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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trump's Tax Plan (Trickle-down Trump)

If you are old enough to recall Ronald Reagan's insemination of Supply Side economics (trickle down) into the heart of GOP ideology, you shouldn't be at all surprised about what Trump is promulgating as his "tax plan." The tax plan is a mere rehash of past GOP economic policy which almost leads to a total economic collapse.

Two MSNBC news segments best state a case against a return to Trickle-down economics. 

I offered two segments, but there is more. If you are an informant geek or a High Information Voter (HIV) MSNBCs Morning Joe Show included an extensive segment with great detail and relevant comment about Trump's "sly of hand" tax cuts.

Trump's tax cut will not only offer a significant tax benefit to the uber-wealthy it could launch the nation on another path to economic oblivion. Especially if we consider other GOP policy regarding "regulation."

Related image

Now, take a look at the same chart with specific direction to compare two out data points.

Compare these two figures<br />
If you review a comparison chat of income growth from 1980 through the subprime Bubble burst of the Bush Era, the effects of trickle-down are stark and frankly, "in your face."
The superrich have grabbed the bulk of the past three decades' gains.<br />

If the chart about isn't descriptive enough, check out the is graphic.

Image result for trickle down economics myth
Trickle-down (supply side) economics is the most stifling economic measure Republicans had ever administered against the US middle class and lower-income citizens.

Image result for owsley county white GOP voters

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The US Economy And November Jobs Report

A few days ago, I published a piece related to the November Jobs Report. The piece included the latest evidence of economy mending from years of Trickle-down economics, the deleterious effect of Republican "Free Markets; No Regulation," and mending from being "Bush'd."

The following graphic excerpts are embeds from the piece. 

Unemployment dropped as the months passed into Post Bush US History. 

While most progressive news viewers have seen the following two minute segment from the Rachel Maddow Show, I think it worthy of posting for others to view. The segment is only 2:02 minutes in duration, but thoroughly nails the common thinking on the improving US economy.

I will again remind you..the GOP has done absolutely nothing to help improve the US economy. In fact, GOP members Congress (to the elected official) have over the past six years worked against the Obama Administrations efforts to improve our economy.

Yet, many of your handed the GOP the US Congress along with pathetic Progressives, Liberals an Independents who simply did not vote'

The Rachel Maddow Show.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Income Inequity: A Warning Of Things To Come!

photo: Occupy* Posters
If anyone seriously thinks raising the minimum wage and extracting additional revenues via taxing the wealthy are ridiculous liberal policy, you should pay close attention.

Since the late 1970s and through its early stages feed copiously by Reaganomics (Trickle-down, supply-side economics), income disparity has gone virtually unreported. Let' face facts, the US Media now owned by six mega conglomerates, media will not expose and report on the gift to its owners and top executives. The GOP damned well would never have opened the topic for scrutiny and probing. Thus, were it not for probing progressives, a President who cares, and Internet media, you would suffer from blissful ignorance about the scope of disparity. 

Since our artificial economic heaven burst with the Bush Great Recession (December 2007, denied by Bush until December 2008 after the 2008 General Election), the following charts figures have stop points in 2007. Each figure is a well known exhibition that should be at the forefront of all progressive political advertisements.

Mother Jones
For those who are a bit laisezz-faire about graphics, this one clearly delineates the telling data.

This chart was updated to include 2010. It looks as if the uber wealthy took the Great Recession "Hit", but recuperated and has launched itself on another upward trend,  on the strength of their "trickle-down" economy.
USNews Dot Com
US citizens should make no mistake. Regardless of you politics, your social paradigm (shy of bigoted or racist hatred) what you are about to see is inexcusable.  

Rob-servations Dot Com is running a very basic, in-your-face reality check.  We are going to post a few Robsevations and link the page for your viewing.

Income Inequality, Series 1 (from Feb. 19)
See more 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pope Francis: A Breathe Of Fresh Air Even For The Non-religious


I am not much on organized religion. I am a believer in a higher spirit that guides our lives (good and bad), but I do not care for the commonly accepted labels passed through recorded humanity. The Bible seems to be written by men, without any trace of the written word from the literal hand of Jesus Christ.

Organized religion, I am sure, has provided spiritual wonders for millions across the globe through humanity. In fact, there is heavy influence in my family. I was raised in the church. Yet , organized religion has tip of the iceberg manifestations that bother me to the core. From child molesting priest through Protestant and non-denominational mega-preachers who live opulent lives in part from cameras rolling in congregation halls thorough the week.  Cameras that roll at peak operation with each passing Sunday, with the remainder of the week tallying up the "givings."

Before I go on, allow me to unequivocally state the majority of MEN (based in male oriented dogma and discrimination against women of the Cloth), and Women, of religion are not charlatans or "deliver-the-word" opportunist. It is like life, the examples of 'ugly" seem to draw more attentions, at least for me.

I have found myself particularly fond of Pope Francis. He seems to be of the common people, and he has not allowed his ascension to the Vatican to entrap him in the elitist trappings of the Catholic religious hierarchy as some who preceded Francis.  

Francis is a breath of fresh air as I consider past Catholic Church leadership. As a symbolic leader of international Christianity, I find reading of Francis moves into deep recessions of my mind thoughts church discrimination discrimination against women, church indifference to slavery, tacit support for all things capitalist and "all things elitist."

The Raw Story has made a piece available that draws a smile from one who rarely if ever smiles as I read, see or hear about religion. In fact, religion is the United States is becoming an aversion as the Conservative Right has wrapped its social deficiencies in the name of Christianity. Rarely, does a day pass when I am not bombarded with right-wing religious quackery infringing on people who do not wish to have the dogma smeared across their lives. Even, with true believers, what we are seeing day-to-day has to be a major turn-off and manifestation that warrant close scrutiny and deep caution.

