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Monday, June 4, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Americana Circa Trump

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Monday on Trump TV

As we move the second year of Trump, we are finding more incidents involving white people overtly acting out against people of color.  A couple of notable incidents occurred within the week and occurred associated with swimming pools. 

A physician points to a restroom as a woman suggest a child simply urinate in a hotel pool and guess how it ended.

Dr. Covey Banks was attacked at a Florida pool for suggesting a family right thing and the healthy thing) and her family received a solid dose of neo-Americana.

The Raw Story


The pool again? OK, who called the police?


How about an ICE visit? It doesn't matter if Trump and his ICE goons are taking children from their parents (and possibly losing over a thousand of the children) Samantha Bee and her production team had no business using the "C" word during a TBS segment.
If we go beyond common decency, there is a political side to such trashy failings from the Left. It gives conservatives a small ledge on which to hang their toes as a noted conservative reality show Trump supporter, Roseanne Barr, and her Ape analogy for a former Obama adviser.

Yes, Bee's remarks lightened the flak focused on Barrs over-the-top racism. While Trump has avoided directly addressing his supporter's choice of analogy, the Right has been enjoying moments of reciprocity.  Oh yes, a liberal used the "C" Word!
Wouldn't you know?

This segment of As Trump World Turns will be posted without additional comment. Purchase a Trump Hotel Mattress?  Really?


Who would be King?