans Canada.

Keystone XL Pipeline will be the safest and most advanced pipeline operation in North America. It will not only bring essential infrastructure to North American oil producers, but it will also provide jobs, long-term energy independence and an economic boost to Americans.

Keystone XL Pipeline will 
support the significant growth of 
crude oil production in the 
United States. Read More

Jobs & Economic Benefits
Construction of the 1,179-mile
Keystone XL Pipeline will require
9,000 skilled American workers.
Read More

Environmental Responsibility
Oil pipelines are safe and efficient,
and TransCanada has one of the 
best safety records in the industry.
Energy Security
Keystone XL has the potential to
reduce the amount of oil America
 imports from unstable regions of 
the world.

We have written and posited much Trans Canada's spending on lobbying for pipeline construction. There is no need to rehash those figures and implied messages and data from the reading.

Before we finish with a couple of additional examples of what appears 'cash for speak', the answer to the questions above.
Trans Canada and "slick" consultants, lawyers, and advertising agency professionals intentionally left the word, "pipeline" from the ad spot.  Why would that be a desired state? Why would I not want you looking at my eye , if I had a black, blue or well-punched eye?  What is it about the word pipeline that it was left from the ad spot? If you are still wondering why, look above. Pipelines are not safe! -The Pardu
We suggest it is yet another form of mind altering manipulation. Manipulation at which the GOP and the nation's conservatives have sharpened such when compared to a razor blade, the blade would appear dull.  The Right has operatives and highly paid professionals who have taken Nixon's CREEP Team tricksters craft to a much highly and more cerebral level. Now, you might say, "The GOP had nothing to do with the Trans Canada advertisement. Really think a bit deeper.

"Approve the Keystone (P_ _ _  l _ ne) XL!"

While on this topic, allow another example of "the spin." If you want to really see how low we have gone with cognitive exploration of topics watch these three (highly compensated) buffoons.  The segment is so much about minutia, I suggest a quick view of the beginning of the segment and pick it up again at the 2:45 mark.  "Animals warming and snuggling under the pipeline!"

The Kudlow Report

Three questions:

1. If the data above is accurate, and we trust it without question, what happens if the XL PIPELINE breaks into the Mississippi River? There is a fissure from the main pipeline across the nation's most  critical inland transport artery. Thus, concern for all who live in the United States.

2. Why did the Canadian province of Quebec reject an Enbridge Corp. Tar Sands pipeline (The Western Gateway) in part based  on a lack of adequate safety related response from Enbridge?  Better yet, why couldn't Enbrigde respond if they pursed a western gateway to Asia?

3. Kudlow and CNBC....What is with the silly-dilly approach to the broadcast? Have we given up on making points to people who consider the XL Pipeline a critical issue? Are we not playing to the "giggly" crowd that has turned our television shows into laugh track filled expositions, reality shows, and Judge Judy type programs? Surely, the audience for the Kudlow Show is beyond "low information" tricks! ....AND THE BAND PLAYS ON.....