One last point. I was listening to NPR in late December 2013 and heard something very intriguing about Pope Francis. I heard a nun speak about her affinity for the Pope and one outstanding point about the man: "He is the first Pope from a nation colonized by nations that colonized the world." 

Pope Francis rips capitalism and trickle-down economics to shreds in new policy statement (via Raw Story )
In case there was any doubt left, Pope Francis made it clear that he shares little in common with U.S. conservatives. The pontiff released his Evangelii Gadium, or Joy of the Gospel, attacking capitalism as a form of tyranny and calling on church and…

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Income Inequity: As Dangerous To The Nation As Some External Threats

President Obama referenced this data during a recent tour around the country. The GOP called the president's tour a campaign tour, we considered it interacting with the people on issues that matter most.  The relevancy of the chart comes to light in just a bit.
We at the TPI written worn-out many keyboards on screeds related to income inequality. Our belief,  the nation is now seeing the full rotten-fruit of income disparity planted by Reagan's "supply-side economics" or "trickle-down economics" if that rolls through the grey matter more easily.

Media Matters has published a piece regarding the lack of media coverage of issues related to growing income inequity. The significance of the piece cannot be overstated.  If we are given opportunity to educate ourselves, we become an informed populace and informed voters can improve life in the United States.  Simply watching until the inequity becomes a matter of revolution is unacceptable. Or worse, inattention condemns future generations to lives of virtual servitude. Servitude which by policy and practice is leading to an undeniable plutocracy. 

We will visit the Media Matters piece after a brief journey through excerpts from Jobeconomics.  

In November 2012,  Jobeconomics published a piece that not only echoes many sources regarding income disparity/inequity, the piece lays-out the issue from definition of income brackets through irrefutable details of the GOP economic failures. Economic failure for the middle and lower income strata; quite the contrary for upper income people. 

The data that gets most political and media attention is from the US Census Bureau’s Income Inequality Historical Tables[5].  The Census Bureau reports historical income inequality data in current dollars (not adjusted for inflation) and inflation adjusted dollars.
The US Historical Income Inequality chart was created by Jobenomics using Census 2011 dollars (adjusted for inflation) over the last 45 years.  Over the last 4 ½ decades, the bottom 95% of US households have not made significant income gains.  The top 5% average household income increased from $111,866 in 1967 (note: unadjusted 1967 household income for the top 5% was $19,000) to $186,000 in 2011 for a gain of 66%, or 1.5% per year— significant but certainly not great.  To get to great numbers, one must use top 1% or top 0.1% data that is addressed below.
 Here is the same chart showing current dollars that are not adjusted for inflation.   In current dollars the top 5% increased their average household income by 879% ($19,000 in 1967 to $186,000 in 2011) as opposed 66% ($111,866 in 1967 to $186,000 in 2011) using 2011 Dollars that were adjusted for inflation.  Jobenomics believes that inflation adjusted dollars give more of an apples-to-apples comparison, than non-adjusted current dollar comparisons.
Jobenomics created the Top 1% chart using the most recent bipartisan US Congressional Budget Office report[6], updated August 2012 (note: the US Census Bureau does not report on the top 1%).  The chart shows that the top 1% far exceeds all other taxpayer incomes.  In 2009 Dollars, the top 1% earned an average after-tax income of $886,700 down from $1,120,500 a year before the recession.  The CBO also reports that there are 1.1 million top 1% households out of a total of 117.6 million US households, and that their share of total after-tax income was 11.5%.  In other words, the top 1% represents 1% of all households and earns 11.5% of total US income.
See more

Now for a look at how media appears to avoid the issue.  

Media Matters....

Media Remain Silent As Inequality Reaches Landmark High

Blog ››› ››› ALBERT KLEINE

New research shows that the gap between the rich and poor in the United States in 2012 rose at the fastest rate since 1928. This revelation comes at a time when television and print media outlets largely underreport economic inequality. 
According to research from economists at the University of California, Berkeley, the Paris School of Economics, and Oxford University, in 2012, incomes for those in the top 1 percent of earners rose by roughly 20 percent. According to the Associated Press, the share of income captured by the wealthiest was the highest since 1928, a year before the onset of the Great Depression . 
The remaining 99 percent of earners, meanwhile, saw a 1 percent increase in income. 
The research findings reinforce previous warnings from economists that rising income inequality poses a threat to economic well-being.

Media Matters article teaser...


The lack of media coverage of the growing disparity is literally inexcusable.

If media avoids the issue, people have no opportunity to explore growing income inequity. 

If we are not aware of a problem, it is impossible to address the problem.  

If an entity wants to advance an agenda with little interference from the masses, what is the best way to proceed?  The answer is simple: 

"Keep the problem under wraps and restrict understanding or knowledge of the problem, thus keeping the problem in a closet."

I learned many years ago, "Information is only as good as how you use it."  If we ignore the growing disparity, desperate measures may one day come forth. 

People are like that, yes they are. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Graphic Journey Through US Income Disparity

The Progressive Influence posits, the following year 2000 - 2010 information (data graphs) is the result of flawed economic policy starting in the early 1980s. Before we go any farther, who was president in the early 1980s?

CLICK Image to navigate to source  (great article) 
CLICK Here for Full size Chart, The Nation

Another graphic the illustrates how the nation's Top 1% have experienced astronomical levels of income compared to the bottom 90 per cent. (2008 data)