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Friday, May 25, 2018

Seventy-five Percent of White Evangelicals Support Trump (While ICE Takes Kids)

Donald Trump The American Evangelical Messiah
After reading a headline indicating 75% of white evangelicals support Trump, my mind raced to a video segment I viewed within the past two hours. 

The video relates to the Trump regime's separation of children from detained immigrants. In one case a mother was told her child was hundreds of miles away in the City of Chicago. She was in Texas t the time. Another snippet from the video relates to a child as young as 54 weeks taken from the mother.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes ALL - IN.
Trump likes to brag about setting records. I suspect the practice of state-sanctioned separation of kids is historic across the full scope of US History. 

People who call themselves evangelical Christians have apparently found themselves something of a Messiah. Yet, my very limited understanding of what some call Scriptures leads me to believe the practice via ICE wouldn't be acceptable to any God-like figure or any likeness of God.