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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Quick Hit: Trump Disses The Poor

War against the poor? Suprised? Of course, you already knew that your status as a common Americans (the 96% of income families) was not a Trump concern. Last night Trump literally rubbed our poor faces across the creases in his fat face.

Take a look and listen to art how he disses all but his top 1 percent elites while campaigning in the safe (conservative) State of Iowa.
While many news outlets are commenting on Trump's campaign rally, Joe Scarborough (and company) spent a couple of minutes dissecting the folly of it all (and Trump's many lies).


Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Poor As A Group Will Not Go Extinct; Despite Indifference From The Right

  1. 1.
    lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.
    "people who were too poor to afford a telephone"
    synonyms:poverty-strickenpenniless, moneyless, impoverished, low-income,necessitousimpecunious, indigentneedydestitute, pauperized,unable to make ends meet, without a sou; More
  2. 2.
    worse than is usual, expected, or desirable; of a low or inferior standard or quality.
    "her work was poor"
    synonyms:substandard, below par, baddeficientdefectivefaultyimperfect,inferiorMore

    And the poor who actually work, but still exist as "the poor." 

Of course, we are turning our backs on the poor. The more we move to the Right the more we forsake a basic foundation of capitalism. The economic systems exists with an underclass that provides fodder for the more affluent. Fodder regarding workers, consumers and a critical foundation that facilitates differentiation among economic classes.

Are we helping the poor? (via The Economist)
OPPONENTS of America’s welfare state tend to make two kinds of arguments. The first, that of philosophical libertarians, regards food stamps, housing supports and unemployment payments as unjust transfers from some citizens to others. The second,…


Monday, September 17, 2012

The Daily Ignominious: Class Warfare... Romney on Candid Camera!

It appears the person who attend the Romney fundraiser and secretly recorded the following video  has more to show.  I posted a piece over the weekend from the same or very similarly event in which Romney spent almost five minutes telling a story about the shames of virtual 'slave labor' (not his words) in China. Romney has made millions off his business relationship with China. Yet, he can go behind closed doors and schmooze mega wealthy people via demeaning remarks about people who simply want to work. He marvels at their plight.

What we see from the following secret regrading should not surprise anyone? What we see and hear is the way it works when people can sequester themselves in secret dinners at $50,000 per plate.  I should clarify, Mitt Romney has no since of elements character that would steer him clear of obvious contempt for people of less privilege.  We have to remember, others are also culpable elitist.  The first basic of public speaking and speech delivery is know your audience (audience centric) and give them what they want. After all, they pay to hear you speak and when the they pay $50,000 a plate, what better topic than belittling the poor and divisive rhetoric.

LINKED Article

How very sad!   

Do you find such talk and behavior indicative of Americana? If you find such palatable, then I apologize for your reading of this piece.